Dr Jim Savage, MD

Very Expensive

I called Traveler Medical Group aka Dr Jim Savage, MD because it was 3:40 am, I was experiencing a lot of pain and couldn’t sleep, and Dirty Scam advertised (yes, this place pays to be an advertised business on Dirty Scam)

It as being an open, 24/7 urgent care facility. This is very misleading. The guy who answered the phone told me that it was after hours, and that if I didn’t wait until the doctor came in the morning, it would cost me around $400 which insurance companies would not cover.

Dr Jim Savage, MD then had the nerve to ask me “Do you realize it’s 4:00 in the morning?” No, guy, I had no idea. Thanks.

So, technically open 24/7, but that depends on your definition of “open”. If you don’t have deep pockets, treat it like a place with normal business hours and go elsewhere if you need medical attention at night

Is Dr Jim Savage, MD a legit?

Dr Jim Savage, MD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr Jim Savage, MD located?

Dr Jim Savage, MD is headquarted at Post Street 490 CA US. You can contact Dr Jim Savage, MD by dialing (415) 981-1102 or visit their website hoteldoctorsf.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr Jim Savage, MD’s customers?

According to Dr Jim Savage, MD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $400 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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4 Reviews on Dr Jim Savage, MD

  1. respond to review above.

    Think about it someone call you at 4:30 am asking for pain med. even we advice him to go to ER he insist coming to office at 4:30 in am .He has a choice to come later in the day where he can use
    insurance but no he think he can pay cash and get pain med. We told him we do not see patient & dispense pain med unless adequately evaluated. He got piss & wrote this vs on the web. How can we RIP him off if he was never seen ? What kind of man can bitch on web like this, come to my office let me see if he can look me in my eye & tell me in person. He has a choice we did not twist his arm, we did not take a penny from him so stop talking shit & get on with you life. Have a family & you will know what is like to work 24/7 for 30+ years just to care for your patients & be a responsible citizen in SF.
    Talking shits about others always comes back to its giver. Premature judgment of others when you don’t get what you wanted & getting angry is called->
    ” Delay Gratification Impairement &
    Narcissistic Injury “.
    Karma (good or bad) will always be
    return to original sender. When your
    children grow up & they talk shit on
    others will you be proud of their action ?
    I learn this when I was 6 year old ->
    “Don’t make other feel bad if you don’t
    want others to do the same to you”.
    Freedom of speech & Expression doesn’t mean sacrificing mannerism & common sense. 🐣
    Peace, Good luck & have a happy healthy life with your love ones.

  2. Surprised to see him on here...

    I have worked with Dr. Savage for over a year now, and was surprised to see him on here. He has always been professional and paid attention to my concerns, and provided his own insights. Yes, he can be a jokester and I can see how some people perhaps could be put off by that but I don’t mind a little humor on the side when it comes to my doctors. I can’t speak to the service where he comes to your hotel, but can imagine asking a doctor to pay what equates to a house call these days would certainly be expensive.

  3. Comprehensive care that goes beyond just, "What's wrong...okay here's some medicine."

    I personally have always been impressed with Dr. Savage. His mannerisms can be a bit forward but I appreciate his candid nature. I was sad to see the bad reviews here, and though I have not used him for his hotel service, I would appreciate being told the price of something up front before asking a doctor to come and visit me personally. I mean, if I asked a mechanic to come and fix my car in my driveway, he would charge much more than at the shop, right? And the other review seems to indicate that Mairy had an appointment at 5:30 but left at 5pm, and by the time they walked to the office Dr. Savage was already at her hotel? He’s a very knowledgable guy and these reviews don’t reflect the experiences I have personally had.

  4. However, he was already inside one of the rooms.

    I live in the East Bay and I had a guest over for the weekend who stayed at the Hilton Hotel San Francisco. He was supposed to fly out in the morning one weekend but fell ill and was too weak to fly out. So his company recommended Dr. Savage.

    He got an appointment for 5:30pm of Saturday. We waited for his appointmet at his hotel till we left at 5pm to walk there. I dropped him off and had to find parking in the city. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the clinic and wait with him. However, he was already inside one of the rooms.

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 400 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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