Mindvalley is not worth your money

I hate Mindvalley. The truth about Mindvalley came out when I went through their website, and that is when I decided to get the free trial version of the program.

It was a 7-day free trial(cult) program. I hate Mindvalley. Vishen Lakhiani and Silva Method both are scams and fraud.

I was sure I would take off the subscription before the trial period ended and decided to do that one day before the subscription ended.

However, they did ask me to enter my credit card details, which I did.

In those seven days, I did not get time to check anything on the website.

I was too busy with my work and everything, that I realized that even if I paid for the subscription, I would hardly get any time to use the program.

Hence, I tried to cancel the subscription.

Their website has no clear path to cancel the subscription.

I went through many problems while figuring out how to cancel the subscription.

Finally, I could discontinue the subscription, working for more than half an hour to find that option on their website.

Later, after a week, I received a message that my credit card was charged $99.99.

I was subscribed for the entire year. I did not get it. I never made that decision.

And I successfully canceled the subscription by getting into auto-renew.

So, I tried to reach these people—however, no luck. So, I used it for a month before asking for a refund.

I thought that if the programs were beneficial, I might learn something. And, if that is the case, I won’t unsubscribe it anyway.

They have a 30 days refund policy. I hate Mindvalley.

I am unsure if these guys have anything significant on their website, as I never got a chance to look at any course or details of the studies.

Over time, I tried to check their events and other things happening in the city.

But I was not able to make it. I am no good at creating space for more things in my life. So, it was almost 20 days that I realized that the money was getting wasted.

I emailed them that I needed a refund as I could not use the service.

I never got an email back. Almost seven days after the email, I had not received any reply.

So, I sent another email, and after two days, I replied that I needed to send the email on another email id meant for refund queries.

For one week, I was waiting for a reply. I did as the email asked me to do.

However, I again did not get any response. I had a chance to connect with one of the employees of Mindvalley.

Through their chat support, I was finally able to talk to someone.

This guy was named Tim this time, and I am unsure if it was his real name or a made-up one.

But he told me that there was no email on that email address that I sent. I confirmed the email address, and it was correct.

I had that in my emails and knew it had reached the support team.

But they were not able to find it. It was not my mistake. And, the 30 days period was almost over.

So, this guy told me that I would not get my money back.

This was the last time I spoke to someone from the support team.

Later, my chats were disconnected or not replied to. I started sending them emails, and I believe my email was also barred.

The guy who spoke with me on the chat also suggested using the other paid courses.

I mean, this is ridiculous. I am not interested in your services or offerings.

I have got better things to take care of in my life. I am not free.

I have no time for these courses or anything else they offer.

I told the same thing to these guys, and Tim ignored every request. These people are so impossible to deal with.

I need no more reasons to call these guys cheaters.

Because they are, they have been cheating people.

Their free trial is bait for getting into users’ accounts. I have been trying hard to get my refund back.

I have all the proofs that I mailed them the request.

However, these guys are reluctant and say they cannot do so.

After 30 days, when I sent them a reminder for a refund through an email, they received it very well.

They replied, saying that the refund timelines had crossed.

How could they receive the email and not receive it within the timeline? Doesn’t that sound like a trap? It did to me.

I have sent them many reminders telling them that I did not select the subscription and they had done it by mistake.

I have proof that I have not used their free or paid courses.

But these guys are so dumb or acting like ones. The website is full of crap.

Their entire interface is to make people fall into their shit.

I am unsure if they would still charge for my subscription once the entire year is over, even when I would cancel it.

I have hence, requested my bank for another credit card.

I cannot give these scammers any other chance to scam me anymore.

These people must be put behind bars for scamming others online.

Is Mindvalley a legit?

Mindvalley is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 44 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mindvalley located?

Mindvalley is headquarted at online, USA. You can contact Mindvalley by dialing +1 888 5978384 or visit their website www.mindvalley.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mindvalley’s customers?

According to Mindvalley’s customers, a monetary loss of US $100 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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44 Reviews on Mindvalley

  1. Charged hundreds of dollars a year for a subscription I can't find a way for cancel

    I am being charged $613.77 each year for a subscription that I no longer want, and have not wanted for two or three years now, and I am finding no way to contact their customer service directly to cancel it. Their instructions online refer to a cancel button in your subscription area that is simply not present in my settings and membership area and there is no “renewal” button to turn on or off by my membership billing details. Emailing them one just gets an auto message saying that they are “thrilled to inform you” that they no longer use email because they have streamlined their services and referring you to web message or i message etc instead but none of their links and options ever actually work when I try them or I get no reply. Periodically I spend an hour or so online trying to solve this maze and then give up. With time, I have come to conclude that this is an aggressive and intentional marketing technique, because I have never had similar issues with other subscription services online. The divergence from Mindvalley’s outward message is astonishing.

