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His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results

I visited Dr. Eric Berg’s clinic after watching his tons of YouTube videos and reviews where he talks about health and nutrition. To be honest, I was intimidated by the way he presented the entire thing in the video and that was the reason I wanted to give it a try. He also pitched about free consultation in his videos. So, there was no way to ignore such opportunity.

He runs The Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria. He takes every measure which is unethical to get clients and that is the reason he flaunts about the free consultation. It is just a bait to attract customers and once they are inside his centre, he goes beyond limits for selling his products. He pressurizes customers to pay for the overpriced products that has close to no effect. His treatment programs are also designed in such a way that it only benefits him and not the other party.

They have even monitored their reviews online and pay for posting fake feedbacks. This is all because they know that only the positive review can fight the negative comments of scammed customers.

He offers expensive treatment plans and do not offer cancellation policy which is again a red flag. If a company has trust in its product and is genuinely trying to help, it will at least provide a period to reconsider the decision. However, in case of Dr. Eric Berg, this provision is not available.

When I visited Dr. Eric Berg for the overweight issue, he asked me to carry the list of foods and supplements I had been taking. I carried everything as instructed and reached the centre on time. They took my weight and blood pressure and made me wait for more than an hour. After hour and a half, an assistant doctor observed my case and did few tests.

After few minutes, he started talking about my metabolic rate and all those general stuffs I already knew. He further told me that stress was also one of the reasons for my obesity. He made me pay $1400 for 6 sessions and was adamant on making the rest of the payment. I was not prepared for any purchases but couldn’t help.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit them on the scheduled date and wanted to reschedule the sessions. They never did that. I wanted refund and made several attempts to call and email them the request. They ignored me every time. I contacted the manager and he reminded me that the agreement I signed clearly stated that the amount was non-refundable. I tried to negotiate. That did not help either.

I filed my complaint with Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General office in Virginia. After that also I received only partial refund in spite of the fact that I did not use their services and I was pressurized to purchase the plan. Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer.

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  1. Dr. Eric Berg review

    Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer and a fake person. He asked me to get the health plan and it turned out to be complete waste.

    I also purchased few products that he suggested but that also had no use. I lost more than $3000. I tried to ask for a refund and he shut me out.

    He behaves weird when asked questions and most of the time, you wont be able to get a glimpse of him. He would let his assistance doctors take care of you.

    1. Chris

      I watched all of his videos and paid him a visit in his center for the free consultation. He did not force me to buy any of his products as stated above nor I was held waiting for long time instead I was given the consultation after 10 minutes of my visit.
      More about me

    2. Julie

      I’m so sick of you trolls trying to ruin an amazing guy’s reputation. The only scam is you. If you can’t give an honest review don’t give any at all.

    3. Nes

      What a victim you are Simon , nobody made you do anything , if you didn’t want to buy the appointments you could’ve said no , you are an adult aren’t you ?
      You take no responsibility for what’s happened , you blame everyone else and cry poor me …you didn’t even turn up for your scheduled appointments so your health doesn’t seem to be much of a priority . Take responsibility andstop blaming everyone else for your issues

  2. Dr. Eric Berg review

    There is no way I am going to this jerk again. He took my money and kept me waiting for the appointment. I tried asking him about the dates and he gave me another one.

    After I paid, I have been with only two sessions. Those were also not satisfactory. They did not make any difference my prevailing health condition.

    Dr. Eric Berg is a cheater.

  3. Dr eric berg with criminal record

    he is just chiropractic

    He’d some kind of criminal record check here https://www.casewatch.org/board/chiro/berg.shtml

    1. Diorys

      I do not give a dam if he has a criminal record or not.

      I do not give a dam if he has a criminal record or not. This is something anyone can made up to damage someone’s reputation, based on lies or twisted facts. He is knowledgeable, honest, very kind, a great person and the best, and I mean it, amazingly best doctor I have come across so far. I trust him with my life and totally blindfolded. As I can see, the tree that bears the best fruit is the one that gets the stones thrown at it.

    2. Common Sense

      Listen Diorys, I work in law. This particular article is not fake, nor was it made up to damage Mr. Berg's reputation.

      Listen Diorys, I work in law. This particular article is not fake, nor was it made up to damage Mr. Berg’s reputation. Besides, don’t you think someone making up something like that would make his penalty a lot more than just $1500? Come on now. You can trust this man as much as you want, but you cannot call others liars who do not feel the same. Be an adult and remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

    3. Dedee

      Sounds like a typical Medical/Big Pharma lame review. Shall we post how many humans DIE a day because of the “Medical” practice?
      Yea didn’t think so.

    4. Tim Aikey

      Well the “criminal” charge happened because in the US they have attacked free speech. So if you are a chiropractic doctor you lose your free speech rights. Only doctors can diagnose dis-ease, only nutritionists can give nutrition advice. He’s giving top level health advice here. The scammers are the people who have destroyed the health of US citizens aka, dietary health guidelines, eat less move more philosophy and just the government in general.

    5. Nona

      Beware of casewatch as Stephen Barrett is said to host that web site and his former quackwatch site who lost his Medical license when it was proven in court that he was purportedly lying and being paid by big pharma and maybe the AMA to attack alternative care practitioners due to financial competition.

    6. Virginia Medical Professional

      He got in trouble with the board of Chiropractic in Virginia. You can check and find out everything regarding the case dhp.virginiainteractive.org – search for his name, you will see “Additional Public Information” for the exact details. I cannot believe this man still continues to scam the public to buy his supplements. Please report this guy to the Virginia Department of Health Professions.

    7. Scott L.

      It’s not a criminal record, it’s a Medical Board Reprimand in which he was forced to stop using scientifically unverified treatment techniques (some of them were weird homeopathic treatments) on patients and to improve his medical records bookkeeping practices.

      Still, he’s a chiropractor and is not trained or licensed to give nutrition or medical advice not related to chiropractic care. It appears the pattern was that he tried to introduce pseudo-chiropractic treatments in his practice and was disciplined for it because chiropractic care is a regulated area of medicine.

      Unfortunately, diet advice is not so regulated in the public square so long as regulated medicine use is not being advised. Food is not a controlled substance so anyone can make any claims they want about over-the-counter food choices and there’s no regulatory agency to oversee such advice. It’s a great place to front a scam if desired as it’s so hard to catch and punish such a business. The FDA has had an equally hard time dealing with the supplement business as well since the scientific studies necessary to determine the unhealthy effects of high doses of certain vitamins and minerals are few and far between.

      All in all, most of Eric Berg’s suggestions are probably not too harmful, and some may be even beneficial, as eating green vegetables is almost always a good idea, they will never justify the price he charges. In typical scam artist fashion you create an atmosphere of success and knowledge which impresses upon customers that the price is justified and then take the money making sure all the contracts and waivers are signed in a high pressure sales environment and then provide the unproven anecdotal advice/products and laugh all the way to the bank.

      I was not impressed with his videos and saw a lot of red flags in what I saw. But I’m an old hat when it comes to scams and can smell them out long before the score so I may be an exception to the rule. I wouldn’t give this guy any of my money and I’d warn others that they can get the same level of help, with much safer outcomes, from a regular nutritionist.

    8. Jon

      Not a real doctor

      He is not a Doctor. Chiropractors have zero business talking about anything other than orthopedics. He’s not to be trusted on anything outside of that. He is a scammer and should be put in jail for practicing medicine without a license. They’ll tell you how their training is similar and comparable with real medical school, but it’s not, they spend no time in hospitals seeing patients and of course don’t have a 3-7 residency where you can actually learn.

    9. Annette

      To common sense…. well if you work in a law then surely you are aware of Buyer beware. Dr. Berg doesn’t push anything on anyone. As with anything in life we listen and do our due diligence. We are adults and need to take responsibility for the paths we take. Dr. Berg gives a ton of free info and doesn’t charge a dime. Try that with a GP. I don’t know if over stepped his credential or not i’ts not for me to say, but I will say I have been to numerous doctors that bordered on malpractice and am in fact sure one of them killed my mother with Fentanyl.

    10. Annette

      His reprimand was not a criminal one…..it was by a medical board. Stop giving false in.

  4. Dr. Eric Berg review

    It was an annoyance to deal with the Health and Wellness Center, run by Dr. Eric Berg in Alexandria. I found it to be one of the most unethical and fake wellness centers. The center uses deceptive and fake advertisements to attract customers and makes false promises to lure them into buying their useless product.

    Like many others, I was astonished after checking his online YouTube video, thinking that he has got a great acumen for health and nutrition field. He also advertises for free consultation. This was just a bait to make customers visit his center. He later uses the opportunity of consultation to trap customers in buying his useless and over expensive products.

    Dr. Eric Berg is great at bilking clients out of money. He is crazy and uses every tactic from fake online reviews to removal of genuine reviews to balance the comments and hide his intentions and real game.
    I went for what they called a free consultation and ended up buying a 12-week plan. In total, I spent $4000. $3600 was for my plan and the rest was for a tool for my neck and other medication that I bought.

    He took more than an hour to see me. I was waiting for the consultation and he seemed busy with interns and other formalities at center. After much waiting, I met him in his office. I tried to explain my condition about the neck and the back pain. He was trying to rush and was unprofessional. He was not ready to listen to the case detail and was waiting for his turn to sell his plan. He stopped me in between and said that my weight was the issue.

    After he ended the meeting, I was done for the day. I made the payment as per the plan and took my medicine. He called me for appointments and gave me some dates. Every other appointment was taken by a junior doctor or the technician to massage the stomach and the neck. They checked my adrenal. That was it. It took me 15 mins for every visit.

    This is what I got after paying a hefty amount. After the first visit after consultation, I understood that I had been cheated. It seemed like chiropractic adjustment with some testing. Still, I took all the measures as directed and never missed my appointment with the center. I had already paid and I knew that they won’t refund the amount.

    But, nothing changed. I was still having the same trouble and it was getting worse. There was no improvement. I tried to speak to the doctor. But, he never entertained me. He was busy in scamming new patients. That is what he does when he is there in the center.

    He has cheated many. I was not the only one. I wish he is barred from practicing and his center should close. Otherwise, he will keep on cheating people.

    1. Jacob

      Great review!

      If you noticed things didn’t feel right, why did you pay?

