Serial Killer Confesses of Killing More than 50 Taxi Drivers

The murderer of more than 50 taxi drivers whose bodies were dumped in a crocodile-infested canal was an Indian serial ....

The murderer of more than 50 taxi drivers whose bodies were dumped in a crocodile-infested canal was an Indian serial killer who has been caught by the police after he attempted to flee into another state while disagreeing to certain sort of conditions in the prison.

The story starts between the years 2002 and 2004 when the murderer was sentenced to life prison in Jaipur which is a city in Rajasthan which is a northern state in India. Till now, the murderer was convicted of murdering seven taxi drivers.

If the Indian police were to be believed, Devender Sharma, who is sixty-two years old was given short parole after spending sixteen years in jail. Even when Sharma failed from returning after spending 20 days outside, he went missing.

The torchlight that could manage to find Devender Sharma came six months after his fleeing. When the Indian police found him in the capital of the country with a widow to whom he had now married. The Indian police said that Sharma had admitted on not returning from parole and his actions came from a decision of not going back to the jail.

Going into the history of Devender Sharma told us how he holds a degree in traditional Indian medicine and ran a clinic at a hospital in the same state from where he was first convicted. He ran the clinic for 11 years i.e. from 1984 to 1995.

The major transformation in him, according to him, came somewhere around 2004 where he lost money in a scam, after which he became involved in the scheme of selling fake gas canisters. In 2004, when the police arrested him, he was involved in illegal kidney transplants. If Police is to be believed, Devender Sharma was involved in 125 such transplants that made him earn between $6,680 and $9,350.

In questioning, Police admit Sharma having confessed how Sharma and other workers worked in another scheme in the northeastern State of India called Uttar Pradesh. As a part of this scheme, Sharma and his partners killed taxi drivers of the taxis they hired in the state at a specific time and threw them in canals which were home to crocodiles so there was no chance for anyone to retrieve the body.

Further information that the police have on it is when the bodies were dumped, Sharma sold these taxis however people wished to buy it i.e. either in parts or as a whole, and through this, he earned $270 for a single car. And after giving out this information the police hold a record of Sharma confessing how he was the mastermind behind the killing of 50 taxi drivers. However, he was convicted only of killing seven taxi drivers, by the police. In 2008, as reported by the local media, Sharma was first caught by the police for killing a driver.