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His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results

I visited Dr. Eric Berg’s clinic after watching his tons of YouTube videos and reviews where he talks about health and nutrition. To be honest, I was intimidated by the way he presented the entire thing in the video and that was the reason I wanted to give it a try. He also pitched about free consultation in his videos. So, there was no way to ignore such opportunity.

He runs The Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria. He takes every measure which is unethical to get clients and that is the reason he flaunts about the free consultation. It is just a bait to attract customers and once they are inside his centre, he goes beyond limits for selling his products. He pressurizes customers to pay for the overpriced products that has close to no effect. His treatment programs are also designed in such a way that it only benefits him and not the other party.

They have even monitored their reviews online and pay for posting fake feedbacks. This is all because they know that only the positive review can fight the negative comments of scammed customers.

He offers expensive treatment plans and do not offer cancellation policy which is again a red flag. If a company has trust in its product and is genuinely trying to help, it will at least provide a period to reconsider the decision. However, in case of Dr. Eric Berg, this provision is not available.

When I visited Dr. Eric Berg for the overweight issue, he asked me to carry the list of foods and supplements I had been taking. I carried everything as instructed and reached the centre on time. They took my weight and blood pressure and made me wait for more than an hour. After hour and a half, an assistant doctor observed my case and did few tests.

After few minutes, he started talking about my metabolic rate and all those general stuffs I already knew. He further told me that stress was also one of the reasons for my obesity. He made me pay $1400 for 6 sessions and was adamant on making the rest of the payment. I was not prepared for any purchases but couldn’t help.

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit them on the scheduled date and wanted to reschedule the sessions. They never did that. I wanted refund and made several attempts to call and email them the request. They ignored me every time. I contacted the manager and he reminded me that the agreement I signed clearly stated that the amount was non-refundable. I tried to negotiate. That did not help either.

I filed my complaint with Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General office in Virginia. After that also I received only partial refund in spite of the fact that I did not use their services and I was pressurized to purchase the plan. Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer.

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34 reviews on Dr. Eric Berg

  1. Dr. Eric Berg review

    Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer and a fake person. He asked me to get the health plan and it turned out to be complete waste.

    I also purchased few products that he suggested but that also had no use. I lost more than $3000. I tried to ask for a refund and he shut me out.

    He behaves weird when asked questions and most of the time, you wont be able to get a glimpse of him. He would let his assistance doctors take care of you.

  2. Dr. Eric Berg review

    There is no way I am going to this jerk again. He took my money and kept me waiting for the appointment. I tried asking him about the dates and he gave me another one.

    After I paid, I have been with only two sessions. Those were also not satisfactory. They did not make any difference my prevailing health condition.

    Dr. Eric Berg is a cheater.

  3. Dr eric berg with criminal record

    he is just chiropractic

    He’d some kind of criminal record check here https://www.casewatch.org/board/chiro/berg.shtml

    1. I do not give a dam if he has a criminal record or not.

      I do not give a dam if he has a criminal record or not. This is something anyone can made up to damage someone’s reputation, based on lies or twisted facts. He is knowledgeable, honest, very kind, a great person and the best, and I mean it, amazingly best doctor I have come across so far. I trust him with my life and totally blindfolded. As I can see, the tree that bears the best fruit is the one that gets the stones thrown at it.

    2. Listen Diorys, I work in law. This particular article is not fake, nor was it made up to damage Mr. Berg's reputation.

      Listen Diorys, I work in law. This particular article is not fake, nor was it made up to damage Mr. Berg’s reputation. Besides, don’t you think someone making up something like that would make his penalty a lot more than just $1500? Come on now. You can trust this man as much as you want, but you cannot call others liars who do not feel the same. Be an adult and remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

    3. Sounds like a typical Medical/Big Pharma lame review. Shall we post how many humans DIE a day because of the “Medical” practice?
      Yea didn’t think so.

    4. Well the “criminal” charge happened because in the US they have attacked free speech. So if you are a chiropractic doctor you lose your free speech rights. Only doctors can diagnose dis-ease, only nutritionists can give nutrition advice. He’s giving top level health advice here. The scammers are the people who have destroyed the health of US citizens aka, dietary health guidelines, eat less move more philosophy and just the government in general.

  4. Dr. Eric Berg review

    It was an annoyance to deal with the Health and Wellness Center, run by Dr. Eric Berg in Alexandria. I found it to be one of the most unethical and fake wellness centers. The center uses deceptive and fake advertisements to attract customers and makes false promises to lure them into buying their useless product.