    2. Diorys

      I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I cannot talk for yourself, I would have to be in your shoes. However, Dr. Berg have saved my life. I have been learning a lot from him and every time I ask for advise from him.he hits the nail right on the head. I have never seen a doctor so accurate on terms of the knowledge about health and hoe effective in correcting them. I often see that lots of people hear the information but do not apply it to the letter and of course do not get results.

      If you do not get results quick remember that these are natural approaches. Your health problem did not happened overnight, it developed through years and it takes some time for the body to create the new structures and replace tissues and cells to repair the issues. Drugs just manage symptoms. You may not feel the pain when you take the pills at that moment, however it will come back, because the cause of it have not been corrected. This is what Dr. Berg does, he corrects the issue.

      As I told you I did not have your experience, but to me he is the best.

    3. Al

      All you people who say you got scamed out of money its’s your fault cant you say NO? No one has a gun to your head saying pay this or else. He is not the only person on YouTube saying things about KETO. Sounds to me it’s sour grapes. I love his and others advice on KETO it has helped me a lot.

  5. Dr Berg is right on.

    I’m writing about one of the negative reviews I’ve just read. I find Dr Berg to have a pleasant persona and a person who is sharing a wealth of knowledge.

    Based on their original opinion it sounds more like the person’s reviewing was not into making the best of the situation and further complicated the experience by not adhering to the treatment, advice, or plan. Also paying for any treatment…is a choice.

    I’ve tried Dr Berg’s recommendations without visiting the office and have already succeeded by losing a noticeably 6 lbs in less than 3 weeks and I feel great.

    1. Nanette

      I feel just as you do. When people don’t want to do what is recommended, they want a refund. This program is the best tool I’ve had to lose weight and get healthy!

    2. Rochelle

      Honestly, you cannot speak on another person’s experience and explain it for them. It was their experience, not yours, and if you are trying to help, in favor of Dr. Berg, that didn’t do it.
      I appreciate his YouTube videos and I truly appreciate the time he takes to make them. They are extremely informational and very helpful, but it is really disheartening to read some of these reviews. You certainly can’t make excuses for every negative one.

    3. Stephen

      It’s funny how people in the medical profession will villainize someone who calls them out. Yes, there’s a credible case asking him to stop advising on a heart monitoring technique and doubtless he’s since stopped advising using that.

      I’ve had immense success following his recommendations. I loved the comment stating that problems in health accumulated over a lifetime should not be expected to be solved with a pill or an instant trick. It takes sustained effort in repairing lifestyle and diet choices. Personally, I lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks doing intermittent fasting and eating very close to his recommendations. “Healthy Keto”. I love his videos, I actually learn about the body from a medical professional, and I don’t care how salty some people are. His clinic is voluntary, you don’t have to go. But I highly recommend his channel.

    4. Robert W Munden

      I have lost 40 lbs. in 6 mo.and I do not take anymore meds.blood pressure been normal for over 3 mo. I highly recommend his channel.

  6. I am a grateful follower of Dr Berg's health teachings

    Personally, I am very grateful to Dr. Berg for all the FREE help I’ve gotten on line. I have been able to correct some severe health problems through his teachings and suggestions. My grown children also follow Dr. Berg’s suggestions and are becoming fit and healthy! I could not be more pleased! I am grateful. I have been to doctor after doctor looking for help and have not found the answers to my issues. I found it for free on Dr. Berg’s site. I appreciate it very much!

    1. Robbin Hutto

      If you like him and his program then why did you only give him 1 star? Just curious…

  7. I personally am very grateful to Dr. Berg. I am finally able to lose weight without hunger and in a way that builds my health rather than damages it. My grown children use his health suggestions and have lost weight and gotten healthy. I cannot say enough in praise for this man who have given me so much for FREE on his internet sites.

    There will always be naysayers. You have to follow a plan for it to work. The proof of Dr Berg’s effectiveness comes with a committed pursuit of health. Follow the plan. Get healthy. That simple!

    1. Jacob

      First of all, the man is not a medical doctor or nutritionist but a chiropractor. To think that someone with such passion for nutrition and health-wellness, Ike Berg, would take the time to take classes and at least learn the meaning of peer-review backed-up by science. But as long as there’s people like yourself who buy into scammers and their claims without any backup research, he and others will continue selling their claims.
      I hope your weight-loss lasts because so far science has taught us that his type of weight-loss regimen are short term results.

    2. Kathryn Bennett

      I’m with you! I am following Dr. Berg’s protocol to the letter and I feel amazing. The man has put so much useful information on the web, FREE! I wish that people would not ruin someone’s livelihood and credibility because they perceive an unsatisfactory experience. Maybe they are just miserable because they are not well. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I love Dr. Berg and I feel like he is saving my life. Peace.

  8. Great Review!

    Thank you for such great review and sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    1. Rochelle

      It is not short term, unless you stop, obviously. Science and research im this country is doing nothing to improve the health of its citizens. Our foods we are consuming us are killing us with far too many unnecessary ingredients that harm, not help.

    2. kathie

      Just because your a DC does not mean you do not have the passion or ability to learn nutrition or any other subjects. Dr Berg is over 50, he has had a lot of years to learn and share information. Dc can order blood test and know how to read them. DCs deal with he whole body which includes the biochemical makeup involving diet and even the emotional makeup with also involves diet. Pathology is a part of DC education because it effects the tissues and biochemistry. I have watched videos that Dr Berg DC has put out and he has never hidden the fact that he is a DC, he has NEVER stated or indicated he was an MD. I believe blaming an office for an adult spending 3000.00 dollars on something they say they don’t want is not an indication about the office but about the person spending money they later say they did not want to spend. No one writes that check for you.
      Dr Berg DC offers information and if you want to buy a product, you can or he also provides other information on food based actions you can take to accomplish the same goal. The patient has to do the changing of their diet, not just take some “magic pill” There are no supplements that will over ride a bad diet and lack of movement. We must take some personal responsibility for our health.

    3. Rellie

      I hope your weight-loss lasts because so far science has taught us that his type of weight-loss regimen are short term results.

      What’s your PEER REVIEW evidence based studies which show science says his weight-loss regimen are short termed results?

      Please! Are you even watching his videos and his healthy eating and regiments which promote a healthy lifestyle? I’ve been following this Doctor online for 2 years now. He promotes health lifestyle changes, learning about how the body works and better eating habits to help lose weight. This is a lifestyle change to better one’s health. Show me one evidence based article that that says eating healthy and learning how the body works in reference to weight gain and/or loss is short term results and/or negative effects to the body. I have watched his videos on insulin production and weight gain and there’s evidence based articles that back this up. So show us yours?

      Look, you don’t have to like him. If his regiment do not work for you then you have the right not to use his products but for heaven sakes NO ONE MAKES YOU pay for anything! PERIOD! People buy the products with their FREE WILL! Losing weight isn’t easy. People want quick OVERNIGHT results. It may take people 20 years of abusing their bodies then want others to fix it in 2 weeks. Forget it! It will NEVER happen! It may take a good year or two to get a body back into shape again but the WORK is up to YOU the individual. He is giving great tools for people to use! These are to be used for a lifetime not just for 3 months then off the wagon again! Don’t blame others for your downfalls!

  9. Very informative

    Best Dr I know❤❤❤❤

    1. Ahmed

      Eric Berc is a scammer

  10. My experience with Dr Berg's teachings

    Sad to hear these negative experiences.
    Personally I have watched many of Eric Berg DC videos on YouTube and find them interesting and informative and best of all free! I have implemented changes to my eating pattern according to his advice and have achieved good results with weight loss and shrinking Nasal polyps.
    I have not needed to buy any of his products but have sourced some supplements that he suggests locally ( I live in Australia). These are not very expensive. I would say the eating programme he suggests for fat loss ( ketogenic and intermittent fasting) takes commitment from the outset and it’s an all or nothing way of life. No “cheat days” or “everything in moderation” – you are either in or out. But for me, I was ready to try it 100% and it’s been great – I have more energy, am calmer, sleep better, have lost weight, skin clearer and no longer crave carbs or sugar. I think it’s great value if you watch the videos and do it yourself! Cannot comment on the chiropractic videos as I do not have an issue there so have mainly only watched the nutrition and recipe videos.

  11. disagree with this report

    I think he is wonderful. Sorry, don’t agree at all with what you and others have to say. MP

  12. Disagree with your report

    I disagree with your report and I found it very vindictive and self serving.

  13. I am very surprised when I read all those bad reviews. My personal experience with Dr Berg has been awesome. I found his videos by luck and it looked like it was the right decision to make. I decided to follow him. I did everything he recommended, no excuses or cheating. The results?. I sleep better, more energy, no pain, no feeling out of breath, no panic attacks, my hair grew, my nails are stronger, I feel better than 20 years ago; and I went from 197.8 pounds to 150 pounds in 6 months. No cravings, no pain, I feel GREAT!!!
    One day I receive a product by mistake (My Mistake); I called his office and they gave me a total refund.. No drama. So I really do not understand these bad reviews..
    It looks like there is something else out there. Probably if you give him a try you will feel more positive, energetic and you will see life more realistically and as a bonus you will loose weight. But We never know. I think Dr Eric Berg so far is Amazing. It really changed my life for better.

  14. when I read all those bad reviews, I was shocked!.

    My personal experience with Dr Berg has been awesome. I found his videos by luck and it looked like it was the right decision to make so I decided to follow him.
    I did everything he said, no excuses or cheating. The results?. I sleep better, more energy, no pain, no feeling out of breath, no panic attacks, my hair grew, my nails are stronger, I feel better than 20 years ago; and I went from 197.8 pounds to 150 pounds in 6 months. No cravings, no pain, I feel GREAT!!!
    One day I receive a product by mistake (My Mistake); I called his office and they gave me a total refund.. No drama. So I really do not understand these bad reviews..
    It looks like there is something else out there. Probably if you give him a try you will feel more positive, energetic and you will see life more realistically and as a bonus you will loose weight. But We never know what your motivations are or your health issues.

    I think Dr Eric Berg so far is Amazing. It really changed my life for better.

  15. Real Deal

    I don’t think Dr Berg is a scammer. He is not prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. It takes time for the body to heal and recover from all of the chronic symptoms that has persisted over time. I learned about leaky gut from Dr Berg and sure enough, my migraines went away after I took his advice and my gray was fading. He is the real deal but you just have to be patient.