  2. Mindvalley - Be VERY careful

    I paid for an annual membership in good faith, but the Mindvalley app is not for me, and now they won’t refund me because I am outside the 15 days. What a waste of money.

    I don’t like the app which is constantly try to sell me new courses and event, I find it overwhelmingly pushy.

    I find the Da Silva Ultramind course confusing and illogical.
    When you post on the forum asking for help, no-one bothers to reply. It is jus a public space for chitchat. There are quite a few members who are confused (as I am) about how many times to practise, what technique to use etc

    When I finally got through the Contact Us, I am dealing with an AI virtual assistant.
    Sorry, I am tired of products run by algorithms. Not for me.

  3. Fraud

    It’s unfortunate that many fell victim to these scam platforms. Thankfully, was able to resolve the issue by reporting to Cp-investigation.com. Their assistance in recouping our investments was invaluable. Grateful for their support during a challenging time. do mention Sally as it will give preferntial treatment

  4. I can say this after my experience with him so please avoid this company by all means. I invested over 2 months a sum of 157,000 euros with intelbondfx, but they took off with my money. 'W' kept requesting for money with different excuses. It was until I reported to cp-investigation (.) com that forced a charge-back from intelbondfx before my withdrawal was processed. Investors should avoid brokers like this.

    I can say this after my experience with him so please avoid this company by all means. I invested over 2 months a sum of 157,000 euros with intelbondfx, but they took off with my money. ‘W’ kept requesting for money with different excuses. It was until I reported to cp-investigation (.) com that forced a charge-back from intelbondfx before my withdrawal was processed. Investors should avoid brokers like this.

  5. De Maskens

    MindValley are deceptive & unethical in their business practices.
    They stole at least $1000 of mine in 2017.
    They never refunded me this money even after several requests & even though they could plainly see I didn’t use the courses as I was sick in hospital. I explained my hospitalisation to MindValley & still they proceeded to steal money from my Credit card.
    They are SCAMMERS
    Buyer BEWARE


    I got sucked into the Minvalley Con in 2017.
    They are an absolute joke & had people lecturing on the benefits of Swinging(swapping partners) bondage and discipline and anything else you can imagine.
    It is a Cult & Vishen is a Criminal.
    Minvalley continued to charge me for courses I never took & stole thousands of dollars from me.
    It all a Con so sign up at your own peril.

  7. Support number has been disconnected

    I tried calling their support number at +1-888 597-8384 and they have a recorded message that states:

    “This number has been disconnected. For further assistance, please go to
    to message us. Our team will get back to you promptly. Have a great day.”

  8. Buyer Beware.

    Buyer beware. This reviewer’s experience only confirms my own.

    There’s was no way to contact them by phone. By email they passed me from one customer service person to another (I have the same thought as the writer, I believe they just pretend you have a new CS person just to drag out the time) All manner of excuses and continual delaying tactics. And yes, they pulled the ‘we can’t find your email address in our files’. My opinion, I believe they are playing the old ‘string you along’ trick so that you finally give up and leave you money behind. Do not believe nor accept any excuses they give you. A reviewer, at the time I signed up, was very angry and stressed over being scammed. To my chagrin, I ignored them.

    It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to resolve the issue of starting the service. They claimed they were so busy. If it takes more than 48 hours you should consider cancelling the tranaction and getting a new card. My personal opinion, MindVally Support is a professionally run scam operation.

    But, If you’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, here’s my suggestion. If I had to do it all over again, if after 48 hours I don’t have access I’d send a message that I’m cancelling the transaction in 48 hours if they don’t give me the service(s) they promoted. If they don’t give the access, then I’d cancel the service through my bank (MindValley promises are not credible, and again, I believe are designed to stall.). Once done, I’d order a new card as they may well charge you yet again at some future date.

    A prior experience. I requested of this other company (a MLM), a cancellation of monthly services. Instead they came back month after month and hit my account. Finally, some $500+ later, I cancelled my card. Oh, and by the way, I used my debit card. Always use a credit card, you will have recourse in the event you are being scammed.

    If you ignore these warnings, like I did, and are personally scammed, don’t get your blood pressure up. Post your experience; contact the Better Business Bureau, let others know. Maybe Mind Valley Support will refund you your money. This operation is raking in more money than they lose.