    Like many others, I was astonished after checking his online YouTube video, thinking that he has got a great acumen for health and nutrition field. He also advertises for free consultation. This was just a bait to make customers visit his center. He later uses the opportunity of consultation to trap customers in buying his useless and over expensive products.

    Dr. Eric Berg is great at bilking clients out of money. He is crazy and uses every tactic from fake online reviews to removal of genuine reviews to balance the comments and hide his intentions and real game.
    I went for what they called a free consultation and ended up buying a 12-week plan. In total, I spent $4000. $3600 was for my plan and the rest was for a tool for my neck and other medication that I bought.

    He took more than an hour to see me. I was waiting for the consultation and he seemed busy with interns and other formalities at center. After much waiting, I met him in his office. I tried to explain my condition about the neck and the back pain. He was trying to rush and was unprofessional. He was not ready to listen to the case detail and was waiting for his turn to sell his plan. He stopped me in between and said that my weight was the issue.

    After he ended the meeting, I was done for the day. I made the payment as per the plan and took my medicine. He called me for appointments and gave me some dates. Every other appointment was taken by a junior doctor or the technician to massage the stomach and the neck. They checked my adrenal. That was it. It took me 15 mins for every visit.

    This is what I got after paying a hefty amount. After the first visit after consultation, I understood that I had been cheated. It seemed like chiropractic adjustment with some testing. Still, I took all the measures as directed and never missed my appointment with the center. I had already paid and I knew that they won’t refund the amount.

    But, nothing changed. I was still having the same trouble and it was getting worse. There was no improvement. I tried to speak to the doctor. But, he never entertained me. He was busy in scamming new patients. That is what he does when he is there in the center.

    He has cheated many. I was not the only one. I wish he is barred from practicing and his center should close. Otherwise, he will keep on cheating people.

    1. Great review!

      If you noticed things didn’t feel right, why did you pay?

    2. I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I cannot talk for yourself, I would have to be in your shoes. However, Dr. Berg have saved my life. I have been learning a lot from him and every time I ask for advise from him.he hits the nail right on the head. I have never seen a doctor so accurate on terms of the knowledge about health and hoe effective in correcting them. I often see that lots of people hear the information but do not apply it to the letter and of course do not get results.

      If you do not get results quick remember that these are natural approaches. Your health problem did not happened overnight, it developed through years and it takes some time for the body to create the new structures and replace tissues and cells to repair the issues. Drugs just manage symptoms. You may not feel the pain when you take the pills at that moment, however it will come back, because the cause of it have not been corrected. This is what Dr. Berg does, he corrects the issue.

      As I told you I did not have your experience, but to me he is the best.

  5. Dr Berg is right on.

    I’m writing about one of the negative reviews I’ve just read. I find Dr Berg to have a pleasant persona and a person who is sharing a wealth of knowledge.

    Based on their original opinion it sounds more like the person’s reviewing was not into making the best of the situation and further complicated the experience by not adhering to the treatment, advice, or plan. Also paying for any treatment…is a choice.

    I’ve tried Dr Berg’s recommendations without visiting the office and have already succeeded by losing a noticeably 6 lbs in less than 3 weeks and I feel great.

    1. I feel just as you do. When people don’t want to do what is recommended, they want a refund. This program is the best tool I’ve had to lose weight and get healthy!

    2. Honestly, you cannot speak on another person’s experience and explain it for them. It was their experience, not yours, and if you are trying to help, in favor of Dr. Berg, that didn’t do it.
      I appreciate his YouTube videos and I truly appreciate the time he takes to make them. They are extremely informational and very helpful, but it is really disheartening to read some of these reviews. You certainly can’t make excuses for every negative one.

  6. I am a grateful follower of Dr Berg's health teachings

    Personally, I am very grateful to Dr. Berg for all the FREE help I’ve gotten on line. I have been able to correct some severe health problems through his teachings and suggestions. My grown children also follow Dr. Berg’s suggestions and are becoming fit and healthy! I could not be more pleased! I am grateful. I have been to doctor after doctor looking for help and have not found the answers to my issues. I found it for free on Dr. Berg’s site. I appreciate it very much!

  7. I personally am very grateful to Dr. Berg. I am finally able to lose weight without hunger and in a way that builds my health rather than damages it. My grown children use his health suggestions and have lost weight and gotten healthy. I cannot say enough in praise for this man who have given me so much for FREE on his internet sites.

