We maintain a system to make sure no one takes any advantage of Dirty Scam for their personal benefit therefore we provide you the solution when you feel you have been wrongly targeted.

By reporting scam on Dirty Scam, users accept the terms and condition of truth and transparency and hence if they submit any false information, they are violating the terms and conditions of Dirty Scam as well as law.

Our Platform understands the vulnerability of an open forum but as per The Communications Decency Act, platforms like Dirty Scam have the immunity for publishing editorials posted by third party. Dirty scam can select, remove, or format the posts.

We as the admin/moderator of Dirty Scam do not interfere with the content posted by our users though we may post rebuttal and messages received via emails.

However, if you feel any false information has been posted on the platform you can reach out for legal help against the individual with all the facts and proofs handy.

In-case the law justifies your complaint and advise us to remove the post, we will do it without any delay.

But if you wish to file lawsuit against us please go ahead and sue us :), please be aware that we will  defend us tooth and nail.

We have clearly specified in our terms that whatever content the user is posting should be true and can illustrate with relevant evidence when demanded and if they go beyond the terms and encroach the conditions, you have all the right to voice your complaint against them but as a forum we do not have any liability as well as means to verify each information.

Also, if allowed you can communicate with reporter and if he/she agrees to take back the post (given that the report is posted to defame you), we will delete it with mutual understanding of both parties. Please remember if the reported incident is true, it won’t be deleted.

For example, Veronica agrees to clean Sam’s house and takes $100 advance but later refuses to do that. Sam reports the scam on Dirty Scam.

After she came to know about the reported scam on Dirty Scam, veronica paid back the debt as her business reputation was at stake.

She thought this would convince Dirty Scam to delete the complaint but she was mistaken.

Dirty Scam tries to put reality forward and even if the offender rectifies the mistake, report is not going to be deleted.

The mutual consent for deleting the reported scam only works when the report is untrue and is only made to defame the other party.

In case of Veronica, the scam was true and cannot be taken back even the reporter agrees to.

For further clarification reach us out by filing below form or email us at support at dirtyscam.com