Like any other organization, we, too, have a few steps that we follow and continually refine through rigorous research and your support. We welcome you with an open heart to come forward and share your valuable feedback that can make this move closer to the ultimate goal of a Complaints Free Business.

If you are reading this, it indicates that you have had enough, and it’s time to come out of the shells occupied with fear and anger and join hands with others to fill that void that has been building for some time now.

Be a part of the foundation.

You need to optionally create an account before proceeding further or posting any information on the platform. It will help you manage all the data which you share. By logging into your account, you would check all the postings that you have done. However, you will not change them after the postings go live.

1. Reporting the Incidence

Listen and Silent have the same alphabets but different meanings because of their arrangements but are still so connected. Hence, if we are silent, no one will listen, encouraging the wrongdoers, and as responsible citizens, we won’t let that happen. A fight conducive to creating awareness is only possible through social media and crowd forming, which we are providing, and your voice will give life to this reasoning.

2. Accuser Detailed Information

We want a transparent system where everyone knows about the scams and the responsible parties, and hence we will require you to fill in all the accuser’s details. Awareness is the key to enlightening yourself, and here we focus on achieving the same. We have to keep our senses open to identify and report the scams we experienced, and injustice was done to anyone out there, unaware of whom to reach.

It’s just the beginning, and we aim to reach the point where awareness should be channelized to get justice. We want all our volunteers to become pillars for this initiation and help build a system that can make people aware of the culprits and snatch justice.

3. Updates on your Posting

After you have posted the report, you will start getting replies and support feedback, and you will understand you are not alone as the companies indulged in scams do not spare other consumers as well, and they leave a trail of their misdeeds. Be the whistle-blower who cares for the truth and about the change that it entails.

Be the voice for the weak and be the inception of the reform. Be a volunteer for Us.

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