Dr. Eric Berg

His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results

I visited Dr. Eric Berg’s clinic after watching his tons of YouTube videos and reviews where he talks about health and nutrition. To be honest, I was intimidated by the way he presented the entire thing in the video and that was the reason I wanted to give it a try. He also pitched about free consultation in his videos. So, there was no way to ignore such opportunity.

He runs The Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria. He takes every measure which is unethical to get clients and that is the reason he flaunts about the free consultation. It is just a bait to attract customers and once they are inside his centre, he goes beyond limits for selling his products. He pressurizes customers to pay for the overpriced products that has close to no effect. His treatment programs are also designed in such a way that it only benefits him and not the other party.

They have even monitored their reviews online and pay for posting fake feedbacks. This is all because they know that only the positive review can fight the negative comments of scammed customers.

He offers expensive treatment plans and do not offer cancellation policy which is again a red flag. If a company has trust in its product and is genuinely trying to help, it will at least provide a period to reconsider the decision. However, in case of Dr. Eric Berg, this provision is not available.

When I visited Dr. Eric Berg for the overweight issue, he asked me to carry the list of foods and supplements I had been taking. I carried everything as instructed and reached the centre on time. They took my weight and blood pressure and made me wait for more than an hour. After hour and a half, an assistant doctor observed my case and did few tests.

After few minutes, he started talking about my metabolic rate and all those general stuffs I already knew. He further told me that stress was also one of the reasons for my obesity. He made me pay $1400 for 6 sessions and was adamant on making the rest of the payment. I was not prepared for any purchases but couldn’t help.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit them on the scheduled date and wanted to reschedule the sessions. They never did that. I wanted refund and made several attempts to call and email them the request. They ignored me every time. I contacted the manager and he reminded me that the agreement I signed clearly stated that the amount was non-refundable. I tried to negotiate. That did not help either.

I filed my complaint with Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General office in Virginia. After that also I received only partial refund in spite of the fact that I did not use their services and I was pressurized to purchase the plan. Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer.

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12 reviews on Dr. Eric Berg

  1. Dr. Eric Berg review

    Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer and a fake person. He asked me to get the health plan and it turned out to be complete waste.

    I also purchased few products that he suggested but that also had no use. I lost more than $3000. I tried to ask for a refund and he shut me out.

    He behaves weird when asked questions and most of the time, you wont be able to get a glimpse of him. He would let his assistance doctors take care of you.

  2. Dr. Eric Berg review

    There is no way I am going to this jerk again. He took my money and kept me waiting for the appointment. I tried asking him about the dates and he gave me another one.

    After I paid, I have been with only two sessions. Those were also not satisfactory. They did not make any difference my prevailing health condition.

    Dr. Eric Berg is a cheater.

  3. Dr eric berg with criminal record

    he is just chiropractic

    He’d some kind of criminal record check here https://www.casewatch.org/board/chiro/berg.shtml

  4. Dr. Eric Berg review

    It was an annoyance to deal with the Health and Wellness Center, run by Dr. Eric Berg in Alexandria. I found it to be one of the most unethical and fake wellness centers. The center uses deceptive and fake advertisements to attract customers and makes false promises to lure them into buying their useless product.

    Like many others, I was astonished after checking his online YouTube video, thinking that he has got a great acumen for health and nutrition field. He also advertises for free consultation. This was just a bait to make customers visit his center. He later uses the opportunity of consultation to trap customers in buying his useless and over expensive products.

    Dr. Eric Berg is great at bilking clients out of money. He is crazy and uses every tactic from fake online reviews to removal of genuine reviews to balance the comments and hide his intentions and real game.
    I went for what they called a free consultation and ended up buying a 12-week plan. In total, I spent $4000. $3600 was for my plan and the rest was for a tool for my neck and other medication that I bought.

    He took more than an hour to see me. I was waiting for the consultation and he seemed busy with interns and other formalities at center. After much waiting, I met him in his office. I tried to explain my condition about the neck and the back pain. He was trying to rush and was unprofessional. He was not ready to listen to the case detail and was waiting for his turn to sell his plan. He stopped me in between and said that my weight was the issue.