    There will always be naysayers. You have to follow a plan for it to work. The proof of Dr Berg’s effectiveness comes with a committed pursuit of health. Follow the plan. Get healthy. That simple!

    1. First of all, the man is not a medical doctor or nutritionist but a chiropractor. To think that someone with such passion for nutrition and health-wellness, Ike Berg, would take the time to take classes and at least learn the meaning of peer-review backed-up by science. But as long as there’s people like yourself who buy into scammers and their claims without any backup research, he and others will continue selling their claims.
      I hope your weight-loss lasts because so far science has taught us that his type of weight-loss regimen are short term results.

  8. Great Review!

    Thank you for such great review and sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    1. It is not short term, unless you stop, obviously. Science and research im this country is doing nothing to improve the health of its citizens. Our foods we are consuming us are killing us with far too many unnecessary ingredients that harm, not help.

    2. Just because your a DC does not mean you do not have the passion or ability to learn nutrition or any other subjects. Dr Berg is over 50, he has had a lot of years to learn and share information. Dc can order blood test and know how to read them. DCs deal with he whole body which includes the biochemical makeup involving diet and even the emotional makeup with also involves diet. Pathology is a part of DC education because it effects the tissues and biochemistry. I have watched videos that Dr Berg DC has put out and he has never hidden the fact that he is a DC, he has NEVER stated or indicated he was an MD. I believe blaming an office for an adult spending 3000.00 dollars on something they say they don’t want is not an indication about the office but about the person spending money they later say they did not want to spend. No one writes that check for you.
      Dr Berg DC offers information and if you want to buy a product, you can or he also provides other information on food based actions you can take to accomplish the same goal. The patient has to do the changing of their diet, not just take some “magic pill” There are no supplements that will over ride a bad diet and lack of movement. We must take some personal responsibility for our health.

    3. I hope your weight-loss lasts because so far science has taught us that his type of weight-loss regimen are short term results.

      What’s your PEER REVIEW evidence based studies which show science says his weight-loss regimen are short termed results?

      Please! Are you even watching his videos and his healthy eating and regiments which promote a healthy lifestyle? I’ve been following this Doctor online for 2 years now. He promotes health lifestyle changes, learning about how the body works and better eating habits to help lose weight. This is a lifestyle change to better one’s health. Show me one evidence based article that that says eating healthy and learning how the body works in reference to weight gain and/or loss is short term results and/or negative effects to the body. I have watched his videos on insulin production and weight gain and there’s evidence based articles that back this up. So show us yours?

      Look, you don’t have to like him. If his regiment do not work for you then you have the right not to use his products but for heaven sakes NO ONE MAKES YOU pay for anything! PERIOD! People buy the products with their FREE WILL! Losing weight isn’t easy. People want quick OVERNIGHT results. It may take people 20 years of abusing their bodies then want others to fix it in 2 weeks. Forget it! It will NEVER happen! It may take a good year or two to get a body back into shape again but the WORK is up to YOU the individual. He is giving great tools for people to use! These are to be used for a lifetime not just for 3 months then off the wagon again! Don’t blame others for your downfalls!

  9. Very informative

    Best Dr I know❤❤❤❤

    1. Eric Berc is a scammer

  10. My experience with Dr Berg's teachings

    Sad to hear these negative experiences.
    Personally I have watched many of Eric Berg DC videos on YouTube and find them interesting and informative and best of all free! I have implemented changes to my eating pattern according to his advice and have achieved good results with weight loss and shrinking Nasal polyps.
    I have not needed to buy any of his products but have sourced some supplements that he suggests locally ( I live in Australia). These are not very expensive. I would say the eating programme he suggests for fat loss ( ketogenic and intermittent fasting) takes commitment from the outset and it’s an all or nothing way of life. No “cheat days” or “everything in moderation” – you are either in or out. But for me, I was ready to try it 100% and it’s been great – I have more energy, am calmer, sleep better, have lost weight, skin clearer and no longer crave carbs or sugar. I think it’s great value if you watch the videos and do it yourself! Cannot comment on the chiropractic videos as I do not have an issue there so have mainly only watched the nutrition and recipe videos.

  11. disagree with this report

    I think he is wonderful. Sorry, don’t agree at all with what you and others have to say. MP

  12. Disagree with your report

    I disagree with your report and I found it very vindictive and self serving.

