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Bittorrent Telegram Scam

Bittorrent Telegram Scam
I have a legit BitTorrent telegram group that I am in. A new identical one showed up showing hundreds of ....


Nelnet must provide debt validation before taking any action
I received a call for the debt that I owed to some company from Nelnet. The person asked me to ....

Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial is a dirt company
I do not have any account with this company right now, but I did have one few years back. I ....

Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker”

Beauty Broker arrested
If you have been misled, treated unethically, botched by one of the doctors recommended by this person, and would like ....

PennyMac Loan Services

Pennymac caused me 30 day late credit because of their mistake
I always make my mortgage payments on time. I call the same date every month to make the payment which ....

World Financial Group

WFG is a pyramid scheme and nothing more
Its been six months that I joined World Financial Group and so far, it has been the most disturbing experience. ....

Create Business Australia Pty Ltd

Dishonest Conduct
Myriam Borg has been identified as being behind a lot of bullying in the industry. Myriam Borg also claims to ....

Ian Kemboi

Fake tickets sold on facebook
Facebook profile by the name of Christiana Jared posted tickets to the Demetri Martin show at Carolina Theatre for February ....

Credence Resource Management

Credence Resource is unprofessional and rude
I was getting continuous calls from Credence Resource Management from last one week. At first, I thought they were having ....
United States

Credit Bureau Services Association

Credit Bureau spoiled my credit score
After knowing that an account named under my profile was sent to the collection team at Credit Bureau Services Association, ....

Profit Services Group

Profit Services calling me illegally for no reason
It has become so disturbing that I have even tried to consult my lawyer for making these people stop calling ....

Pendrick Capital Partners Holding

Pendrick Capital is harassing for a debt I do not owe
A week back, I received a call from an agent telling me that I owe money and I must pay ....

Bernard Sparks

Thos company, is all the low lifes from and who stole my $277k..usd they are scammers on a ....

Michael Dong

Valentine gift delivery from perth australia to Singapore. Transit Malaysia custom, on hold there, local charges applied. Paid $750 SG ....

The Motely Fool

The Motely Fool should be renamed as Morons & Fools
I am not new to the stock market. I have been investing since a long time now. I have seen ....
United States

Sidney Walton Veteran, Paul Walton, No regrets Tour, WWII Veteran

A complete Fraud
A whole tour of Sidney Walton is a complete scam.  Mr. Walton, 100 years old is being paraded around by ....
United States

Kris McCormack

KM Plumbing Services Preston Destroyed Bathroom.
Kris McCormack obliterated customers bathroom caused damages currently at £4,000. KM Plumbing Services Preston PR22DD England. Ignored requests for refund. ....

Ricardo Rudin Mathieu

Smart Shipping & Fruit
Se presentan como importadores de piña , papaya y otras frutas tropicales desde Costa Rica incluso utilizan documentos legales de ....

Guillaume Genton – Genton Productions – Paris

Guillaume Genton Molestor de sexe d'enfant Paris
Guillaume Genton Molestor de sexe d’enfant Paris Ce morceau de merde m’a agressé sexuellement quand j’avais 11 ans. Il m’a ....

Utah System of Higher Education

I was overcharged by Utah System of Higher Education
I have a loan with Utah System of Higher Education. I have been paying them on time. Moreover, the payments ....

Navient Solutions

Agents at Navient are Irresponsible and fraud
I am a student. I work part time to pay for my tuition fee loan that I borrowed few years ....

Diversified Consultants Inc

Diversified Consultants has no proof for the debt I owe
I am a responsible citizen. I pay my bills and taxes on time. My credit score is also good. I ....

Sharon Carpenter

Beware Sharon Carpenter! - Catasauqua, PA
Previously known as Sharon Anthony.  Affectionately known by all in our town as “the starf–ker.”  Fraud, lies, and schemes all attempting to ....

Ashley Robert Sherwin

ID Fraud, Theft
Ashley Robert Sherwin, age 34 of Edmonton, has been charged with: -One count of Possession of Stolen Property not exceeding ....


No Validation Provided by Portfolio
I got a call from the Portfolio Recovery Services about two debt accounts. They said that I must settle the ....

Equifax, INC

Equifax links never work. It is a scam
I started getting emails about a debt that was pending on my account from last one year. The mail was ....
United States

Dennis revees

Sugar Mummy scam in uae
This ad was posted on some social media site and out of curiosity i checked and chatted on whatsapp with ....


Lendinvest Bank approve deathfiretrap building & make people homeless
NOW IF YOU THINK you have had a tough year…YOU ARE GONNA F…g NOT BELIEVE THE SHIT I’m gonna post ....

Amber Steadman

Amber Steadman Academic Cheating and Fraudster - [email protected]
Amber Steadman is an academic cheat and fraudster. She cheated her entire way through high school. More details to be ....


Failure to complete Website
Paid $299 US in advance for creating a website and marketing a new business.  Started out with excuses like he ....

Steve Eric Buckley

I was scammed by this man from May 2018 until I lost all my money in October 2018.This was a ....

Dr Gerard Gianoli – Ear and Balance Institute

Unethical doctor
Dr. Gianoli tends to diagnose most of his patients with PLF – perilymphatic fistula. PLFs are extremely rare, and yet ....


Ordered goods I paid for it and they never delivered even after numerous emails
I ordered a hair removal appliance and paid for it,but the appliance had never been delivered.I contacted the company via ....

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