Dirty Scam aims to make consumer aware of their capabilities by giving them the platform where they can report the injustice done to them by any service provider, company or individual.

We strive towards creating awareness of unfair, misleading, or obnoxious practices which many companies follow or perform for their personal benefit.

We arm community with the information and tools that they can utilize and build stronger through sharing their own experiences or mistreatment.

Who Is Dirty Scam?

Dirty Scam is because of people around us who take time to understand that their one feedback can save many others from the same oppression that they had to go through.

Everyone of you who feels that it’s their duty to create a better place to live in, fits in our protocol which although created by us but can only survive with each of your contribution.

Say It Loud

Speech has always gigantic effects if shouted together and here we are trying to create the same effect with a common aim, to stop companies from violating consumer’s right.

You should understand that the only voice that matters, is yours and it makes no difference if others are quiet. Your fright can motivate many others.

At the same time, we should understand that this puts us at a higher responsibility to maintain the sanctity of this cause by endeavoring for truth and honesty.

Have you ever felt angry because of the mistreatment after choosing a service provider, a company or after dealing with any individual? Silence can never bring reform  hence we encourage every one of you to give direction to your fury and get the most of it.

Even after making so many attempts we cannot find a place where we can share the experiences for good. When I say GOOD, it’s not just for a person but for the entire community. Be a part of this cause and tip-off others from experiencing the same situation.

Dirty Scam was initiated with the aim to bring into notice and highlight the prejudice done to the common people, who in spite of all the law and orders in hand are unable to get the desired justice.

More Awareness – Bigger Changes

Today, the world has abridged in distance with the emergence of social media and using the same as our aid, we are trying to create as much awareness as we can through this portal.

What all we need is your support  and trust  to build a system free of scam.

We invite you to join hands together in revealing the verity hidden behind the smiling and welcoming faces. We did our part by creating this stage and now it’s your turn to perform and get applauds for all of us who felt the same helplessness as you did at certain moment.

Although we know we do not have any resources to verify each and every information but we look out for truth and justice.

We will always try to help you with the related reviews and reports. Your one step can help others take the right decision. We are making every efforts to hone this platform to get closer to the justice.

We are here for you and we are because of you  and hence would require all your assistance in making this platform reliable.