Dr. Secily Bason Mitchell

Very Negative Experience

When my husband and I considered starting a family, I was Dr. Bason Mitchell’s patient. She misdiagnosed a severe condition.

An ultrasound showed that the tech had caught it on an unrelated issue. She told me to “go get married!” which I did.

At 27.5 weeks, I suffered a severe placental interruption. An emergency C-section delivered the otherwise healthy baby at LPCH and died a week later.

Sicily is friendly and very easy to communicate with. But, this isn’t nearly enough for an OBGYN. She is easily distracted, forgetful, unskilled, especially regarding high-risk pregnancies.

It is something I regret not knowing. I was subsequently treated at Stanford and Portola Valley Women’s Health with outstanding care and now have two beautiful daughters.

This is what I have observed with Sicily. A friend of mine, who was also a patient of Sicily, had a very traumatic first-trimester miscarriage which lasted for many weeks. She saw Sicily at most twice.

Sicily didn’t remember my friend was pregnant when she returned for a routine check. She delivered the baby of my best friend but didn’t realize it was breached until they were inside the delivery room.

Is Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell a legit?

Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell located?

Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell is headquarted at 1375 Sutter St Ste 105 San Francisco, CA 94109. You can contact Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell by dialing (415) 379-9600 or visit their website pacificwomens.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell’s customers?

According to Dr. Secily Bason-Mitchell’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2776 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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5 Reviews on Dr. Secily Bason Mitchell

  1. I am sad to see that a few people were not pleased with her.

    My doctor, Dr. Bason Mitchell, has been my doctor for five years. Because I was afraid, I never visited a doctor for a simple gyno appointment.

    She is upbeat. She is always up to date with research and talks to me as if I were smart. She made me feel very at ease the first time I saw her, and I have continued to see him.

    This is not something you can find in a doctor. She explained everything and provided me with lots of information about pregnancy. SHE WAS PROACTIVE when I was diagnosed with fibroids, and I am now pregnant with #1.

    It was disappointing to see her being dissatisfied by some people. The practice she works at is busy, and the staff can be inconsistent. She is not to blame for this. This is a testament to how life continues after I give birth.

  2. I would say that visit was worth 2-3 stars.

    I was delighted with my first encounter with Dr. Bason Mitchell.

    She was patient, answered all my questions, and taught me about my calcium intake, HPV, and other topics.

    As another person said, she took my history while I was fully clothed.

    It was great and probably deserved 4 or 5 stars.

    The second visit came a year later, for an annual. It was not as good.

    Even though she was very hurrying, she still asked me questions at the end.

    As she answered my only question, she walked out of the room. The visit was well worth 2 to 3 stars.

  3. Dr. Bason-Mitchell completely misdiagnosed the severity of a condition I had.

    Dr. Bason Mitchell completely misdiagnosed my condition.

    She told me to get pregnant.

    Her terrible judgment caused me to lose our son at 28 weeks.

    Although she is kind and caring, she is an awful, terrible clinician.

    Go to another OB/GYN if you are experiencing any complications during your pregnancy.

    I am so grateful that another OB/GYN took care of me during my pregnancy.

  4. I would not recommend her.

    Despite being friendly and easygoing, Bason-Mitchell struggles to balance her patients and too many. Even if you call with a severe medical problem lasting more than a week (e.g., hemorrhaging after childbirth), she does not return your calls. It is not possible to convince her staff to pay attention.

    You don’t get a call from her. She leaves you in an emotional coma and, in my case, with a newborn baby in my arms, in the emergency department. It was cold and lousy medicine to leave a mother who had suffered from excessive bleeding for several weeks without receiving a return phone call. I ended up in the hospital. She is warm and friendly, so I felt like I was being betrayed every day.

    Bason-Mitchell gave my son an extremely bizarre circumcision. He seems only half-circumcised. My husband claimed she was in a hurry, but my son will have problems for longer than the two extra minutes to do it right. Even our pediatrician was shocked by her appearance. Despite her being a good friend, I wouldn’t recommend her.

  5. If you want to have healthy baby and attentive doctor

    It was my second pregnancy. However, we moved from Nevada to SF, and I needed to find a doctor. I was referred to her by someone. This person is not recommended if you look for a healthy baby and an attentive doctor.

    I don’t have any insurance, but I do have the ability to pay. The visit was paid in cash. Everyone at the reception asked me questions about my insurance and money. They were trying to sell me products, but they didn’t care about my pregnancy or health.

    I called her on December 2 to schedule an appointment, and she made it happen on January 7. They usually perform an ultrasound, take a urine sample and check you. This is what I can remember from my first pregnancies. From such a great place like CPMC, I expected the same.

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Reported Loss : 2776 $
Severity : Medium
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