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He say’s he works for the GACS it stands for Global Assistance and Community Support.

Got an email stating I won 1500000 prize but had to pay money to get it across the border then after that money for the IRS for taxes so it can come over to Canada the man told me it was real and said UPS in El Paso Texas USA was handling the winnings.

I was to send money to a man named Timothy John Garcia and I was to do it though western Union now there tell me there van was in an accident and I need to send 2000 more dollars to be able to get my winnings this man is texting me non stop and its beginning to get me upset

I called UPS and they said there was no one by that name in their company and I was to inform you.

I have no idea who the person is texting me but the text number is 262-346-6367 I don’t know what to do I’m a widow and he made me think that he was helping me and I believed him I feel so stupid I don’t know what to do

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  1. Global Assistance and Community Support Scam

    I received a message on Messenger approximately an hour ago, which came across on my father’s name, telling me that the GACS recently gave him $150,000 and it was delivered right to his door. Initally I did think the person was my father and I made contact with GACS and they claimed that $150,000 would be delivered to my door in cash in the next 9 hours and I needed to have ready “to pay $850 for the UPS Courier for delivery and case file fee.” As soon as i received that text I immediately knew something wasn’t right. Everything was done through text and with minimal information given on my part and that made no sense given it was supposedly a government program. I called my dad and he told me he was at work and did not send me any messages this morning.

    I immediately sent a message to the individual who had been messaging and texting me and told them I now knew they were not who they were claiming to be and i also knew they were attempting to scam me. Of course the individal on messenger still tried to convience me that they were my father and the person texting me was with GACS and everything was for real. I informed them that I was reporting this scam to all possible law enforcement and social media. They have stopped contacting me at this time. Hopefully they wont try to make any mpre contact in the future.

    To the widow who initially reported this scam, my heart goes out to you ma’am. I too am recently a widow and i have a young child. For more than the last two years of my husband’s life I took care of him 24 hours a day and have been unemployed due to that. I am also living on a very small monthly income which is less than my monthly expenses and I haven’t had have any help. Ive never sought help or even looked up anything like this and I don’t know how they got my information.

    Don’t feel stupid these are very good con artists who try to take advantage people who are vulnerable and going through hard times. I do know how difficult and even at times hopeless things are. Please hang in there. For me, having my young child completely dependent on me and my belief in God are what keep me going. I will include you in my daily prayers. GOD bless.

  2. Shady Business...

    Just got a text from my 80+ year-old Godfather’s hacked Facebook account. I humored the guy for a while, but I don’t feel like risking the text to find out more.

    gave me this number to text: 831-689-7488

    Gave a testimonial that he got $150,000 delivered to him which was ridiculous, because he would’ve called seeing as he’s a senior who doesn’t have a lot of computer experience. Copy and pasted paragraphs with perfect grammar isn’t his style.

    I linked him this page. Hopefully we never hear from this guy again.

  3. Hackers sending messages about GACS

    My facebook messenger was hacked and it appears that “I” have been sending messages to friends about this GACS program as well. Several people have reported although there is no indication of it in my account. I would assume it is not legit and just delete all messages. Humanitarian projects don’t try to recruit people in this way.

  4. I also had someone tell me to text to get money from GACS

    I just got a Messenger text from someone claiming to be a former politician I know about this Global Assistance & Community Support. Not able to confirm whether it’s indeed the person they’re claiming to be currently but the number I was given to text is 412684-2482, which is a Pittsburgh area code. The person claimed they got money from this organization but when I asked what project they funded, I didn’t get an answer, just that I should text this number. As the conversation went along, I was getting the feeling this wasn’t legit. The one thing that really got me was the comment that you don’t have to give the money back. If this is a legitimate organization, they would want money back if the project didn’t meet its objectives.

  5. Also got a message about Global Assistance & Community Support

    I too got a message about Global Assistance & Community Support thru Messenger from a former politician I’m acquainted with. The message states that GACS “gives out money to help people, young, old, workers, unemployed, retried (sp.) and all citizen of the state for them to maintain good standard (sp.) of living.” They further stated, “It is more or less an Empowerment, this new program I got $$ delivered to me when I applied for the GACS program and you don’t have to pay it back.” They then told me I should text the number 412684-2482 (this is an area of Pittsburgh according to an area code search) to find out if I’m “also a beneficiary to the PROGRAM.”
    Although I have not been able to confirm if it was actually the person sending it, my gut instinct tells me his account has been hacked. I’m basing this not only on the language used, but also the fact that as a former politician, he would be well aware that any “program” claiming to meet these objectives would have an application process beyond just texting to see if I’m a “beneficiary” and that if the project wasn’t successful, they would want unused dollars returned. This person claimed they got money and when I asked what project they would be running with this money, they ignored the question. That really triggered my B.S. meter.

  6. Global Assistance and Community Support Scam

    My mom almost fell victim to their scam. She called me to tell me that she talked to someone she knows from church about a grant for retired and disabled people the lady had gotten. All she had to do was pay taxes and then she’d get the money. I was very skeptical but she said that the lady said she did it and received her money the next day. After asking some additional questions I told her I wanted to see all their correspondence. The person her “FB friend” told her to contact was very vague in his emails and thankfully all the information she had given him was pretty common knowledge, address, phone number (she gave him home not cell), occupation and monthly income. I knew their website was not a government website so I went back to her friend’s FB page to find several people had written on her page just days earlier they had received messages from her and believed she’d been hacked. I told my mom to tell him that she was no longer interested after talking to her daughter, an attorney. Hopefully he will get the hint and not contact her again.

  7. scam

    me too! my message was I was being asked how much money I got. that this person who messaged me asked if I had heard of GACS that they saw a list posted that I was awarded money. so does this mean I am hacked for opening it?

    1. Von

      No, I have been getting these messeges from family and friends on facebook. one even offered to help me pay the amount then in return i would pay them back but they needed my bank information to send the money. Scam written all over it! I hope the right people get them before they take another persons money.

      Sincerly Von

  8. text after text from friends and family that I knew who could not afford it.
    they are praying on people who are in need. i hope someone gets these people so they wont get anyone elses money.

  9. Using facebook!

    These scammers commandeered a friend’s facebook account and sent me a facebook message. “She” said life was wonderful and great all because of GACS. Then “She” said to “text phone 253_336_3125 text them that I told you about the GGF and you are ready to apply for it.
    Text them now and keep me posted”.

    Do NOT respond to these scammers!

  10. same thing happened to me

    This just happened to me yesterday—September 13, 2018 — please read this review. It is the truth. Everything the lady stated is true. I think the scammers are from India. I can tell by their language use.

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