On Tap Credit Union

Customer Service Is Horrible

Customer service is horrible!

Won’t return phone calls!

Won’t follow up when you apply for a loan!

Place has really gone down hill the last couple of years!

Done giving On Tap Credit Union my business!

Is On Tap Credit Union a legit?

On Tap Credit Union is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is On Tap Credit Union located?

On Tap Credit Union is headquarted at 5675 Olde Wadsworth Blvd Arvada, CO 80002. You can contact On Tap Credit Union by dialing (303) 279-6414 or visit their website ontapcu.org.

How much monetary loss is incurred by On Tap Credit Union’s customers?

According to On Tap Credit Union’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2368 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on On Tap Credit Union

  1. Terrible communication about loan products

    This used to be one of the best financial institutions in Colorado until the last 5 months, obviously they have had a change in leadership and commitment to their community values! Over the last 15 years as a member I always got what was needed until recently, they don’t care about a stellar membership and payment history, your A level credit doesn’t mean anything to their clueless underwriters! I called Colorado Credit Union and got my loan in 4 hours vs days of red tape from OnTap!

  2. Scammer

    So I said,” okay well that’s enough information for me, the lady I spoke to over the phone had a little more information to provide and was less judgmental about my buying process. Thank you for your service and have a nice night. ”

    I then left and went down the street to credit union of Colorado where a man offered more help to me and I didn’t have to give him as much information to get me on track to buy the vehicle I wanted.

    He was actually interested in helping me, and I did not get that vibe when I went to Coors credit union. I was expecting to get treated better than this considering I am actually employed at Coors but I guess that doesn’t really matter. He had no interest in getting me started and helping me with my purchase.


    I felt very judged at this point and began explaining that I don’t have the option to choose one of my family members as a co-signer, and also that I live with my boyfriend and have been for a while now. He then began to assume, “oh so its a common law sort of situation.”

    NO IT IS NOT. We are not common law married, (which is none of his or anyone’s business to begin with when applying for a CAR LOAN) and my boyfriend has already agreed to co-sign for me to get me into the vehicle I wanted.

    At this point I was done with this bank and this guy that was helping me. He was very rude to me to start with, and as our conversation continued he began to get very judgmental towards me and how I was going to try and purchase this vehicle.

  4. I guess time changes everything.

    I have been a member with Coors sense the mid 80’s. I have always had great thoughts, experiences and comments about Coors credit union. Always above average and easy to complete any task whether on-line, at the branch or on the phone. This new On-Tap thing has taken a good thing and made an average typical place at best. Hours are no longer feasible, on line is a pain in the ass. I don’t go to the branch much but the parking at the Arvada location sucks. I guess time changes everything.

  5. Which was understandable

    I didn’t have a particularly good experience when I visited this Coors credit union on. I am shopping around for an auto loan and went to Coors because I work with the actual Coors company so I wanted to try this bank to see if it would be good for me.

    First I called before I went in and the lady over the phone was very respectful and nice to be about all the questions I had. I am a first time car buyer so I need a little help with my buying process because I have never bought anything that needed a loan before. I went into this credit union after I had already called expecting to walk out confident that I know what I am doing when applying for an auto loan. I did not walk out confident at all. I walked out as clueless as I was when I walked in.

    First I waited for about 15 minutes for a representative to assist me. He then called me into his office and I pulled out a piece of paper with the vehicle information on it that I was looking at. He then began to not even help me but explain to me that they usually don’t offer loans to first time car buyers over 15,000$. Which was understandable

  6. Scammer

    It is impossible to talk to anyone there unless you go there in person and wait in line OR call and wait on hold for 2+ hours.

    Considering using Coord Credit Union for anything? Skip it and go to a real bank that can afford proper customer service.

  7. Bad Service Provide

    Ugh. Always disappointed with the “service” from Coors/Ontap. Called to get help with a checking account problem, the manager called me a criminal (I bounced a check) and told me “tough luck.” “I could help you with those fees, but I’m not going to” Been a member 8 years. I guess I don’t have enought $$ to rate any actual human dignity or respect. Time for a new credit union.


    The awful woman running this crap show does NOT give a crap about her customers! BEen a member for 10 years! Getting out!

  9. This credit union use to be great but in the last year they have gone down hill fast.

    Waited at the drive through for 10 minutes to deposit a check!! I can not use the android app on my phone for deposits, it turns off in the middle of a deposit or it just takes 10 tries of pictures to get the right one that the software will accept.

    Really bad app and the online is not much better I have trouble every time i get on to make a transfer. This credit union use to be great but in the last year they have gone down hill fast.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 2368 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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