  16. De. Eric Berg Review

    First of all, I have attained more knowledge about my body from Dr. Berg then any other healthcare practitioner I have come in contact with. For those who prefer patent synthetic medication and no lifestyle changes? Go somewhere else. Go follow the herd of sick people on this country.Dr. Berg is the real deal as a chiropractor. MDs are not scientist – they are just fed information from less than stellar scientific studies from big pharma. Kudos to you Dr. Berg – with all your info on YouTube – I’ve lost 20 lbs this year. Thanks for empowering me to be my own health advocate!!!’

    1. Adrienne

      Why only 1 star?

  17. I don't understand the negative reviews

    I don’t understand all the negative reviews, unless the person didn’t follow the plan as suggested and decided to blame Dr. Berg. My experience has been positive.
    I have been following Dr. Eric Berg’s plan for about 2 months and have lost a total of 17 pounds, I did not visit his office however I do use his products as specified in the Adrenal Body Type Guide. if you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

    1. france petre

      on the plus side, his videos are enlightening, the ketogenic approach is the way to go but he does say ridiculous things like alcohol or sugar stops fat burning heeeee, bilions of people starving on sugar and alcohol are emaciated, he should truly rephrase that and the big problem that he has is that he litteraly deletes any challenge to his theory on his groups, scientists do not behave in such ways, only cult leaders do….. But yes, he did get the big picture right for a healthier future

  18. Dr Berg is educating

    This infuriated me after all information learned from Dr Berg that is backed up to be true. Also product (s) purchased ex: minerals, gall bladder formula etc have been positive. Appreciate Dr Berg and his you tube keeping us informed- great character.


    First of all his videos are great! Huge value!
    Second of all, I am also a medical doctor and have never used his service nor bought anything from him, but I don’t relly get your reasoning people. I mean these negative reviews, 3000$ you “lost” on the service or product he offered you and you have been scammed? hahah
    Come on! you are being scammed ALL your life by companies like mcdonalds and other bullshit which literally have 0 value to your life, just pure POISON and yet you still go to these places and eat this food.
    I just want to say that guy does good thing and provides great service, nobody forced you to buy anything so if you are not happy about the purchase or you can’t basically stick to what he’s saying (I mean come on his youtube is GOLD if you stil to that you are 100% heatlhy) then do not leave bad reviews.

    1. Stephanie H.

      Well said!! People expect to get result immediately with little or no effort on their part. Dr. Berg gives you the information and the tools. He takes the time to inform people how to help themselves. People just want easy fixes and they don’t want to change their habits. $3000 is nothing when compared to the price of western medical care. The haters need to look at themselves as to why they have failed not Dr. Berg.

  20. He is not an scam. He is the best and truest doctor ever.

    To Me Dr. Eric Berg has been a life saver. He was able to identify and help me address my health issues, in a healthy way. Naturally, allowing the body to heal itself as it is intended to be. No prescription drugs, no complications, no side effects. Using nutrition as a tool and natural supplementation. He is an encyclopedia of health and has the ability to put the dots together and figure out what is the root cause of the health problem.

    Conventional MDs miss the importance of nutrition to keep the body healthy and create health, which will prevent health issues in the future. They cannot understand how one thing in the body relates to the other and how they are interconnected. For that reason they treat every symptom as a disease with drugs. They just achieve symptoms and disease management and you will go in circles forever while your health will get even worse because the body will deteriorate even further.

    Dr. Berg digs deeper and deeper into the health issues and will identify the root cause, and as it is corrected your health will improve and you will get healthy. This can take a bit of time, you do not get diabetes, lupus or cancer overnight, it takes a lot of years of abusing your body with toxic processed foods, alcohol, stress, GMO’s, etc. So, the repairing process of your body will take a bit of time but is for sure you will recover. Ordinary MDs do not consider stress, toxins, GMO’s etc. They do not have a clue where conditions like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune comes from or how to corrected. No wonder they are helpless in terms of guiding their patients to recover their health. In contrast, Dr. Eric Berg does know where they come from and how to help you to recover your health.

    I have seen some people calling him an scam, as well as other very good natural doctors. However, he is the truest and most reliable doctor I have ever seen. He had been teaching me how to be healthy and to understand about health. He educates lots of people and help them recover their health. So, Who is the scam here? The Pharmaceutical Industry, the Health Care System and the Food Industry. Those are the scams. Check it out.

    I am not getting any payment of profit here. I am just telling the truth. People is very brainwashed, thinking that prescription drugs are the way to cure health issues. So when a doctor does not use these drugs, and use techniques not used in conventional medicine, they think and say that this is not a real doctor, when the truth is that these are the treatments and approaches that will help you heal your health issues once and for all. He had helped a lot of people with his approach, to recover from health issues other doctors cannot. He also gives away lots of free valuable health information on the web.

    His supplements are amazing. I use them, my mother as well and they are the best of the best. They truly help you get better and no side effects of the illusion that you are getting better like prescription drugs do.

    The most amazing doctor I have ever seen so far and I will stick to him, no matter what.

    1. katherine brady

      Thank you. I wish I would have known him before my mom passed away. His videos could have saved her. Instead stupid ignorant doctors gave up on her. She would have lived if it weren’t for “highly educated” doctors.

  21. Dr. Berg changed my lifestyle and my body forever -- Thank you Dr. Berg

    I’ve never visited the clinic because I live in Ohio, so I cannot speak for the clinic. However, I can tell you that his approach to the ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting has changed my life. I watched his youtube videos and followed his program which he made very simple to understand and enjoyable to watch. I’ve seen people “try” the program and not have success, but they ‘cheated’ frequently on the program and “took days off” and simply did not work at it hard enough. I’m down to 175 from 215 and decreased my waist from 36 to 32. The program took work and commitment, but it worked. I understand now that at 50 years old I have lower testosterone and insulin resistance. Thank you Dr. Berg for showing me a new way of living and making it fun to do vs the dread I had in the past for any diets. As the weight has come off, it has helped me get my ass off the couch and back to exercising which now has my body fat at 17% and dropping. I’ve got a long way to go, but the difference is noticeable by everyone and I tell everyone that asks to look up “Dr Berg” on youtube. The fact that he is making money by helping people lose weight and get healthy is NOT a crime in my book. I will continue to refer him out in the future and totally recommend his advice and his program and his products.

    1. Auspicious Bunny

      The truth is that all doctors who charge $1500 or in that range on the first visit are a scam

      The truth is that all doctors who charge $1500 or in that range on the first visit are a scam, even if they could help you. Would you buy something else for that price in advance and without knowing what you are getting?

      For example, there are several “Lyme” experts and MDs in the Hudson valley and NY capital area who use holistic approaches to healing also. All of these MDs charge from $850 to $1500 for the first visit. They do not take insurance. And they have no problem with treating only wealthy people and possibly supplementing this by bankrupting a few poor people who have been chronically ill for years with nowhere else to turn.

      These doctors are leeches off the suffering. Charging around $300 bucks, or even $500 bucks, for a consultation is not enough money to make? No, they are worth $850 or more — at least one of them charges $200 as a “down payment” just to schedule an appointment.

      Now, a doctor can live very well charging around $300 for a visit. At this rate, they can live much better than most of us making 50-65 K per year.

      An ethical doctor is willing to help those who are sick and poor as well as the wealthy, such as celebrities and politicians. It is ethical to treat most income levels. Doctors should accept insurance plans, since people work hard to afford insurance.

      These “boutique” doctors may be knowledgeable, sure. But shouldn’t ALL doctors be experts on current health conditions? This type of doc is in love with status and money…


    Dr Berg is a prolific teacher and generous individual who is dedicated to ppl’s wellness. I understand that there will always be ppl who have differing opinions and experiences no matter the topic. That said, IMO, your’s are unfounded and baseless. You are overweight and miserable, angry & bitter. I get it, but don’t blame others for your physical or mental conditions. No one but yourself is responsible, like it or not. I believe you are drinking your own poison. The good Doctor isn’t. In fact, Dr Berg has nearly 1500 free videos, free live chats and free information sessions, and approx one MILLION subscribers! His dime and his time, freely given, with a boat load of excellent materials and teaching! What have you done freely for so many in need?…

    You stated “I was intimidated by the way he presented the entire thing… and that was the reason I wanted to give it a try.” What the what? You wanted to try it BECAUSE you were intimidated?? You’re bogus and ridiculous. You also stated “He MADE ME pay $1400 for 6 sessions”. Exactly what was his preferred enforcement technique?… a gun to your head?… a box of rattle snakes?… or a guillotine perhaps?

    Sad. You’re complaint is at least baseless, and feckless at best.

    1. Bonnie Walter

      I think we all search for the all-knowledgeable, all-loving, all-healing god-doctor, and are to one extent or another, disappointed or outraged to find our very-human finds bilking us with less than perfect solutions. It is remarkable how well people who just accessed his free information and benefited spoke of him, and how poorly people who invested money spoke of him, his products and his clinic. I take him at his word that he, like us, searched for years for answers to his health problems. Many of us start with our diet, and that is very intelligent, ruling problems there out, first. When I began the Berg diet, after about three days cravings stopped, and I began to lose weight and inches. I kept losing inches and water weight, but general body weight began to drop more slowly. My minor miracle was now my body reacted to prescription drugs (for adult ADD) for the first time as a normal person would–shakes, feeling like I’d overdosed on caffeine. Then I didn’t need Ambien or its ilk to sleep. Blood pressure–a trial cut-down of that showed I no longer needed that either. I’m down to thyroid medication and looking for a reasonable choice of doctor, hoping to find one up on Berg’s methods but also able to prescribe thyroid medication. No life-long bouts of constipation, no burping, bloating, tiredness after meals. Some right-shoulder pain but only when I tire trying to get enough potassium plus I overload on fat, and Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula relieves it in a few hours. My only regret is that for me it’s a full-time job to set up a system where I can adhere to all the Berg-diet recommendations. To the extent I can, benefits abound. The changeover is not easy, but with every slip-up, there is a Berg video that answers its questions. I really wish these answers that work for me now were available 12+ years ago (for me) when I began with my former doctor. I don’t care that Berg was sued once for trying to balance people’s hormones–he found the key hormone (insulin) and its relationship to diet and many, many ills, and led to a honing of the most successful (the keto) diet to date. I had tried Keto years ago and bought sucralose products by the ton, lost a little weight, but it made me ill. Berg took the good parts of Atkins and figured out the rest, and for that giant jump in health, I’ll be forever grateful. YOU have to evaluate each ‘system.’ This one works to the extent you can understand the underlying principals, and apply them to your diet. I too think Berg is at the frontier of our understanding of how we can heal the body with food.

