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Awakening recovery center is a scam

There is nothing more frustrating than watching yourself getting more and more into addiction. I started as a casual drinker and did not know when I turned into an addict. When I started having trouble fitting into my regular groups because of my changed behaviour and mood swings, I realised that I was at the verge of destruction. I searched for solution for couple of days and came out with this name – Awakening recovery center. I live alone in Florida and my family stays few miles away from my house. They visit me once in a while. Both my parents are on their pension. When they visited me, they became sad after looking at my condition and the way I needed regular breaks for drinking. They decided that they would take me to the center as soon as possible.

We did not get much time to find more about the center. Onine reviews were great and highly appreciated. Hence, they took an appointment for the next day itself. I was feeling confident after meeting them. We reached at the center as per the schedule. The office had few staffs. We thought that it must be because of our early morning meeting. They must be on their way. Later, the consultant confirmed the same thing. We sat in the office and was greeted well. The in-charge of the center gave us detailed overview about their packages and services. They mentioned that they would have to assess my condition before suggesting any plans. Hence, they asked me to stay for some more time and told my parents to pick me up later in the evening.

I got high on Breathalyzer test which I knew would be the result. They took me to a therapist and did some tests. The therapist was a nice guy. But, that was the only instance when he seemed concerned. He asked me about myself and the way I got into it. We talked about my likes and dislikes and what motivated me. He was trying to find out if I was at all interested in getting sober or was forced into joining the center. Maybe, that would have helped him to understand the kind of coaching I needed. So, all in all, it was a fine session. He assured that I would be fine in there. He also gave examples of people whose condition were worse than mine, got well. It was inspiring.

I was given tour of the center and was made to meet few patients those were doing great in there. I was not sure what was coming along. They asked me about my insurance company and the insurance plan I had. They said that it would help them to see what best they can suggest me so that the insurance company pays most of the bill.

They called my parents in the afternoon itself. We sat in the office again and they told that I would require staying there for at least 45 days. During that time, I would not be allowed to use my mobile phone or my wallet. They said that they had strict rules and discipline. They mentioned that the calls were allowed through their phones, once a week. They promised about healthy food and great care. My parents were happy, and I also felt better after listening to them.

They asked me to come next week. They said that they would be providing a locker to keep my things safe. So, when I arrived at the center for my recovery, I got my mobile phone. When I asked for the locker, they said that they would assign one and the keys would be with the safe keeper. They did not give me any safe number. That was weird. But, I was not in a position to demand as I was there for my recovery and needed to trust them.

In the beginning, they planned my detox session for 3 days. But, when I got there, they increased it to 5 days. I was locked up. I was sharing my room with another person and there was nothing else in the room apart from the beddings. We had to spend our time sleeping. The time table was strict. If we missed the lunch time, we had to wait for the dinner to have food. There was nothing served in between of the meals and meals were pathetic. The plates smelled, and the place was filthy. They served the same food everyday with one or two variations. Sometimes, we had to adjust with the undercooked food. If anyone complained, he was not given food for the entire day. It was different for me. I was waiting for the detox session to get over. I thought, it would be different once I would be out of the detox session.

After 5 days, I was shifted to the common floor where every room had three beds. When I came, I was told that I would be sharing the room with one roommate. I asked one of the staffs about the same. He informed that the rooms were full and that was the reason I was allotted a triple sharing room. I escalated this issue to the management and they said that they would fix the issue in a day or two. I waited, and that time never arrived. I was there for 30 days and my room was never changed. I complained about it few times and gave up.

The room was not the only issue. I had specifically said that I would like to have the same therapist from my interview session for the personal sessions during recovery. They had confirmed about making sure I was assigned to him. But, I got someone else who was good for nothing. I doubt if he had any licence for counselling. Also, I got only three sessions in those thirty days when I was promised to receive ten.

The group sessions were even more pathetic. They had no discipline which they flaunted about. In addition, the therapist never came on time. He used to assign a volunteer to fill in until he arrived. He usually attended the session for few minutes at the end.

We had other problems around the center. We were not allowed to meet our families which was mostly because they were scared that we would puke about their scam. The groups who tried to revolt, was separated and kept isolated. The staffs used to make fun of us and some of them made jokes about us as well. No one was trained at the center.

I requested for an early release when I did not see much change. They accepted it but said that I would not a refund. They had already charged my insurance company. When I checked the bill, it was way too high. They had not adjusted the room charges and other things which I did not receive as per the plan.

I tried to ask for a review and they rejected. The in charge later suggested that the money was not from my pocket and I should not bother about it. He literally winked at me and smiled while saying so. It was not funny at all. I was furious but that did not bother him. He was too experienced in scamming people that it did not made much difference, if I was happy or furious.

I did not find any change in me. I had to pay to another facility to get the results. But, Awakening recovery center never refunded my money. I asked them to send me a detailed bill on my email. They did not do that either. I called them a number of times to ask about the update on the charges and I got nothing.

I would never recommend this center to anyone. Rather, I would advise not to consider this place if you want to recover. This center is hell and people working here are not good either. Those who want to work for a cause, either leave this place soon or never enter this center, if are aware of its intentions.

You would find yourself stuck between some untrained and immature group who would make sure to turn your experience into a disaster.  They use fake reviews and paid advertisements to attract visitors. They can go any far to seem presentable. I was tricked into their beautiful center by fake people and wrong means. You can avoid that. You only need to stay away from these scammers.

Is Awakening Recovery Center a legit?

Awakening Recovery Center is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Awakening Recovery Center located?

Awakening Recovery Center is headquarted at Bartram Park Boulevard 13241 FL US. You can contact Awakening Recovery Center by dialing +1 904-513-2400 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Awakening Recovery Center’s customers?

According to Awakening Recovery Center’s customers, a monetary loss of US $24000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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2 Reviews on Awakening Recovery Center

  1. Awakening Recovery Center review

    This place is run by naive and inexperienced people. There are fights everywhere inside the common room. No discipline. The management cares for money and nothing else. If you are concerned about yourself or your family members, stay away from this filth.

  2. Awakening Recovery Center review

    My brother was admitted here. After he left the center, he complained about a lot of things. From food to treatment, everything was worse. His condition got no better and he relapsed. We had to find some other place.

    Awakening recovery center is the worst center.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 24000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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