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Very Expensive

I called Traveler Medical Group aka Dr Jim Savage, MD because it was 3:40 am, I was experiencing a lot of pain and couldn’t sleep, and Dirty Scam advertised (yes, this place pays to be an advertised business on Dirty Scam)

It as being an open, 24/7 urgent care facility. This is very misleading. The guy who answered the phone told me that it was after hours, and that if I didn’t wait until the doctor came in the morning, it would cost me around $400 which insurance companies would not cover.

Dr Jim Savage, MD then had the nerve to ask me “Do you realize it’s 4:00 in the morning?” No, guy, I had no idea. Thanks.

So, technically open 24/7, but that depends on your definition of “open”. If you don’t have deep pockets, treat it like a place with normal business hours and go elsewhere if you need medical attention at night

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  1. However, he was already inside one of the rooms.

    I live in the East Bay and I had a guest over for the weekend who stayed at the Hilton Hotel San Francisco. He was supposed to fly out in the morning one weekend but fell ill and was too weak to fly out. So his company recommended Dr. Savage.

    He got an appointment for 5:30pm of Saturday. We waited for his appointmet at his hotel till we left at 5pm to walk there. I dropped him off and had to find parking in the city. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the clinic and wait with him. However, he was already inside one of the rooms.

  2. It's a real defraud.

    It’s a real defraud. The nurse didn’t tell any info when I asked the rate. When I checked out ,they gave me a bill like $600. It only took the doctor 10 minutes and gave me some pills to treat my allergy. The admission cost 220$.
    The final bargain went to 250$ total.


    I presented with an ear infection, chest pains and diarrhoea, while on a work trip from Australia. My ear infection was confirmed and I was prescribed antibiotics. However, I was prescribed two courses of antibiotics when one would have sufficed (which I have confirmed with my regular GP). I obtained the medication from the surgery so this was additional money paid to Dr Savage that was not necessary.

  4. don't go to him...

    Some one star reviews resonates with my experience….he preys on travelers who have limited knowledge of the place ….he is a true sales person….talks to impress you….builds up the charges to exorbitant amount….a typical trait of Asian doctors….my advise if you are not dying or have other options …don’t go to him…

  5. Terrible.

    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. This place is a scam. Big Mistake!

  6. I agree with her assessment of your billing department.

    I have sent numerous letters to your office about every issue in my review. This has been ongoing for well over a year now and I believe still unresolved. I feel I should have been told upfront about the expensive immunization costs and that my insurance wouldn’t cover anything.

    I also find it interesting that others like Claire A. had the same negative reaction to travel immunizations at your office. I also find it interesting what Claire A. writes about how the insurance actually did cover the immunizations, and I agree with her assessment of your billing department.

  7. Bad Service.

    Some of the reviews (like Bevo T’s) are correct. Dr. Savage is a nice guy, but the billing is INSANE. I am still dealing with billing issues from almost two years ago. Travelers Medical Group charges outrageous amounts per visit and they do not inform patients when the costs get out of hand.

    I went in for simple vaccines and got a $600 bill even though I have insurance. I could go on and on, but the essence is that I will NOT GO BACK EVER. Dr. Savage was nice, but this is absolutely NOT worth it. I also became sick immediately following the vaccines, which has never happened before in my entire life.

  8. i hope this was a innocent mistake.

    dr. savage treated me in. his services were paid by medicare and secondary coverage in. i just received another bill for the service for the same amount,which was processed by medicare, which commented to me-filed after time limit-no coverage. happily i have the info to deny his second claim for this service. .i hope this was a innocent mistake.

  9. Not acceptable when you're sick.

    I called this guy before calling San Francisco On Call – he never answered my call – until the next day in the afternoon…and then he was rude. Not acceptable when you’re sick.

  10. A truly holistic viewpoint.

    I first saw Dr. Savage when I arrived in San Francisco and didn’t have a general practitioner. He is knowledgeable and light-hearted at the same time, and he isn’t a doctor who throws prescriptions at a problem.

    He wants to know what’s going on, and always has some great ideas on how to solve things naturally. He’s quite an expert on all things supplement. A truly holistic viewpoint.

  11. I have referred him to friends.

    I have used Dr. Savage as my GP for almost 10 years and have been very happy. My wife uses him, and I have referred him to friends.

  12. Dr. Savage was easy to see and he gave me the prescription I believe I needed.

    Dr. Savage was easy to see and he gave me the prescription I believe I needed. That aside, my experience in his office was not acceptable and I definitely will not return.

    To begin with, I felt rushed and under-diagnosed. I went because of a cough and sinus problem. But I haven’t been to a doctor in almost 2 years and was ready for a general exam or him familarizing himself with my medical history. Yet, when I went into the office and headed to sit on the paper “couch” and take my jacket off and I was told to sit in the chair and just breathe deep.

  13. best doctor..

    best doctor…… Jim Savage is super knowledgeable, candid and cool. I found Jim via yelp & could not be happier with my experience.

  14. Dr. Savage was amazing.

    Dr. Savage was amazing. I went in on XMAS eve and was seen quickly. He spent time listening and gave great, actionable advice. Highly-recommend using him!

  15. Dr. Savage is the hardest working man I know!

    Dr. Savage is the hardest working man I know! He takes same day apointments and will get you in and out of his office in no time. As an out of state stuent at USF, I used him as needed. I’m sad to leave SF and his great team.

  16. they are to disgust our country!

    Just looking around at nicks post, they are all bad. he is a cosunmer that is all for him or nada! watch out business dont help this guy out! follow his reviews, they are to disgust our country!

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