  23. Scammers

    Also agree that Dr. Berg and his office run scams on people. His responses to “real reviews” make him seem so guilty. Why has there not been a class action call against him yet???

  24. Thank You Eric Berg

    I made life style and eating habit changes base on Dr. Bergs Videos.
    I’m in my 6th week now I lost 14lbs my blood sugars improved from 200 fasting to 102 fasting. Anyone with Type 2 diabetics knows that this is a huge improvement. I was 210lbs now I’m 196 working my way down to 175.
    I sleep better, I wake up refreshed, and my main nutrition focus is getting enough Potassium every day.
    I work out 5 days a week. When I’m satisfied with the way I look I will send Dr. Berg my before and after photos and a thank you card. I find his videos straight forward all that is required is for a person to pay attention and listen. It took me a week of mental preparation and another week of Nutritional preparation before my official start date. I turn 50 this year I wish I knew back in my 20’s what I know now. Half of the high Potassium vegetables you can grow in your own back yard. In conclusion Dr. Berg’s videos educated me and motivated me to get off my ass and make lifestyle changes. Nobody likes being a Type II diabetic trust me.

  25. I enjoy Dr Berg

    I greatly enjoy Dr Berg’s online information. For those who are complaining, no one made you pay anything. You chose to pay. No person can force your hand to fork over thousands of dollars.

  26. Pathetic.

    From what I can read here it sounds like a bunch of fat losers complaining because they didn’t see immediate results and went right back to sitting on the curb eating corn chips and blaming Dr. Berg for their failure at life.

    1. Adrienne

      Ah yes! Everyone I know is aggressively against natural remedies, etc.
      This Dr makes sense to me. I have been with an autoimmune disease and Paleo help me, but in my reading and personal experience, yes: people want instant pills or steroids for immediate results. Nature takes time and effort.
      I fired my GP and Dermatologist. Dr. Berg sounds quite educated and offers sound information and advise.

  27. Going low-carb is free

    Everyone is out to make a buck, BUT I enjoy the way he presents his advice and I have succeeded without giving him or anyone else a dime. His free advice online is similar to many others out there. People should do extra research and stop looking for the quick-fix cause that’s what’ll cost you.

  28. Thank You Dr. Berg for helping my family.

    Thank you Dr. Berg for helping my entire family out of obesity. You are the best.

  29. Beautiful Dr.

    Wonderful and outstanding Dr. Please don’t give up on yourself and then blame. Keep trying. Dr. Bergs advice and videos has helped my entire family. Thank you Dr. Berg

  30. not sure

    I have been following Dr Berg and Thomas Delauer in hopes of feeling my best. I do feel better and I will having some blood test to get some more direction. However I saw this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU2ByJ-zxfg , and was shocked. Now I am somewhat on the fence. please send me feedback, David Rafes

    1. Dan D

      This is a video put out by the Vegan religion who’s belief is against eating meat or anything that is not what they consider sustainably grown. Vegans like many religions have varying degree of adherence.

    2. Bungle

      The guy is from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ i wouldn’t trust him!
      Dr. Berg is out to make a living, aren’t we all? I like the information he gives and backs it up with previous clinical research, what more do you expect for free!
      I also like the fact he does you tube for free! He is not hacking your bank account to buy his products,if you choose to buy his products that’s your call not his!
      The advice he imparts has, like a lot of people on here changed my life for the better, if you don’t like it go watch the Kardashians with a bucket of chicken and a pizza!
      “You can’t educate Pork”

  31. Answer to PRAYER

    I am a real person in Baltimore Maryland. Not a fake and not a paid customer. Dr. Eric Berg has helped me and my family tremendously. I have not visited him personally he has never laid eyes on me… But I bless the day I found his videos and the information in them. I would go so far as to say that he is an answer to prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I truly believe that without his guidance and the information he has shared freely I might add… Not only what I feel as great as I do now but I know for a fact I wouldn’t live as long of a life with my husband. If you had a bad experience with this doctor it’s most likely because you’re stuck in a paradigm of thinking that is counterproductive to your recovery. Think outside the box… Trust what he tells you to do even if it sounds crazy. Give it at least 8 to 10 weeks… Then only after that… make your final decision on whether this doctor is a quack or not.

  32. Stop moaning

    If you put as much effort into getting healthy as blaming others for your procrastination maybe you would be more positive. No is to blame but youself.

  33. Not a scam

    I have been following the Ketogenic / Intermittent fasting diet as explained in Dr Eric Bergs Youtube videos for over 2 months now. The only thing I have bought from Dr Berg (via Amazon) is his book on different body types and other than that all the information I have needed has been available from Dr Berg via Youtube or his access free webcasts. I am pleased to say I have lost 2 stone in just over 2 months and the weight is still coming off. I feel generally fitter, more alert and in better health than I have in many years and given the many different diets I have tried over the years ( Atkins, 5/2 diet etc) that haven’t worked nearly so well I can only say that Dr Berg is no scammer. Whilst I am aware that there are a range of goods available from Dr Berg I have managed to achieve my weight loss simply following the online guides he provides free of charge on the correct foods to eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle and in the process losing weight. I know that many thousands of people are doing exactly the same as me. Hardly the result of a scam !

  34. This entire page is devoid of citations

    Shouldn’t you cite sources and prove your stance to post on an inflammatory website like this? If not, I guess this 5-star review won’t hurt anyone, since you’re probably all full of shit anyway.

  35. Dr. Berg is very knowledgeable

    I have not bought anything from Dr. Berg. But I find him to be very knowledgeable and he has excellent delivery of information. I would stay away from any MD on any advice related to nutrition. Most of MDs do not even know how body works. If you don’t believe me ask your primary care about the vitamins and how they absorb. Most of them are legal pill pushers with little knowledge. They go into this field because it is about 1. prestige, 2. money making, 3. steady large income
    Before you buy anything educate yourself. You also have to stick with a plan because if all of the sudden you go an urge to start eating burgers again, paying money to him will seem like a waste of time. Additionally, he needs to be able to make money somehow.
    I have never gone to any chiropractor and never will. But Dr. Berg provides wealth of information and it is up to you to take the next step.
    Two thumbs up for Dr. Berg.

  36. I SEE A QUIET PIONEER IN Dr. Berg, give a man a fishing pole and teach him to fish!

    Geez, people who give always, always have critics!!! He’s giving it by spoonfuls to help educate the common patient. Chiropractors by nature of study, have more background in nutrition and root causes than MD’s and big pharma. I have poured myself into his educational videos with great results since Feb 2018. The Ketogenic Diet has been around since 1924 and effectively aided not only in weight loss but in acute seizure prevention in epilepsy patients. Check out the history of the epilepsyfoundation.org or CharlieFoundation.org, and his on line chat support is excellent too. More D.C. like Dr.Berg would help turn around all that’s wrong with America today. I have directed all my personal friends to his website. And I wouldn’t think twice about donating, let alone, buying more of his products. Bariatric clinic at my university hospital is montioring my progress too, because of my existing issues. I am grateful to Dt. Berg and his sense of humor too. I often fall asleep listening late night to a seminar. Keep up the great work.

  37. Dr. Berg is Aces in my book!

    I love Dr. Berg. His advice has helped me tremendously to work through the many questions and stumbling blocks I have encountered. I have zero complaints. As well as being very knowledgeable he has a great attitude and sense of humor.
    All of my dealings with Dr Berg have produced positive change in my life.

    1. Silver

      I watched his youtube video “How to Burn the Most Fat” where he clearly gives false informations about insulin and fat burning. He claims that even low levels of insulin prevent fat loss. It has to be zero. That is absolutely NOT true because protein and fat raise insulin levels as well as carbs. So whatever diet you choose it will raise your insulin levels. Keto included.
      A “Doctor” who runs his own Health Clinic should do some research before making such ignorant claims.

  38. Berg clearly lacks legitimate scientific knowledge

    Eric Berg’s inability to pronounce simple medical words and phrases such as “peripheral neuropathy” and “nystagmus” led me to further research him, with suspicion of quackery and practising outside his scope. Suspicion confirmed.

    1. Arthur Petersen

      Contrary to a negative review I just read about Dr Berg, I feel his information is both timely and valuable. Timely because of all the phony, click-baiting, BS that’s being dumped onto YouTube and the web in general. Valuable because it’s different than the typical mantra of the drug industry and the complicit AMA that are forever pushing a pill as the solution for every health problem.
      Valuable too, because his information makes sense. I was initially wary when I first found his videos; our capitalist system admonishes us with “caveat emptor”, so I kept searching on the web for corroborating testimonials… and kept coming back to his channel. I finally bought some of his nutritional products and now I’m sold on the results I’m seeing and feeling with my body.
      Yes the products can be pricey, but compared to being tethered to Pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life, the result of which is having to take more and different drugs to try to replace what your body – this magnificent miracle of bioengineering – is designed to produce when operating optimally, it is money well spent.
      And why shouldn’t he be able to profit from all his work? He’s risked a lot of time, effort and his own resources generating the content and working on products.
      If the nattering naybobs of negativism spent that amount of time doing something positive, proactive and of value to others instead of whining about not being handed some magic solution, I’m certain they too would expect some payback as well.
      Dr. Berg has some valuable information for people that want to take control of their own health. My plan is to keep taking some of his nutritional products until I retrain my eating and exercise habits. Small price to pay for trouble free longevity.

  39. Don't trust someone just for a title. Research. You have access to the same info your doctor does. Research.

    I love the statements here… “He’s not a doctor”. Are you referring to the type of doctor that doesn’t update his knowledge? They type of doctor that still refers to studies from the 1960’s? Most doctors work to control issues. A few work with you to fix and prevent issues. These doctors are enthusiastic about health and wellbeing. This guy is enthusiastic for health and wellbeing. The information he shares, is verifiable. I myself pay a good amount of time on NCBI and know firsthand how old some information doctors give to my family. Don’t go me wrong. Some keep their info up to date by regularly reading, attending meetings and conferences based on new research. Chiropractors have a bad rep for taking a different approach to influencing wellbeing. Dr. Berg is an individual who saw a link between diet and the issues his clients were having. He saw this link because of the new info he reads up on. Joining a program, but not following through is a poor reason to give a bad review.

