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Everything started smoothly at first, until it came time to close! I was initially quoted around $5,100 needed at closing. My original loan rep, Ji Kim, was very specific about that.

While having our house built, the loan file was changed over to a new loan rep, Carolyn Sullivan-Hollingsworth, and her assistant, Eric Bloomquist.

I always promptly responded to every single email and provided every bit of documentation requested of me.

Once we were notified of a closing date, I notified Carolyn Sullivan-Hollingsworth to see if that date worked for them and to verify exactly how much I was going to need at closing in the next few weeks.

I also needed to firm up a date so my wife and I could take off of work and so we could give notice to our landlord to move.

Days and days went by and all of a sudden American Financing was like a ghost town.

After begging for someone to confirm our closing date and amount needed, a new dollar amount was finally quoted to be $9,000+ needed at close.

WHAT? How’d we go from $5,100 to $9,000?? NO ANSWERS.

Again, I begged for an explanation as to why such a huge difference. And again, nothing from anyone.

We were left scrambling to find a new mortgage lender.

We went with a local lender (which we should have done in the first place) and went through all the trouble to start a mortgage application all over again with all current documentation and everything!

We spent days getting approved with a new lender. Once we sealed the deal, I emailed American Financing and told them to cancel our file.

Only then did the phone calls and offers of a better rate start coming in. How incredibly lazy, disrespectful, and unprofessional of them!

Here’s the list of the incompetent reps that grossly mishandled our file: Ji Kim, Brian Barker, Carolyn Sullivan-Hollingsworth, and manager Cindy Sotelo.

And yes, I have EVERY single email sent back and forth to back up these events.This taught me to NEVER rely on a celebrity endorsement.

Had I only researched American Financing BEFORE I ever wasted our time I could have saved myself a HUGE amount of stress.


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5 reviews on American Financing


    They take your info and by what I read in the Denver post they do what Wells fargo has done by getting loans in other ways with your info!!! WOW !!!! Their claim of fastest loan in Colorado, Well Ive been waiting 3 times longer, just to get to where I have no clue, they throw up lil issues that delay their loan approval. Shocker right?? NO I don’t care who endorses them and all the radio and Tv ads ARE ALL LIES!!!!!!

  2. Let me tell you a true story about American Financing and their employee Sami Kahale.

    Sami likes to refer his personal real estate agents into his deals, likely for an additional commission, regardless of the client’s previous agreement to work with an agent/realtor and the obvious conflict of interest in doing so. American Financing’s owner Damien Maldanado (coincidentally?) also owns the very same real estate agency that Sami and likely every other Am-Fi employee is paid to refer prospective clients to work with. They are essentially upselling clients into their “system” to take advantage of agents/realtors that do not mandate a signed agreement prior to the pre-approval process.

  3. That was not good enough for this company.

    I also was very disappointed with American Financing and Jay (the loan officer) and Alicia the loan processor. After submitting all my loan documentation, I was told one month after submitting the documents; that they do not accept income from Workman’s compensation without receiving a letter from workman’s compensation that states that I am permanently disabled. It took them one month to make that decision. I even told them that if my employer called me back to work and provided me with a “reasonable accommodation” I would return back to work. That was not good enough for this company.

  4. They said one thing and they delivered another.

    They said one thing and they delivered another. The deals kept getting worse as time went on. I’ll never use them gain and neither should you. I wish I had read the earlier reviews and NOT listened to John Elway’s endorsement. Silly me…

  5. don't be fooled by their warm pretending.

    Had a great experience with American Financing. Great customer service, they worked hard for us, but the closing costs were high. THEN a week after closing they sold our mortgage to another company. Kicked us to the curb. I should have gone with another company from the start. I was warned but didn’t listen. They’re good actors, don’t be fooled by their warm pretending.

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