    You may begin to wonder about all those glowing reviews. Are they for real? Please realize there are organizations that pay people to write rave reviews for services they never took. If you don’t believe this, do a little digging. I’m not going to get my money back, but I hope this helps to save yours. In case you’re wondering, Mind Valley Support took me for $700.

  9. My opinine is too learn Masters

    My experience The firt Auto michenics and desert Locest Conteral Orgazetion Messengers 14 year experience

  10. Duped into purchasing

    I can get a refund or anyone to get back to me. I watched the Paul McKenna video, and he said I could get refund as long as it was before the 90 days. That’s the only reason why i putchased it. Nothing said about arefunds within 15 days nor was it stated on the receipt/invoice. It was only at the point of requesting a refund that I saw that. I would have request a refund sooner otheewise because i did not actually use tge app or the services at all. There seems to be some misrepresentation going on. It’sall very fishy. I also did not appreciate that £99 I paid was monthly. I was shocked when I saw that and relieved I was at least able to cancel that subscription. I still need my refund though. I do feel like it’s all scamming crap. Make you more stressed worrying about cost, not helpful for a calm mind at all. I will now have to relay this to my credit card in the hope they can chase on my behalf.

  11. YouTube infomercial promised 365 day money back guarantee

    On July 6th 2022 I saw a Mindvalley commercial on YouTube. In it Vishen promised, not the typical 15 day money back guarantee but a full 365 days to try the product for $899 and, if at any time I, the consumer, was not satisfied, I could contact Mindvalley for a full refund.

    One December 21, 2022 I contacted Mindvalley through WhatsApp. On December 24, 3 days later, Katrina canceled my subscription but she said, and I quote, “We understand that not all programs will work for all students, which is why we offer a 15 day money back guarantee (there’s no such thing as 365 refund period, I am afraid), however that period has already expired for your order. At this point the order is not refundable.”

    I challenged her. She never responded. I still have the WhatsApp conversation. Now I am doing what I promised, writing this review and I will continue to write more reviews on every platform I can find until I get my money back. Conveniently I updated my card so they can return my money to the card.

    It took me one keyword search to find someone else who also purchased the Mindvalley program with the 365 day money back guarantee. Thankfully he changed his mind after 2 days and he got his money back but not without being hassled. I saw other nightmare stories too. People canceling their subscriptions and still being charged for it.

    NEVER sign up for Mindvalley. Warn your family, warn your friends. They do not keep their word. I will never again do business with them. Never. I will tell anyone who would be interested NEVER to do business with them. They are liars.

    If my money is returned, I will delete this review and any others I will write between now and then. And really, Vice Media made a great special on Mindvalley that everyone real needs to watch. Go out and watch it right now, as soon as you can. You will quickly be dissuaded from spending your money with them.

  12. Can’t get 6 Phase Meditation Video as directed in his book.

    I pre-ordered his book (kindle) and followed the directions in the book to get the 6 Phase Meditation Video. I got worn down trying. It’s much easier joining the club than to get the free meditation video.
    I’m disappointed. It seems a little disappointing for someone who claims to want to change the world, to violate his noble intentions by not keeping his promises.

  13. Scammers

    Mind ally piped on my social media and I watched the video and decided to try out which with my busy schedule wouldn’t work therefore I went on line and just about the same way they tell you to cancel , I did . Surprisingly, I found out they charged my credit card for $399.00 and I attempted to contact their support team via telephone, email, and whatsapp and I get disconnected or no assistance at all. I am unable to access the online membership login. Due to the horrible customer service and inability to reach anyone, I cannot login to request a refund and I cannot reach anyone. Essentially, they took the money nearly $400.00 and have not received any services . I believe thier company is horrible and fraudulent.
    They may build reputation with good name at the beginning of their establishment but at the moment they have lost respect of their member and people who may want to join them . It is a big scam and ripoff!

  14. Mindvalley SCAMMER


    Mindvalley are shocking at refunding money and their app didn’t even work and they overcharged. Amazing how their team get back to you when you want to join but over a year later still waiting on an amount of $825 refunded and I cancelled my subscription and now they have taken out another $825. What a scam. Have sent messages on their fb which they keep deleting and messanger has a robot so no human the email addresses bounce back. So now will have to cancel my credit card because of their Mindvalley and Vishen scammers

    Please BECAREFUL

Reviews: 44
Reported Loss : 100 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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