  40. Don't trust someone just for a title. You have access to the same info your doctor does. Research.

    (Review Correction – 5 stars)
    I love the statements here… “He’s not a doctor”. Are you referring to the type of doctor that doesn’t update his knowledge? They type of doctor that still refers to studies from the 1960’s? Most doctors work to control issues. A few work with you to fix and prevent issues. These doctors are enthusiastic about health and wellbeing. This guy is enthusiastic for health and wellbeing. The information he shares, is verifiable. I myself pay a good amount of time on NCBI and know firsthand how old some information doctors give to my family. Don’t go me wrong. Some keep their info up to date by regularly reading, attending meetings and conferences based on new research. Chiropractors have a bad rep for taking a different approach to influencing wellbeing. Dr. Berg is an individual who saw a link between diet and the issues his clients were having. He saw this link because of the new info he reads up on. Joining a program, but not following through is a poor reason to give a bad review.

    1. Wendy

      So true we cannot blame someone else for our own failure

  41. Dr Eric Berg is one of the best things that has happened to the Keto community. I’m forever grateful i discovered his you tube channel.

  42. Awesome!

    As a family doctor I have found Dr. Berg’s videos educative and inspiring. They have not only helped provide holistic care for my patients but I have also finally been able to modify my lifestyle and benefit from the advice. Many thanks Dr. Berg, keep up the good work. – Edmund Lubega,

  43. Work for it

    I followed the information and instructions he has on YouTube, I didn’t purchase any of his products. I lost 27 kgs from research of a lot of YouTube keto guru’s. If you think that money is going to get you to loose weight then you are not only fat but lazy and stupid.

  44. Even without a Degree in nutrition he cared to understand so he can help

    Dr Berg DC spends so much time to understand what is wrong and give us a solution so this is good enough for me. I listen to him and other doctors who also like him has different degrees of expertise but I hear more of his advise than of him pushing his product. I watch other doctors and every few words they talk about there products and tell you to buy it but Dr. Berg DC talk so much about cause and effect and fix to the problem. He spends less time talking about his product and most all his time talking about problems and solutions. If you watch his videos you can see that. I have not purchase any of his products because he also let you know about places that you can buy similar items so he’s not pushing his product on me and again I don’t often hear of him talk about his product while i watch his whole video except at the end or he might mention it here or there and it’s not often. I write this not to speak on other people’s opinions or review but because I feel he cares and want to change many years of wrong info given by the very people who promise good health by the advise they give on what to eat and today their advise has proven to be the very reason most people are sick and not healthy, if we want to attack someone let’s start from the people at the top of the food chain. Not one who saw the wrong and tried to make it right.

    Thank you Dr. Berg, your title didn’t make you who you are but your concern so in my book your qualified. Also Thank you Karen for making me laugh because laughter is also a key to good health so in my book you are also qualify.

  45. I followed Dr Eric Berg program since August it did wonders for me.
    I lost 35 pound, I have the weight now I like.
    Even so I’m a senior citizen I feel like 20, with his program.
    I walked lately with a gentleman 10 years younger he said when I go up the hill I don’t get out of breath. Like the younger man did.

  46. Not true. He's legit.

    Dead wrong. I am losing more weight than I ever have before. Dr. Berg is the real thing. You can follow the entire program without buying a single one of his products. Just eat veggies and protein. I am grateful for all the FREE videos that he has made. That takes time and resources. So what if he makes money on the extras? He should. He is saving lives! To be honest, your review of Dr. Berg loses a lot of credibility because it doesn’t supply factual proof, and on top of that, your grammar is so bad that it leads me to believe that you are an uneducated individual.

  47. The FDA (fool then drug artists) trying to bully.

    I began Dr Bergs intermittent keto way of life about two months ago around 1 April, 2018. As of 5.22.18, After observing my results, three people have joined me and are doing exceptionally well. I did enjoy a few of his supplements for Adrenal support. Due to the cost, I have found great alternative supplements for the wheatgrass, Gallbladder, and ongoing adrenal support. I pay close attention to symptoms and address them with supplements as needed. Usually having to find the closest alternative to his products. He’s absolutely fine with that and many times dates you don’t have to purchase my product that you need to purchase one that is good quality with similar ingredients. Usually having to find the closest alternative to his products. He’s absolutely fine with that and many times dates you don’t have to purchase my product that you need to purchase one that is good quality, Preferably organic with like ingredients. Each person is different and each person must know their body to address their own issues during the healing process. It takes due diligence and a lot of research, especially in the beginning. Sorry no magic pill. Before I started following Dr. Berg’s advice and the keto, I tried many different diets and pills, not even losing 1 pound in many years due to a thyroid issue that prevented my T4’s to convert into T threes along with many other issues, adrenal fatigue, quar until I started following Dr. Berg‘s advice and the keto, I had successfully lost even 1 pound in many years due to thyroid issue that prevented my T4‘s to convert into T3’s along with many other issues, adrenal fatigue, etc. I am seven weeks into proper intermittent fasting with Quito and down about 18 pounds. My husband is down about 22 pounds. The two family members who have joined us are considerably younger than us so they’re losing weight a bit faster than we are. Weight loss is secondary to the fact that we feel amazing. We’re finding it easy to go long periods between meals. We all feel great and are full of energy. You have to get healthy to lose weight, not the other way around. Don’t make it about weight loss make it about life, living healthy. I love Dr. Berg. I do not personally know anyone that hasn’t been successful following his plan. However I know a lot of people who followed the advice of the FDA, or should I say I knew them, may they rest in peace.

    1. Bbalanced

      I have taken on Dr Bergs message of “make being healthy your goal/commitment” and I am a big believer in being responsible for my health.
      His generosity in supplying free quality videos on YouTube remind me of the wonderful Gary Craig who gave the world EFT (emotional freedom technique). These two NON doctors have assisted healing worldwide.
      Gary has passed but his work is his legacy and Dr Eric Berg`s influence has a similar ripple effect.
      On a personal note I have been treated by “expert” endocrinologists for over 10 years and apart from “keep taking the medication” and watching my health deteriorate no further assistance has ever been offered. Large sums of money on appointments and blood tests have kept me in their care (sic).

      For me Dr Berg`s videos and training have given me back hope and more control of improving my health. I no longer see my high cortisol, excess weight and insulin resistance as something to fight but as something I can heal.

      Spread the teachings and don` t shoot the messenger.

  48. Amazing!

    He is very knowledgeable about what he talks about.

  49. I've been studying Keto and his explanation is the best I've gotten so far. He's good and I've seen other video. /thanks dr. Berg.

    Do our homework and realize that there are many different schools of thought when it comes to health. Some for financial gain. I don’t see this here.

  50. Dr Eric Berg is awesome

    How he got a bad review????? Must be the customer because he puts all the info for free on YouTube and people get great solid information. That is what all the other professionals both athletes and Dr’s also say but he goes into more effort to be helpful. And this person saying that he is trying to sell her expensive product is silly because healthy foods are twice the price of junk so what was this person thinking anyway!

  51. Dr Berg changed my life and I feel 20 years younger!

    I’m 53 and have psoriatic arthritis. 6 Month ago I was 25 pounds heavier and had extreme pain in my hands and feet making it impossible to exercise. Dr bergs free utube videos educated me in the Keto and Intermittent fasting way of life along with how to help my body heel. Now I weigh 122 pounds and walk over 5 miles per day. I have loads of energy and look and feel 20 years younger than before. Don’t believe the negative report on dr Berg or on the KETO diet. It really works and not just for weight loss.

  52. Who is Dr Stephen Barrett?

    Posted by Anonymous “He’d some kind of criminal record check here” https://www.casewatch.org/board/chiro/berg.shtml

    Read about Dr Stephen Barrett……the name at the top of the case watch on Dr. Berg.

    He seems to be the quackpot…..not Dr. Berg…..

    Dr Berg has helped me tremendously.

    I am in customer service. Every time someone over-extends themselves financially they hollow “inferior product”. Be adults. YOU made the decision to spend the money. It was not forcefully taken from you. The fact that Dr Berg did not fight the claim is what businesses do.

  53. A very biased and unscientific attack on an informed nutritional expert, qualified or not, who cares,

    I was diagnosed with IBS in February and decided to try Dr Campbell McBrides eating regime “ GAPS”. A year before, after mega stress, a therapist suggested I added some potassium( cream of tartar) to my drinking water every day to help with burn out and adrenal fatigue. It worked wonders and I continued. The GAPS diet suggests you don’t take cream of tartar if you have bowel problems, so I stopped in February but after 5 days of gradually increasing muscle ache in my back, thighs, neck etc I decided to start the cream of tartar( potassium) again. The aches went in 24 hours. Also a retired work colleague told me she had very weak and sore muscles as a result of childhood polio. I mentioned potassium. She told me the aches disappeared in 2 days after taking the c/o/t. So I’m very grateful to Dr Berg and anyone like him who shares knowledge he has researched. As we all know, Hipócrates, the father of medicine, said -let food be your medicine-. He was right. So although I’m sure scams do exist, I don’t see this as one of them. I have also studied a lot on nutrition etc but not done an accredited course but that doesn’t invalidate what I’ve learnt. He’s clearly passionate about what he shares.

  54. Dr berg is authentic

    I watched all of his videos and paid him a visit in his center for the free consultation. He did not force me to buy any of his products as stated above nor I was held waiting for long time instead I was given the consultation after 10 minutes of my visit.
    More about me

  55. You do not sound at all honest but completely illogical and biased. I support Dr. Berg and condemn this contrived hit you posted. The love of money is the root of all evil, so I suspect you have something financial to gain by attacking Dr. Eric Berg and his life's work.

    I refute that negative review above and have found Dr. Berg’s videos to be very valuable, and he does them for free. I do agree that his products are priced too high , especially in relation to my part of the country (Arizona) and many other inland states. I suppose they may be considered normal for coastal states where incomes are 3 times higher than in most parts of the country. Therefore I would recommend that he recognizes this fact and lowers his prices accordingly to reflect the incomes in all but the coastal states.

