Costa Palmas Fraud Warning – Jason Grosfeld and Irongate Development

Developer Jason Grosfeld with Ties to Donald Trump Again Accused of Fraud and Conspiracy
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The culture of Irongate LLC, a company controlled by Jason Grosfeld, who lives in one of the biggest houses in Bel Air, California, is toxic.

LA Weekly has covered this story showcasing how the Costa Palmas development in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has been plagued with construction delays and extortion charges according to the numerous lawsuits filed against Mitchell Laufer, Irongate LLC, Michael Radovan, and Jason Grosfeld.

Before this in Los Angeles County Court, Jason Grosfeld was sued by Anne Ruivivar for labor law violations and shockingly, this is his least offensive lawsuit.

Most of the funds for his development work initially came from the ESG company run by Larry Fink Blackrock. Jason Grosfeld’s father, James Grosfeld, funded the operations.

At the same time, he ran Pulte Homes. Still, he left amid the turmoil that may have been related to his son Jason’s scandal with Donald Trump when he tried to build a project with Trump in Baja, California, and one in Hawaii; both never materialized, and he stole deposits from the buyers.

The result was that he was sued numerous times and was forced to repay part of the deposits stolen. Ironically, Larry Fink, who runs Blackrock, his son, also had a failed hedge fund that lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you’re not protecting your money, Jason Grosfeld is considering how to take it from you. Jason’s friends, whom we contacted for this story, spoke off the record and said that they could not stand him because he’s screwed them over on the Costa Palmas project.

He’s very cheap and always tries to grind people down.

He’s been characterized as a sociopath narcissist. He doesn’t feel like he’s done anything wrong, yet he’s being sued for fraud and extortion by more than one party.

Irongate LLC and its staff had made false promises to buyers, telling them that they could pay a single price and buy the land and they would build a stunning house.

The houses are still not done 4.5 years after projects had started, and Irongate has used strong-arm tactics to try and extort buyers into paying more money and canceling their memberships to the affiliated Four Seasons.

One buyer went down recently after the Irongate representatives said their Costa Palmas property was done and had them send a payment for completion.

Unfortunately, when the buyer went down to see the property in person, there were no toilets or running water, and they extended the closing date. They said they were in breach to close and pay up. Videos circulating online showcase how far from completion these homes are.

Jason Grosfeld Aspen Development

Jason Grosfeld is trying to do a job in Aspen.

Are the lawsuits for the failed projects enough to warn others why he is terrible for the community and could draw a spotlight to more cases being filed if he doesn’t complete those houses? Is there a pattern of practice of fraud and wire fraud?

If you’ve been scammed or ripped off by Jason Grosfeld, Irongate LLC, Donald Trump, Michael Radovan, or Mitchell Laufer, or have an issue with your Cabo San Lucas home in Costa Palmas, then please leave a comment below to share your story.

Rumors are that Harvey Levin of TMZ and Spencer Rascoff of Seattle have also been scammed.

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