Dr. Nyla Raja

Dr. Nyla charges a lot! This Medispa do malpractices!

Dr. Nyla Raja pushes clients to pay for laser treatments they do not even need. Completely unethical practices!

It was just a few months back that I visited Dr. Nyla’s clinic. To my surprise, they were understaffed and rushed to get patients’ details. After waiting for around 20 minutes, the receptionist called me to fill up a form.

She asked me to wait for some time while she attended to other clients. While she was friendly and polite, she could not do much to cut the waiting time. After a while, I met Dr. Nyla Raja. She would have checked my name on the file. So, I guess that was the reason she did not confirm it.

Right away, she asked me about the problem and what I wanted. I explained that I was looking for laser treatment to get over the facial pigmentation. She did not even look closely at my face and agreed with my findings. All she asked me was if I would be able to pay the fee for three laser treatments which would be around $2000.

Also, while talking to me, she told me about my forehead lines and advised that I should get treatment for those too. She said that the lines were pronounced. Not just that, she also told me that the lines around my eyes were also visible.

I am only 35 and listening to all that killed my self-esteem. But she did not care. Apart from pigmentations, she pointed out too many things about my face that, according to her, were not perfect. Well, no one is perfect. And I did not see any problems as the lines were not visible.

She insisted that I get the treatment for everything at once and pay the deposit immediately to book the slots as she wasn’t available after the following week.

It is weird that she was not listening to me and was only talking about what she felt. This is unprofessional and very unethical.

I went for a consultation, and the way she pushed me to make the payment and book the appointment was very overwhelming. I felt too pressured to commit to something expensive and emotionally unbearable.

This was a big decision, and I wanted to consult my boyfriend before starting the procedure; in between our talks, dr. Nyla was constantly messaging someone and wasn’t attentive to what I was saying. It was uncomforting and wholly unprofessional, and unempathetic.

However, she kept on talking. She also called an aesthetician during the consultation to convince me to try the facial before making any further decisions. And took me to the treatment room. I first thought she would diagnose my skin, but she said she would perform the first facial session, which would cost me $700.

I felt pressured. Also, while the facial was going on, dr. Nyla never came to visit me. Before leaving me alone with the aesthetician in the treatment room, she said she would be back in a few minutes, but she never came. The facial was for around 25-30 minutes.

After the facial was over, I went to the reception to pay for the treatment. She was there, dr. Nyla. She did not say why she could not come during the treatment and said that she could see a significant difference in the first session. This was a lie. I was not feeling much.

Later, she asked me to pay for the session and an extra deposit if I wanted to go for the laser treatment. To this, she said that I could visit and get the job done without the deposit. I did deny the following procedures.

I smiled and left. By then, I knew I was dealing with the wrong person. I did visit another clinic after this incident and talked about what happened to me the other day. They were very shocked to learn about my experience and were very upset.

That doctor told me their job was to listen to our concerns and not suggest changes in our faces that we were comfortable with. He did a great job, though.

And I am never going back to Dr. Nyla’s Medispa again. She is a pusher and money oriented.

Is Dr. Nyla Raja a legit?

Dr. Nyla Raja is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Nyla Raja located?

Dr. Nyla Raja is headquarted at Castlerock House, Wilmslow Rd, Alderley Edge SK9 7QL, United Kingdom. You can contact Dr. Nyla Raja by dialing +44 1625 523307 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Nyla Raja’s customers?

According to Dr. Nyla Raja’s customers, a monetary loss of US $20000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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6 Reviews on Dr. Nyla Raja


    There is no set price list in the clinic, the price is what ever Dr Nyla makes up on the spot. It was like having an interview with the Queen rather than an appointment with a consultant.she didn’t even come over to look at my face correctly but it was all very rushed and trying to sell the most expensive treatments.I told her the treatments she recommended were too expensive and she started to pressure me into having them by saying she is the best cosmetic doctor in the uk and I can pay with finance.
    I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable and felt I had no choice but to sign up.The next part of the consultation is getting you in a room to start the treatment (you have committed then).
    You will be asked to sign, sign, sign while laying on a bed with multiple staff around you, putting iPads in front of you. You won’t get to read what you are signing. That’s their plan.
    Stay away from her treatments!!!!