    While he does tend to elicit trust, his staff on the phone do not perpetuate the same. They are dismissive, not particularly friendly nor helpful. For example, when I called about capsule and wheatgrass juice powder seals being open upon arrival and the trace mineral drops only half full, she said no problem, must have been bounced around and settling occured and these products were actually full and perfectly safe to consume. No offer of replacement or money back. I did not appreciate that.

    I am getting vibes of late that he is trying to start a multilevel marketing plan, and if that’s so, I’m out. It disturbs me also that some have commented that he is a member of the money-grubbing scientology cult. If that proves true, it seems likely that’s why the prices of his products are so unnecessarily, and if that’s true, I’m out.

    Overall I tend to trust Dr. Berg even though he sometimes gives conflicting information on the same topic from one video to the next.

  56. Informative

    He is very helpful to those who want the help and are willing to change their lifestyle.

  57. Big Pharma sheep

    what a lot of sad big pharma sheep there are here. Real people take no notice of your whinging and character assassinations. We all know that the medical profession is full of people who kill for a pay-check. I have no time for anyone who prescribes first especially those who push the cholesterol statin scam worth a trillion dollars using a faked report from the 60’s and the sugar lobby (sugar is the biggest cause of heart disease), that fund the FDA (fraud and deception agency). The directors that move from the FDA to the industry then back at great financial benefit, the liars over GM foods that fudged the standards for testing. Eric Berg is trying to help people with FACTS and so what if he is making a living. You people have no morals and in fact are the ones who are scamming people and deserve to die from some horrible painful disease.

  58. Reviews on this page by someone who did not want to put the pies down!

    The reviews on this page are all by someone who did not want to put the pies down.
    I was recommended to Dr.Berg by a friend who’s health recovered after following his advice. If you follow his advice you will achieve results. If you choose to incorporate your own version, then you will fail and going on the internet trying to slander a doctor because you simply did not want to do as you were advised is wrong.
    You also can not use supplements and expect to carry on eating an unhealthy diet and still recover your health and lose weight.
    Some people are angry at themselves and trying to take it out on other people.

  59. Dr Berg Is the best Dr out there!

    Dr Berg is a very genuine and natural person, he has helped thousands of folks, if you read his reviews on youtube, he gives away a plethora of free information and so many including myself are thankful for him!. Even if you don’t pay for any of his stuff, books, supplements…all of that he is still offering so much! Many of the you tubers doing keto have stemmed from dr bergs videos……Continue your good work Dr Berg, you have helped so many!

  60. Dr Berg is genuine

    This complainant, amii was offered a program at a set price. Would this be to make sure there is a commitment to getting results?
    Amii then failed to keep scheduled appointments and despite being offered products to assist in getting results plays the victim card as though they were unable to resist.
    If amii were to bother getting their money`s worth by spending time watching the FREE videos Dr Berg has on YouTube then they would realise change is a long term process of continually committing to the change.
    This erroneous complaint and subsequent name calling of Dr Berg tells me more about the person and their lack of personal responsibility.

    Do I think you were scammed? No
    Do I think your actions were to blame? Yes

  61. I feel well informed and empowered after watching his videos

    Listen i love his videos. Though i have never been to his clinic nor met him in person, i can tell you that what he says in his videos really works because ive tried them! I havent yet purchased his products and i never felt pressured or even the need to purchase them because he directly explains in his videos what his products contain. So i go out to the stores in my area or go online to amazon md purchase my own products to attempt to recreate for myself what he sells. He has/had this wheatgrass probiotic powder he sells…i just make my own. I buy my own protein powders and mix my own supplements etc. all based on the info hes put out through his videos. And its worked for me! Hes informative and i feel empowered as a fitness coach. Im sure he wants you to purchase his products and who knpws, maybe in person hes a little pushy. But the information he provides in his videos is free, unsolicited and downright mind altering! Im a firm believer of what he says as i have lost weight, gained energy, look and feel great and sleep better. Watch his vids, then go out and purchase your own stuff to try and recreate what he makes. And if it works for you and you are seeing positive change, let the world know like i am doing. 🙂

  62. Great Nutritionist

    Love Dr. Eric Youtube Channel!

  63. Dr Berg saves lives

    Dr Berg saves lives. If you follow his program you will get your vitality back but if you are too lazy to change your life then you will come up with such fake news. Whoever wrote this has weight and health issues that have turned mental issues. Fix your head and start taking your life back. I am half way to my goal weight from following Dr Berg’sadvice online half way across the world in South Africa. If you can visit his clinic and get no positive results you have serious issues dude, go start your group and live on medication all your life. We are free from meds and have great energy, slim bodies, and healthy bodies.


    This program is a HUGE RIP OFF! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Dr. Berg is a waste of time and money!

  65. So much free content (1818 free videos on youtube) given by Dr. Berg one shouldn't need to pay him for anything anyways

    This review may have been an honest bad experience for this specific person but I would like to mention the amount of free content he gives out.

    I have not paid for any of his material and have never felt the need to. I work out on a consistent basis and eat healthy based off the free info he gives out.

    He gives out so much information that someone could EASILY figure out what to eat based of his suggestions on his youtube videos.

    When it comes to dieting people want a magic pill to fix their problems. Money can’t buy your health; knowledge, intuition, discipline, and true burning desire to become the best healthy version of yourself can.

    I don’t think ANYONE should ever pay for nutritional advice and what he offers for free on his youtube (along with other peoples’ youtube vidoes) should be enough. As of right now he has 1818 FREE videos on his youtube page, I don’t know what else one could ask for honestly.

  66. This account of Dr Berg is simply wrong

    This report is lies and slander. Dr. Eric Berg is a nutritional genius and has studied nutrition at university. He is a great teacher of keto-genetics and is so articulate that he can communicate better than most doctors, especially medical doctors, which are not only bad communicators but medical doctors know nothing about nutrition. If fact medical doctors never offer cures, they only offer drugs to treat symptoms or surgery to cut it out once its too late. If you think medical doctors have more to offer then suffer in your own ignorance I say. If you are smart you will listen to Dr Eric Berg.

  67. Dr Berg changed my life and my health!

    Dr Eric Berg has changed my life. I am a mother of two, travel a lot and despite being in my mid-30s I felt absolutely exhausted. Through the nutritional coaching and supplements- I was able to sort out my body. I am now doing so much better. I lost weight, I have more energy and I quit a lot of the poisons that were ruining my body thanks to understanding why it was so vital for me to stop eating sugar, drinking too much coffee etc. Dr Berg is an amazing person and I am very grateful.

  68. Dr Berg is giving exceptional information

    I am impressed with what I have heard on Youtube from Dr Berg. It was a great refresher course and I learned much that I didn’t know.
    I am not certain how you can call this man names and potentially ruin his reputation. He is thorough and gives his information freely and with earnest. There was no need to even visit the clinic. It was all there for the taking.
    Thank you, Dr Berg. I hold you in high esteem for your invaluable and selfless knowledge. I am one of many who appreciate all that you give.

    J Newton

  69. I don't see any scam...

    Dr Berg can’t be wrong…
    If you follow his advice, you’ll be healthier even without any of his supplements.
    What’s wrong with?
    – Don’t eat junk food
    – Cut the sugars
    – Drink water
    – Don’t smoke, drink alcohol, etc
    – Eat fresh vegetables and quality meat

    It is just simple common sense that most of us are not following…

  70. Dr Berg is exceptional

    Dr Berg is what he is claiming to be. Professional Medical care and education for all across the borders. I visited him in the clinic and it was a decision that i made without regret. More about me

  71. You go Dr. Berg

    Hmmm, I lost 30 lbs and brought my blood pressure levels back down to normal which in turn got me off my blood pressure meds WITHOUT Dr. Bergs supplements, I just followed his instructions seen on youtube, which I will continue to do thank you

  72. Look up...

    For everyone who is upset over the case someone posted. It’s accurate. He was investigated by the Virginia Department of health professions. It’s a government agency. All the documents are available for viewing.
    If someone makes a complaint against a health professional it’s always public record.

  73. he is

    the best

  74. wanted to try it

    was gonna try it but not after reading this. I wrote to Dr Nowzaradan on my 600 pound life and asked him why he says that you should not take insulin if you are obese and diabetic. He answered me and said buy my book. You last chance to live. It is all about money and not helping others Gloria

  75. Excellent Advice

    I find it so sad that mean spirited individuals who cannot accept blame for their own shortcomings can try to discredit a man who spends his time researching ways to improve others health. If any of these folks would take the time to read his book they would find where he draws his information from and gain an eduction in the process.

    His advice is sound and if anyone with half a brain actually implemented what he is suggesting they would get results. They spend years destroying their bodies and want a 5 minute fix.

    I am living proof that if you stick to it you will see results and more importantly you will feel them.

    This is not a diet it is a way of life. Like everything in life you will get out of it what you put in.

    I have never met Dr Berg nor have I been to his clinic. I have read his book and watched his videos. I have bought some of his products, which I researched, and could not find anything else on the market that was as additive free. His electrolyte powder is not cheap but it is very effective and I have not found anything in stores that is equivalent, including the baby isle! (‘Pediasure’ has horrible ingredients and we give this to our babies!)

    As for the smug people who write that they suspected he was a fake and they know this is a scam because his is a DS and not and MD.

    Please!! The average MD today is a glorified order taker for the insurance companies and has barely enough time to see his patients let along fill out all the forms he/she now has to comply with. They have little time to do research or even keep up to date with medical journals and rely on medical reps to give them the cliff note version of what the latest drugs do that they dispense to us.

    Keep up the good work Dr Berg. There are many of us who appreciate you and your work.

  76. Absolute bad review,

    I ve been following Dr berg youtube for last two months, his ketogenic diet has improved my life alot reduced weight, improved fitness. Though i do not completely trust everything he says. I trust around 95 percent of things he says. I wouldn’t advice anyone to follow one or two tips of his metthods. Watch his entire videos and apply all of them. Things will get better, i can promise you that. I am an example Myself.

  77. what is so scammy about a doctor who only reminds people to eat well , live well and educated us on some foods and pressure points to help people with their suffering? i yet to see a video of Dr Berg on youtube in which he is encouraging people to visit his clinic. Dr Berg is not a Scam he is a Saint.

