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Cliff Fisher

Ex Microsoft moderator and teen creeper
I don’t know where to begin with this individual. It’s unclear where he gets his source of information from. When ....

Jim Wohlfeil Watson

Fraud, criminal & horrible person
Jim Wohlfeil Watsonl is an accountant who regularly engages in tax fraud. They commit EBT fraud and child support scams. ....

Noel Meza

Noel Meza Pedophile Defense Attorney San Diego
According to media reports and court records, San Diego attorney Noel Meza appears to have been arrested multiple times. Noel ....

Sherrill Spatz

New York City Court Corruption
One of the last remnants of Jewish Organized Crime in the New York City court system is Sherrill Spatz, supposedly ....

Obediah Ayton

Obe Ayton - stole $20m
Obediah Ayton, the Director of Dhabi Hold Co, a Family Office specializing in capital raising, has been embroiled in a ....

ITT International TEFL and TESOL Ltd

Fake TEFL Courses + Fake TEFL Accreditation
James Anthony Dwyer, a UK national residing in the Philippines, owns and operates ITT International TEFL and TESOL Ltd. and ....

RCiC dubai business bay clover tower 1604

Take money for Canada service
I paid money 4500AED for Canada work visa. As per diccusss RCiC team will send me in Canada end of ....

Justin Schapansky

Justin Schapansky Cheater and Scammer
Justin Schapansky is a cheater and scammer who uses online dating apps to meet young girls even though he is ....

H Bruce Bronson

Every Case This Man Touches Ends Up With His Clients In Jail Or
Bruce Bronson has garnered a reputation for incompetence in his legal work, with numerous clients facing troubles. It may be ....

REDLC RedLight Finance Scarlet Chains

REDLC RedLight Finance Scarlet Chains Class Action Lawsuit
The attention of individuals who have been adversely impacted by the alleged actions of Leo Khai Dacuycuy, Kyle Brincat, Alex ....

Highkey Enterprises

Highkey Enterprises is an organization that launched an NFT and presented a roadmap outlining various promised initiatives. However, they only ....

Rogers Backhoe LLC

Poor contractors
I strongly advise against hiring this company for building your modular home’s foundation. They demonstrated a complete lack of competence ....

Loretta Rogers

Loretta Rogers Caught by Transportation Security Administration
Loretta Rogers is married to the owner of one of the biggest Telecom companies in the world. Yet, almost 20 ....

Brendan Edgeworth UNSW

Sexual Harassments
That morning, I woke up with anticipation for the law class I was taking with Professor Edgeworth. He had a ....

Jem Jamison and Morti Kai

Imposters in Montreal 3301
Jem Jamison (a former spy…) was rejected from becoming a Cicada 3301 along with her friends (Morti Kai.) both who ....

BigBryce (Bryce Doss)

Fraud who scams for thousands and drug use
Bryce Doss is an individual based in Michigan who has engaged in fraudulent activities. Born on October 30, 1998, he ....

Jackson Street Automotive aka BP Gas Station

Pure Evil
Ziad Nabbout is an evil individual who has provided me with terrible service. His Service Manager left without notice, leaving ....

Alex Gonzalez – @fxalexg

Alex Gonzalez a.k.a. @fxalexg - FAKE MT4 Accounts
Alex Gonzalez, a.k.a. @fxalexg, is a scammer in bed with the other scammers; he illegally ran FMS Traders in the ....

Wilfredo’s Moving Company Hialeah Florida

Damage to Furniture
I recently hired Wilfredo’s Moving Company for my move to South Florida. While they are known for offering affordable and ....

Leveled Up Society

Leveled Up Society is a Scam!
Do not trust Level Up Society or @lamboraul. At least now people know where he gets his money from. I’ll ....

Linjer Jewelry

I hate Linjer and won’t recommend anyone to buy their products.
It was my wedding preparation I was busy with, and I could not get a chance to buy myself some ....

Luke Mackenzie Mayor of Basildon

Fraud - Luke Mackenzie Mayor of Basildon
Luke admitted yesterday in Basildon Court that over £2m was used in excessive expenditure by the local authorities rather than ....

Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen - Deployment Strategist
Hannah Cohen is a highly educated hacker whom you should be cautious about if you are in contact with or ....

CPE Kan Tsipor Kindergarten

Money Laundering at Synagogue
Inside this synagogue, a Latino cleaning staff member repeatedly expressed concerns that the daycare was being used for money laundering ....

Darren Ewert

Darren Ewert is a scammer and nothing else. Keep your distance.
If you want to save yourself from a hell lot of trouble, never invite Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher anywhere ....

Mike Dreher

Mike Dreher runs an MLM business model to fool people out of money
If Mike Dreher from Vancouver has contacted you, it’s time to block that number. This guy can make anyone go ....

Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection is a scam company. It rips people off
Veritas Global Protection is a company that offers extended warranties for vehicles. While this may sound like a good idea, ....


Extortion Website
Gripeo tried to extort me for $3k. They are company run by Indians (Gaurav Kumar) and others: They were previously ....

Ehsan Hosseinzadeh Lawyer

Ehsan Hosseinzadeh | Iran of the World | Avocat | Lawyer | IRGC
En 2019, Ehsan Hosseinzadeh est arrivé en France en tant que réfugié politique, affirmant avoir été avocat des droits de ....

Caravana Polloeria

Abagado Sonso
Trabajo con caravana Polloeria y amenazar gentes coml mafias . SU AYUDANTE Carla Sheila Carrillo Coz Trabajo illegal sobre platas ....

Kamran DeMario

Identity thief
Kamran DeMario, goes by the name Kammy and sometimes uses the surname Ahmed.  Identity thief on dating sites.  I was ....

Nicola Terry, Nicolas Terry, Nicole Gadget Collections, LLC

Massive fake check SCAMMER!
The name he used was Nicolas Terry, but it’s possible to see Nicola Terry in his email. His. “company” is ....

Stephanie Forsythe

Stephanie Forsythe stole $5k from me to support her drug habit
Stephanie Forsythe stole $5k from me to support her cocaine habit. She is a terrible person who has left a ....