  2. Complete con artist

    I visited Dr Nyla last year after feeling very conscious and depressed about my neck area.
    I wanted treatment to make it look better so went to see her.I took my mum with me for support.
    I felt very pressurised and i was not at all sure what i was going to be having done as it was not at all explained properly..but worst of all she told my mum that she could also improve her neck area,even though we both pointed out that due to her age that surely the results would not be the same on her.But she assured us that it would work for her also.
    So full of hope we went ahead with the treatments and paid the whole £8600 up front…when we told the clinic of how we were not happy with the results they said we would need more treatments!!
    We both had the treatments she advised us to have..but they did not work at all
    We both feel completely conned and mislead
    I left a review on trust pilot which was for reviews for her…but i then recieved correspondence from them saying the review would be removed unless i edited out her name..i refused as i pointed out its obvious who i am talking about.
    So i then got asked again,so i removed her name and then i noticed that the review got removed altogether
    I feel we should have been refunded..its just not right that she is doing what she is doing…its immoral and she is totally giving people false hope!!There are so many other things i could say..i feel all the peolle that are unhappy with her should get together and do something??

  3. Terrible experience

    I visited the clinic to have my test troughs assessed, I booked to see Dr Nyla to have her professional opinion. During the consultation Dr Nyla was on her phone, she then recommended I have other treatments to help the area. I have spent 3k and have had no result what so ever.

  4. It was a horrible experience dr nyla

    I was told that I required additional work that I was interested in, which considerably shattered my self-esteem. When I arrived, I wasn’t given time to cool down before being asked to photograph me, even though I was only in the room for a consultation. I was transferred to a waiting room and left for a short time.

    Then I was taken to a treatment area, and a therapist arrived to discuss my treatment. She stated that she couldn’t help me with the best medicines and that she would seek a doctor. She then came back to inform me of the cost of the procedure I was looking into, and I inquired when I could have my appointment as that was what I’d scheduled for.

    Following this, I was greeted by a male doctor who informed me that the lines on my forehead were apparent, despite my saying I felt they were minimal, considering I was only 34.

    I thought that tiny injections might be beneficial. Despite my opinions regarding this issue, the doctor told me that my forehead lines were even noticeable from a distal once, and the moment I smile, lines appear in my eye area.

    I did not ask for this criticism and found it to be a bit smug, considering that he has wrinkles and bars, as many people have! I should go to them, let them know the areas I’m unhappy with, and receive advice not to be pushed into treatment options…

    I talked about the botulinum toxin with him. I explained the botulinum toxin, which is present within Botox, and he did appear defensive even though I understood the science having a medical background myself.

    In all probability, I went home feeling like I was going to cry, and with low self-esteem, I had to cancel plans with my friends and then went home and spoke with one of my close friends, who was angry and continued to cheer me up.

    The visit was nothing more than making me feel very low. Then I visited another clinic and told them about the incident; they were lovely and reassuring. They said the situation was horrible and patients should not be told which areas to treat and only be asked about what they’re not happy about. I would recommend avoiding it at all costs.

  5. I would not recommend this method to anyone as it's just not feasible.

    I visited Medispa in August of last year due to concerns about wrinkles appearing on my facial skin, specifically the forehead. I was intrigued by fillers, but the doctor advised me that my skin should be tightened before applying any fillers.

    She also recommended that I try the BTL Exilis treatment. It could dramatically improve the lines around my forehead. I was told that a minimum of six sessions is required, and some patients have had excellent results.

    I chose to keep going, after which I was asked if my skin was softer. The skin was never better, but I was assured it would take time.

    I’ve been waiting for four months after six treatments and haven’t noticed any change! My skin isn’t renewed, and my lines remain the same as before treatment.

    I’ve sent three emails to different people at Medispa to let them know I was unhappy with their service. However, nobody has replied. The only difference is that I’ve been charged out of pocket by 1500 GBP.


    I tried the treatment of fat freezing. It cost me 2800 dollars for two remedies. I don’t believe it’s a true story. The doctor changed the cost on me at the time of my consultation, which is a red flag. The disclaimers you must sign from the lovely receptionist could be a red alert.

    However, I won’t be coming back. Did I decide to create this post to be able to tell others that I? A disappointed PS2800 lighter. The celebrities associated with this brand could make a shopper’s shopping trip before they endorse their brand with theirs. Horrific.

Reviews: 6
Reported Loss : 20000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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