  78. Anyone that condemns and judges Dr Eric is nothing but a FOOL!

  79. Keto via Dr. Berg has good proven results in my life. I´ll buy the book also.

    Dr. Berg put good information on Internet and his book is worth reading.
    My volume reduction is minus three belt notches after 2.5 weeks.
    The people tell me that I am skinny now and this is just at three weeks.
    My energy is up, my foods are tasty. (Not using much MCT or Coco Oil after the first two weeks now.
    There is less mass and more energy with minimum daily exercises, Low Carbs & now sugar. My mind is with the Keto Diet & Dr. Bergs excellent information.
    My profession is nursing and this is a diet that I can live with well.
    No to: drinking, smoking, sugar, fructose fruits, minimum carbs.
    Yes to meat, butter, oils and realistic living with Tea, sometimes coffee, H2O

  80. Here’s to good health!

    A year ago, I developed high blood pressure, heart palpitations, left eye twitch and I already had sinus issues with yearly sinus infections, bad allergies, and DAILY use of preparation H ! I found Dr. Berg’s videos this summer and all of that is GONE! I’m 53, I’m 5’7”, 129lbs. and I am happy to say that I do not take any medications. I’m on my way to shed 9 more lbs. so that I feel even better while hiking. You really have to have lots of veggies and just lower your protein. If you don’t like veggies, put them in a shake. It’s just too easy. Dr Berg has changed my health and in turn, he has changed my life. Please watch all his videos for FREE and follow the plan. Every person has a different body so keep tweaking to fit you. Stay the course. I am so grateful !! Dr. Berg has brought to light an incredible to take care of your body and mind !! Thank you !!

  81. Do not subscribe

    Do not subscribe. Even if you’re checking on information for a friend. It is not worth it. I unsubscribe. I still get text messages from him again leave him alone!

  82. I don’t know what you mean by all that, but, everything he says in his videos on YouTube, I have applied to myself, and Yes, it works.
    I have dropped from barely(!) hole #3 in my belt to less than 7. Number seven is already being too loose.

    As to the “forced payment”, then, I can only say, that you’re an adult, and nobody put a gun to your head. Although, I do sympathize with you on that one.

  83. Dr Eric Berg

    Millions of people watch Eric Bergs educational and exceptionally informative health information and gain insight and confidence in dealing with their own physiological ailments. His products are well researched as you would expect from such an intelligent natural Doctor who has a passion for helping people. This smear campaign is no doubt organised by arrogant narcissists within the orthodox medical realm in a feeble attempt to discredit anyone who reaches millions with the truth. Shame on you, Your Karma will return to you as it has to, under universal law. But then I guess you wouldn’t know about that, would you.

  84. He acts like a cult leader

    what about you join jis group on facebook and challenge any of his claims, some are serious scientific heresies such as people who drink alcohokl cannot burn fat LOL say that to all the emaciated alcoholics and slim drinkers lol anyway , just go to his group and challenge any of his claim anbd his administration will delete your critiques, that is a straight red signal. A scientist being challenged does not silence challengers

  85. on the plus side, his videos are enlightening, the ketogenic approach is the way to go but he does say ridiculous things like alcohol or sugar stops fat burning heeeee, bilions of people starving on sugar and alcohol are emaciated, he should truly rephrase that and the big problem that he has is that he litteraly deletes any challenge to his theory on his groups, scientists do not behave in such ways, only cult leaders do….. But yes, he did get the big picture right for a healthier future . However , to all of you who say that doctor Bergh DOES NOT commit scientific herezy well, he does.

    1 ) Doctor Berg says that you cannot burn fat and drink alcohol FALSE
    2) Doctor Bergh says that you cannot burn fat and eat sugar FALSE

    This Science and Science is the LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, that means that if you are burning more energy than you consume , you will start using your own energy as your own fuel regadless on whether that energy comes from alcohol, fat, proteine or carbs !!! You can have a diet of sugar and alcohol only and burn fat . When he says these things, he is comitting a scientific herezy regardless ogg how great he is and how much better his diet is and when confronted to this, he deletes comments instead of explaining himself………………………. THAT IS RED LIGHT.

    1. pfffff

      If you’re so right in your ideas, then why don’t you have a youtube channel talking about that?

      And teel me. Why mankind are suffering for obesity, cancer, depression?

      You’re just babbling.

  86. it is a free country

    I watch his video but I will never spend a dime on his product just did a little Google and you will get many scam alerts and also a disciplinary action from state of Virginia against him for him keeping calling himself a medical doctor when he in fact just a chirapractor. ???

  87. Dr Berg is changing my life!

    I am having great results following Dr. Berg’s advice through his videos.Dr Berg’s explanations of how and why our bodies do things is amazing! I have not visited Dr Berg’s clinic because I don’t live in Virginia but if I did live near by, I would certainly give them a try.
    I am sorry this person had a bad experience with Dr Berg but my sister and I are losing weight and more importantly, our health is improving greatly!

    One last note;
    Yes some of Dr Berg’s products are a little expensive but much of what he endorses as far as dieting can be bought in your local health food and Grocery stores.
    Try what Dr Berg has to say and see if it works for you!!!

  88. Dr Berg Rocks!

    I’ve been watching Dr Berg since 8/2017. I’ve been implementing the ketogenic diet on an intermittent fasting protocol and feel better than any time I can remember in my life. If someone is on here w anything bad to say about Dr Berg it would be my guess that it’s someone who is a shill for big pharma. I’ve fact checked him in Guyton’s Phisiology and he’s spot on. But to reiterate my 58 yr old body looks better and performs better than it has in 25 years and it’s simply because I’m refusing to let the corporations who own the US Government poison me. Wake up America! The number of Americans waddling around and parking in handicap spots and behaving like lemmings is embarrassing. Some of these people don’t even resemble the human form, they’re so misshapen and enflamed. Who owns dirtyscam.com is what I’d like to know. This site exists to put money in someone’s pocket and I’ll bet ya a dollar it’s funded by Big Pharma or Big Farma which is in bed w the US government, which is itself the biggest weapon of mass destruction!

  89. Dr. Eric Berg

    My son who is 37 followed this “doctor” through You Tube and lost about 40 kg from his 90 kg. Though Eric is not medical Doctor himself and only chiropractic doctor by which he can not endanger some life. My son is in great problem now. I request everyone reading this must not follow a “doctor” who are self acclaimed and believe in their professional “real” doctors. Your body is valuable and please do not waste what God gave you. Take real doctors advice. Someone must come forward and agree to this. I am sure there must be some legal ways to stop these kind of practices.

  90. An amazing Dr

    Dr. Eric Berg is a life saver for many. If I have any health questions I search him up. He will give you results and will counter any of the lies you have ever heard growing up. All these people against him are more than likely trolls and didn’t give them answers they didn’t want to hear even though they are real. These 1 star reviews are trolls and should be delete asap!

  91. Good source of information

    As a YouTuber he is a good source of information. I watch multiple video and there is nothing “scamy” about them.

  92. Seems legit to me.

    Love this guy. who ever wrote this review works for the medical industry and cannot do battle face to face but has to write some cowardly rant under a dark shadow. If you are so legit leave your name and be proud of your rant not a coward.

  93. Honest review after 2 years into DR Berg's version of Keto

    I am two years into this plan and I have to say that I feel and look amazing. Just by watching the FREE videos he has on youtube I have completely mastered a super healthy version of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle. I have an excellent mindset compared to who I was before – Dr. Berg wasn’t kidding when he said anxiety and depression are related to the standard diet. 7-10 cups of veggies a day, healthy fats, moderate higher fat protein, electrolytes, lemons, sea kelp and I have overcome every struggle my body has thrown at me. six months in I had issues with my adrenals (too much coffee so watch it!) and thyroid issues. These were underlying conditions that I had before starting keto, and through a nutritional ketosis program I have healed my thyroid!! Hair growth like crazy, amazing sleep, increased drive, determination and focus and I am loving life. Thank you DR BERG!!!

  94. Great advice from Dr Berg

    I refer to Dr Berg whenever I am looking for something related to a health related problem.He offers a bigger picture to health issues,a holistic view. So, for example, instead of treating the symptoms for menopause, he offers info on the source of menopause. He is right, we should not have the radical and extremely uncomfortable symptoms of menopause if we are healthy.
    I work in the wellness industry and I can tell you he is well informed and has knowledge way above and beyond compared to what you can sometimes find from doctors and health shops. Well Done Dr Berg

  95. keto is legit, u just mad + no proof

    Dr berg might have ‘intimidated’ you and his products might not work but the keto diet he offers, with up to date info and is free, does work and has saved lives, me as proof.
    I can only assume you, when you said you were intimidated, were referring to the very different lifestyle, eating salad and fat alot, and change did not seem fit. He might not have refunded your purchase, we again have no proof of what you say is true, and it seems, by what you said, you missed the date, not their fault, and though it may be fair for you, you must have read the fine print before paying.

  96. Make things easier and simpler to understand

    Make things easier and simpler to understand

  97. He's not a real doctor

    Eric is not a medical doctor, he’s a fraud. Vegan Gains exposed him on YouTube. He’s just a chiropractor, lol!

  98. Advice given works

    I saw the review another person gave about Dr. Berg and while it’s unfortunate about the refunds, if this person had read what he signed, he would have seen that. I personally don’t take the supplements from Dr. Berg or any other doctor for that reason. This doesn’t make them doctosr. I follow three doctors online–all of them sell supplements which are, in my opinion, highly over-priced. But, I still follow their advice and teachings and by that, have solved so many medical health issues that normally going to the doctor wouldn’t have helped. Dr. Berg’s advice is sound and invaluable. His marketing–well, let’s just say that again, I follow the best but don’t take their supplements. What I do is search for the ingredients which I usually find elsewhere much, much cheaper. And I do my research. I don’t go out and just buy anything off the street. I do try to eat as much as possible the recommended foods which in many cases, are just as good as the supplements. So, I listen to the advice–which is great–but I do my own supplementing and have never felt better! Dr. Berg is a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor.

  99. Eric Berg is a con artist.

    Eric Berg has a criminal record of trying to scam people. He has tried to sell ineffective treatment methods claiming to treat certain ailments that did not work in real life. Proof: https://www.casewatch.net/board/chiro/berg.shtml

    Also watch this video exposing Eric Berg’s lies regarding nutrition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJUre0d-ITw&t=2s&ab_channel=VeganGains

  100. Benefit of a doubt

    I would give Dr. Eric Berg a benefit of a doubt. For everyone who judges him for not being a medical doctor. Well? Thank you for this. Have you ever seen a medical doctor help anyone loose weight? Have you ever seen a medical doctor help anyone sleep better without prescribing sleeping pills? What the guy says makes sense. For example: You cannot loose weight if you are tired. Have you heard a medical doctor say this? A medical doctor would send you to a boot camp even if you told him you haven’t slept for years. So called medical doctors have no clue why people get fat or why people get diseases. They only treat symptoms. So anyone who tries another approach deserves a chance. Medical doctors have no clue what people should eat to be healthy. So I am giving Dr Berg a benefit of a doubt.

