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He says he works for the GACS, Global Assistance, and Community Support. I got an email stating I won 1500000 prizes but had to pay money to get it across the border then after that money for the IRS for taxes so it could come over to Canada the man told me it was real and said UPS in El Paso, Texas USA was handling the winnings.

I was to send money to Timothy John Garcia, and I was to do it through Western Union. Now there tell me their van was in an accident and I need to send 2000 more dollars to get my winnings.

This man is texting me nonstop, which is beginning to get me upset.

I called UPS, and they said there was no one by that name in their company, and I was to inform you. I have no idea who is texting me, but the text number is 262-346-6367.

I don’t know what to do. I’m a widow, and he made me think that he was helping me, and I believed him. I feel so stupid I don’t know what to do.

Is Global Assistance Community Program a legit?

Global Assistance Community Program is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 28 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Global Assistance Community Program located?

Global Assistance Community Program is headquarted at 120 Westmorland St, Moncton, NB E1C 1G2, Canada. You can contact Global Assistance Community Program by dialing 5068524201 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Global Assistance Community Program’s customers?

According to Global Assistance Community Program’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1700 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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28 Reviews on Global Assistance Community Program

  1. Scammed out of money

    Received a message thru messenger from a friend that indicated she had gotten some winning money from the Corporation of National Community Service/Dept of Global Financial Assistance and that my name was also on it he list for winnings. Gave me the name of person to contact which I did thru text message. The person took my info and said I was on the list of winnings. Sent list of amount I could apply for for a fee. I did and sent fee of $20,000. Then kept asking me for more for different reasons- got stopped by IRS fed Ex and had to pay $20,000 to get released. Went to bank and borrowed that money and sent.
    Found out my friend never sent that message. They keep coming up with reasons to send more money. Did research and discovered it was a scam. Want to report this as fraud.

  2. Scammer posing as a friend on messanger

    I was contacted on messenger by a friend who claimed that he had received one hundred fifty thousand. He sent me a link to the agent. After contacting this agent. In less than 5 minutes I was informed that I was entitled to the same amount as my friend. After filling out the form I was told to go out and get 3 gift cards totalling 1500 dollars. When I questioned this I was told that it was for the processing of the claim, and that once it was done the money would be idelivered in 7 hours. This man also claimed to be a faithful Christian and would never do anything to take advantage of people.
    After refusing to do as asked for payment, also told him that i was keeping all communications for my records. I also asked that all information be deleted and that I don’t want to be contacted again.

  3. I had been chatting to the scammer who had taken over my friend in messengers identity.

    I contacted one of my friends on FB messenger…asked him a few questions and he replied with normal type answers ,then asked me if I knew about GACS…I replied no i did not and he continued the chat explaining he had been helped financialy by these people. I got online after chat finished and looked it up on Google to find it was scam and I had been chatting with the bloody scammer. I checked my friends FB page and it looks totally different without any information he had before about himself. I hope my friend knows this…I will try find his phone number.

  4. I was told that GACP was a program from the government that will send elderly people money to help with rent,food, medical bills. They told me I could get $150000 for free ,cash by U PS. I just had to send them $1000.00 for shipping, taxes.ect.They drove me crazy. I told them I don't have that but then asked what could I send. Thanks for being scammed once before out of my Amazon account. I refuse to get scammed again.Dont listen to these people. They text you this..


  5. Global assistance community

    They tried to scam me saying if I give them all my info ! I would receive over 100,000 dollars by Fed ex ! But would need to pay ofcourse !! I have kept text messages and everything on them !

  6. They have hacked into my Facebook account and causing quite a stir among my friends and relatives. Please help take them off my list.

  7. Got a text from some named Corliss Hunter Number 662 503 7082 .. Telling me I win this money and it will cost me 350.00 to get 75.000 What a scam .

  8. These Indian c rooks scammed me out 264.99. I’m a 67 year old Vet that lives on a very thin financial margin. These crocks led me to believe that thy were helping me. Do not do business with Indian sounding people.

  9. Scam

    Henry Smith told me I won $150,000 so I sent him money using gift cards. He asked for more to cover taxes and shipping fees for delivery of my winnings. I stopped responding to him. Henry then said because I paid once that the head office increased my winnings to a Toyota Hilux and $ 450,000 .I sent $500 as he asked. But then he said I would have to pay $4000 to get my money and my vehicle. He sent a FedEx tracking number and said once I make this payment I would receive my winnings. I said no . He insists that his program is real. I told me no he is lying. He swore on his father’s grave I would get my winnings
    I didn’t send anymore money to him but he keeps asking for money to get my winnings. I didn’t send anything else to him but he insists it’s real and legitimate.Its not. Avoid Henry Smith he is a fraud.
    The FTC and DOJ confirm if you win you don’t have to pay.
    Don’t send anything to GAVE

  10. No questions answered

    Hi I was approached by this FB friend and told me about this package that I had won. That he seen my name on a winners list. He gave me a number to text (973)798-8726 aka Frank Smith. This FB friend number is (518)350-7186 told me that he has worked in the USA for a couple of months. And this number is from FedEx (781)473-0924. So anyway it started with 2 amazon gift cards worth 100$ a piece then went to the Steam cards I’ve spent 1600$ on these. This FB so called friend apparently spent 1100$ on these Steam cards and he’s bought me another 7 at 700$ in these cards and waiting for me to get the remaining 3 cards for 300$ before he sends me these cards . I need to know if this is a scam and fraudulent cause I want my cash back. I’m not happy about this if you’re company is doing this to people that don’t have the cash for these winnings. This Frank Smith told me that the IRS had it then Homeland Securities in Texas had it now due to a FedEx accident that the Fire Marshals have it and then I asked where the package was this Frank Smith said that it was in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and now he says that he’s got it . Not to happy with this at all. I’ve also been that this is literally legit. I know the laws of the government cause I’m part of the government so now I’m not going to pay any more money so if this is legit. I’d suggest that you get me my winnings to be delivered to me. I’ve been to the police about this and all of this better be straightened out. I’ve had my identity messed with cause I owe back loans that I’ve taken out for this and I’ll be looking for a great reason to SUE you and your company for messing with my life. This is not the end of this.So you and your company better.Come up with a plan to compensate me for my losses.

  11. same thing happened to me

    This just happened to me yesterday—September 13, 2018 — please read this review. It is the truth. Everything the lady stated is true. I think the scammers are from India. I can tell by their language use.

  12. same thing happened to me

    This just happened to me yesterday—September 13, 2018 — please read this review. It is the truth. Everything the lady stated is true. I think the scammers are from India. I can tell by their language use.

  13. Using facebook!

    These scammers commandeered a friend’s facebook account and sent me a facebook message. “She” said life was wonderful and great all because of GACS. Then “She” said to “text phone 253_336_3125 text them that I told you about the GGF and you are ready to apply for it.
    Text them now and keep me posted”.

    Do NOT respond to these scammers!

Reviews: 28
Reported Loss : 1700 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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