    After he ended the meeting, I was done for the day. I made the payment as per the plan and took my medicine. He called me for appointments and gave me some dates. Every other appointment was taken by a junior doctor or the technician to massage the stomach and the neck. They checked my adrenal. That was it. It took me 15 mins for every visit.

    This is what I got after paying a hefty amount. After the first visit after consultation, I understood that I had been cheated. It seemed like chiropractic adjustment with some testing. Still, I took all the measures as directed and never missed my appointment with the center. I had already paid and I knew that they won’t refund the amount.

    But, nothing changed. I was still having the same trouble and it was getting worse. There was no improvement. I tried to speak to the doctor. But, he never entertained me. He was busy in scamming new patients. That is what he does when he is there in the center.

    He has cheated many. I was not the only one. I wish he is barred from practicing and his center should close. Otherwise, he will keep on cheating people.

    1. Great review!

      If you noticed things didn’t feel right, why did you pay?

  5. Dr Berg is right on.

    I’m writing about one of the negative reviews I’ve just read. I find Dr Berg to have a pleasant persona and a person who is sharing a wealth of knowledge.

    Based on their original opinion it sounds more like the person’s reviewing was not into making the best of the situation and further complicated the experience by not adhering to the treatment, advice, or plan. Also paying for any treatment…is a choice.

    I’ve tried Dr Berg’s recommendations without visiting the office and have already succeeded by losing a noticeably 6 lbs in less than 3 weeks and I feel great.

    1. I feel just as you do. When people don’t want to do what is recommended, they want a refund. This program is the best tool I’ve had to lose weight and get healthy!

  6. I am a grateful follower of Dr Berg's health teachings

    Personally, I am very grateful to Dr. Berg for all the FREE help I’ve gotten on line. I have been able to correct some severe health problems through his teachings and suggestions. My grown children also follow Dr. Berg’s suggestions and are becoming fit and healthy! I could not be more pleased! I am grateful. I have been to doctor after doctor looking for help and have not found the answers to my issues. I found it for free on Dr. Berg’s site. I appreciate it very much!

  7. I personally am very grateful to Dr. Berg. I am finally able to lose weight without hunger and in a way that builds my health rather than damages it. My grown children use his health suggestions and have lost weight and gotten healthy. I cannot say enough in praise for this man who have given me so much for FREE on his internet sites.

    There will always be naysayers. You have to follow a plan for it to work. The proof of Dr Berg’s effectiveness comes with a committed pursuit of health. Follow the plan. Get healthy. That simple!

    1. First of all, the man is not a medical doctor or nutritionist but a chiropractor. To think that someone with such passion for nutrition and health-wellness, Ike Berg, would take the time to take classes and at least learn the meaning of peer-review backed-up by science. But as long as there’s people like yourself who buy into scammers and their claims without any backup research, he and others will continue selling their claims.
      I hope your weight-loss lasts because so far science has taught us that his type of weight-loss regimen are short term results.

  8. Great Review!

    Thank you for such great review and sorry to hear about your bad experience.

  9. Very informative

    Best Dr I know❤❤❤❤

    1. Eric Berc is a scammer

  10. My experience with Dr Berg's teachings

    Sad to hear these negative experiences.
    Personally I have watched many of Eric Berg DC videos on YouTube and find them interesting and informative and best of all free! I have implemented changes to my eating pattern according to his advice and have achieved good results with weight loss and shrinking Nasal polyps.
    I have not needed to buy any of his products but have sourced some supplements that he suggests locally ( I live in Australia). These are not very expensive. I would say the eating programme he suggests for fat loss ( ketogenic and intermittent fasting) takes commitment from the outset and it’s an all or nothing way of life. No “cheat days” or “everything in moderation” – you are either in or out. But for me, I was ready to try it 100% and it’s been great – I have more energy, am calmer, sleep better, have lost weight, skin clearer and no longer crave carbs or sugar. I think it’s great value if you watch the videos and do it yourself! Cannot comment on the chiropractic videos as I do not have an issue there so have mainly only watched the nutrition and recipe videos.

  11. disagree with this report

    I think he is wonderful. Sorry, don’t agree at all with what you and others have to say. MP

  12. Disagree with your report

    I disagree with your report and I found it very vindictive and self serving.

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