  101. He's a Good Guy

    I’m sorry about your unfortunate experiences. Dr. Berg has helped me more, with just informative videos, than any other Dr. in my entire life history. I’m still struggling to fit the pieces together but he has helped ME to better help MYSELF as well as advocate for myself. I’m tired of spending money on MD’s and specialists only for them to tell me Im fine, when clearly I am not. Maybe he’s gotten too big, too quick. We are a desperate nation…he is only one person.

    You all sound so incredibly desperate…relax… Take it for what it’s worth, utilize the info, it’s free education…
    It’s Biology and physiology people…stop dissecting the Dr.

  102. Pressurized patients

    You shouldn’t let doctors pressurize you. You could explode!

  103. You really did your research boy...

    Just watch the videos that are free and follow the advice. I did it and I’m more healthy at 35 than I was at 18 years old. All for free. No need to buy anything so wheres The scam you bunch of lazy trolls?

    1. Woody

      Your comment is relevant to people who want to be in good health as long as possible. My PC Dr. advice to me on the first visit. you cannot rely on me for all the answers to maintaining good health. you’ve got to take control of your health and use me to help guide you along the way. To that I said Amen and I’m aging gracefully at what I think is a good pace. III John 2. Thank God!

  104. To the person(s) who complained.

    You the extent that you took your complaint, I would guess you to be a whiner. Myself after 30 years in business, many customers love me to pieces and many probably hate me !!! ??? But I am the same person? So the only difference is the customer and their perception of me. So the ones that hate me can shop elsewhere and the ones that love me, I will give my all to!
    Lastly, I tell my son “If you don’t like a service, spend your money somewhere else”
    Thanks Dr. Berg for all your insight, ease of learning your lessons and kind manner. Malcolm

  105. His advice alone has helped me lose 40lbs in 6 months.

    Just watching his videos has done more for me than 15 years of doctors and prescriptions.

  106. He is geniune doctor

    I dont understand those who is complaining about him! He is good at what he does!!!!
    His suppliments helped my mother to sleep again and hit helped her condition get better! I take his supplements all the time and i am very satisfied with the results!!!!

  107. Thank you

    Terrific review. I was about to plonk a few$ and now that I read this, I am happy I did not,



    I have followed Dr Berg videos on youtube and I can truly say the info he is giving is 10000% correct… I am 50 years old Norwegian man and living proof of what Dr, Berg says about insulin and Diet is true .. I was 125 kg (275 pounds) I was pre-diabetic I had aces and pains allergy symptoms like itching and sore back, sleeping problems EVERYTHING you can think of the works, and I was well on my way to an early grave; my local Dr. gave me pills and medicine for my pines and aces NOTHING WORKED. I was at a point that i was willing to try anything I came over Dr Bergs videos on youtube and tried the Keto diet in 7 months i was cured my insulin is now normal my blood pressure is low I have NO more problem sleeping and my aches and pains are gone I have lost 36kg (79 pounds) and I am at an nice 89 kg (196 pounds) I am off my meds and for the first time in my life can run 10 km (7 miles ) 2 times a week and under one hour .. AND ALL I DID WAS FOLLOW DR. BURGS ADVICE ON A KETO DIET !!

    THANK YOU DR BURG.. you saved my life in more ways than you know how !!

    Anyone want to contact me to confirm that this review send me a mail to my mail [email protected] and I will send you my phone nr., or skype and you can call me and talk to me in person to get confirmation that this review is real … After all this is the least i can do for Dr Burg after all he has done for me .,

  109. We Love his videos and information on Keto & IF!!!

    My husband & I, LIVE a Ketogenic lifestyle 2+yrs. now and Dr. Berg has been an excellent resource and guide. Although we have never seen him in person, I have utilized all of the available video tools online to educate myself about this very real, very sustainable lifestyle that takes knowledge & determination to implement, as my husband was an overweight, pre-diabetic “meat & potatoes man” with hypothyroidism and I just could not keep the weight off with the typical Low fat diets. I never in a million years thought he would try this with me, but when he saw how well I was doing, I converted him over, lol. As an RN 25+yrs., I could care less whether DR. Berg is/was a Chiro MD. Frankly, the Boards need to be more concerned with impaired practitioners in my opinion. I see him as an extremely knowledgeable holistic approach practitioner who knows how to teach those who want to eat & live a Ketogenic lifestyle how to successfully do so. I laugh when people refer to this as gimmicky. There is clinical scientific research and information that if you take the time to LEARN about, makes perfect sense. Not EVERY treatment or plan that comes down the pike will work for everyone, and I am sorry if a few people have really had such a negative experience. I will say, I have lost 50# and maintain that all while making tremendous gains in the gym at age 47 and my hubbie has lost 60+# at age 49. WE BOTH are in the BEST shape of our lives and are very happy with our lifestyle & excellent labwork results, whether understood & accepted OR not. When people do not understand something or it doesn’t work as their quick fix, that is where the gimmick lies & they tend to bash it- that’s been the history of medicine, science & life, for a long time. Just had to share my opinion…

  110. The Best Advice

    I am so pleased to have found Dr Berg’s videos. His presentations are clear and he has excellent knowledge which he shares with truly genuine charm.

    I’m not shocked by the tone of some of his critics on this page – look who you people chose as your political leader.

  111. my brother has fatty liver (grade/stage 9) , his liver is working with madicine , he admit after blood vomiting. now under madicine . his age 45 year old male. married. his lever can recover or reverse liver or go for transplant.
    please coment or reply.

  112. To me he is an expert on nutrition

    I’m leaving a report just because of the last reviewers complaint. EVERY BUSINESS, even medical is there to make money. They are not there to cater for whims. I’m not a patient of Dr.Berg nor am I getting paid for this review. She talks about the products in his clinic; so what?! She talks about overpriced products. Is anyone forcing her to buy any of it? Apparently at the clinic they made an assessment of her condition and Dr Berg told her what the treatment plan was going to be. They told her the fee and no one forced her to pay. Then she got a schedule of her treatment plan which she was not willing to follow and she probably didn’t reschedule if she had a conflict in the schedule. I do not know what there cancellation policies are but I find it highly unlikely that they aren’t going to disclose what those policies are. Most credit cards will refund the money if there is cancellation of services is done within 3 days that is the law. So this reviewer only complaint is about the expense of Dr Bergs Clinic and makes an audacious complaint calling him a scammer. Really stupid.

  113. Helped take my life back

    Dr. Berg showed me how to lose weight and keep it off. I lost 75 pounds in one year and have kept it off. I was never able to do this in my life. He is not a magician. He teaches you how to lose the weight but it’s your will power to follow him.

  114. if he just wants money why does he make A LOT of free content online for everyone?

    if he just wants money why does he make A LOT of free content online for everyone?
    Secondly, your assessment makes no sense. It is customary for consultations to be a preview for further services. That is the nature of a consultation… In every business.
    Furthermore, no one “made you” do anything. You chose to spend that money of your own free will. That is on you hun.

  115. Amazing!!!!

    The information you provide is greatly appreciated and is amazing it’s really help some of my family please keep up with your amazing videos ?


    Dr. Berg provides more helpful information than all the others combined. It’s mainly a matter of lifestyle and your desire to get healthy. Also…being stupid is a hindrance you gotta work around.

  117. Works for me!

    I’ve been enjoying Dr Berg’s you tube videos for some time now and have yet to find his summary analysis and research review to be lacking; he is literally just repeating academic research in a way that is mere mortals can follow along. I look for the opposing arguments, on Dr Berg’s topics as well as many others in life. I try to think for myself, neither assuming I’m being lied to nor that “science” actually knows what it’s talking about. His work has a nice balance to it.

    Remember when science told us that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, “the low-fat diet is healthy”, “I need 11 servings of breads and grains”, “cholesterol is EVIL”, “eggs are bad for you”, “milk is good for you”, “fruit juice is good for you”, and so many other consumer shaping advisories?

    Frankly, I like that he’s not formally trained in medicine or nutrition (he’s a chiropractor). He’s a human, like me, sharing what he has found works for him and his patients that follow his advise. The medical reprimand he received was for preaching heart rate variability measurement as a tool for reducing stress; which the government policy makers have determined a chiropractor is not allowed to speak to clients about. My Garmin Fenix5 has this as a standard feature…he’s not really reinventing the wheel here.

    He does give hard advice, tough love. Got inflammation, give up sugar. Got weight problems, eat with a strategy and move more. If we damage our bodies over a lifetime, It will take time and deliberate practice (not an expensive pill) to repair my body, and perhaps some supplements to undo a deficiency. That all makes sense to me. I should be quite suspicious to hear propaganda otherwise.

  118. Deal or No Deal

    My Experience of Dr Eric Burg is only from his YouTube presentations and App, neither of which I have had to pay for! The information I have received has been well researched, scientifically validated and clearly explained.

    As I live in the UK I do not have the opportunity to visit his clinic, nor do I feel the need to. Dr Burg’s recommendations for a healthy Keto diet along with intermittent fasting can be followed without the purchase of any recommended or personal endorsed products.

    My results speak for them self, in less than 4 weeks I have lost over a stone in weight, reduced my blood pressure, increased my energy levels. Found a joy and contentment from knowing that the food I eat is benefiting me rather than killing me, and all for free!!

    Is the information, know-how and experience that Dr Eric Burg gives away, worth investing a small amount of your time, watching him explain the healthy lifestyle principles for you to tailor to your specific requirements? only you can answer that question. His large back catalogue of YouTube videos is a valuable reference library that are all available free of charge 24/7.

    Nobody forces you to look, to visit, to buy. A polite no thank you will not exclude you from benefiting from the information presented and freely available. The question is, are you ready to benefit yourself form his advice. Deal or No Deal it is your free choice. Personally I have found Dr Burg to be the most consistent source of Keto and I.F. information on the web.

    Chris Hayes

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