  13. I am very surprised when I read all those bad reviews. My personal experience with Dr Berg has been awesome. I found his videos by luck and it looked like it was the right decision to make. I decided to follow him. I did everything he recommended, no excuses or cheating. The results?. I sleep better, more energy, no pain, no feeling out of breath, no panic attacks, my hair grew, my nails are stronger, I feel better than 20 years ago; and I went from 197.8 pounds to 150 pounds in 6 months. No cravings, no pain, I feel GREAT!!!
    One day I receive a product by mistake (My Mistake); I called his office and they gave me a total refund.. No drama. So I really do not understand these bad reviews..
    It looks like there is something else out there. Probably if you give him a try you will feel more positive, energetic and you will see life more realistically and as a bonus you will loose weight. But We never know. I think Dr Eric Berg so far is Amazing. It really changed my life for better.

  14. when I read all those bad reviews, I was shocked!.

    My personal experience with Dr Berg has been awesome. I found his videos by luck and it looked like it was the right decision to make so I decided to follow him.
    I did everything he said, no excuses or cheating. The results?. I sleep better, more energy, no pain, no feeling out of breath, no panic attacks, my hair grew, my nails are stronger, I feel better than 20 years ago; and I went from 197.8 pounds to 150 pounds in 6 months. No cravings, no pain, I feel GREAT!!!
    One day I receive a product by mistake (My Mistake); I called his office and they gave me a total refund.. No drama. So I really do not understand these bad reviews..
    It looks like there is something else out there. Probably if you give him a try you will feel more positive, energetic and you will see life more realistically and as a bonus you will loose weight. But We never know what your motivations are or your health issues.

    I think Dr Eric Berg so far is Amazing. It really changed my life for better.

  15. Real Deal

    I don’t think Dr Berg is a scammer. He is not prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. It takes time for the body to heal and recover from all of the chronic symptoms that has persisted over time. I learned about leaky gut from Dr Berg and sure enough, my migraines went away after I took his advice and my gray was fading. He is the real deal but you just have to be patient.

  16. De. Eric Berg Review

    First of all, I have attained more knowledge about my body from Dr. Berg then any other healthcare practitioner I have come in contact with. For those who prefer patent synthetic medication and no lifestyle changes? Go somewhere else. Go follow the herd of sick people on this country.Dr. Berg is the real deal as a chiropractor. MDs are not scientist – they are just fed information from less than stellar scientific studies from big pharma. Kudos to you Dr. Berg – with all your info on YouTube – I’ve lost 20 lbs this year. Thanks for empowering me to be my own health advocate!!!’

  17. I don't understand the negative reviews

    I don’t understand all the negative reviews, unless the person didn’t follow the plan as suggested and decided to blame Dr. Berg. My experience has been positive.
    I have been following Dr. Eric Berg’s plan for about 2 months and have lost a total of 17 pounds, I did not visit his office however I do use his products as specified in the Adrenal Body Type Guide. if you would like more information please feel free to contact me.

  18. Dr Berg is educating

    This infuriated me after all information learned from Dr Berg that is backed up to be true. Also product (s) purchased ex: minerals, gall bladder formula etc have been positive. Appreciate Dr Berg and his you tube keeping us informed- great character.


    First of all his videos are great! Huge value!
    Second of all, I am also a medical doctor and have never used his service nor bought anything from him, but I don’t relly get your reasoning people. I mean these negative reviews, 3000$ you “lost” on the service or product he offered you and you have been scammed? hahah
    Come on! you are being scammed ALL your life by companies like mcdonalds and other bullshit which literally have 0 value to your life, just pure POISON and yet you still go to these places and eat this food.
    I just want to say that guy does good thing and provides great service, nobody forced you to buy anything so if you are not happy about the purchase or you can’t basically stick to what he’s saying (I mean come on his youtube is GOLD if you stil to that you are 100% heatlhy) then do not leave bad reviews.

    1. Well said!! People expect to get result immediately with little or no effort on their part. Dr. Berg gives you the information and the tools. He takes the time to inform people how to help themselves. People just want easy fixes and they don’t want to change their habits. $3000 is nothing when compared to the price of western medical care. The haters need to look at themselves as to why they have failed not Dr. Berg.

  20. He is not an scam. He is the best and truest doctor ever.

    To Me Dr. Eric Berg has been a life saver. He was able to identify and help me address my health issues, in a healthy way. Naturally, allowing the body to heal itself as it is intended to be. No prescription drugs, no complications, no side effects. Using nutrition as a tool and natural supplementation. He is an encyclopedia of health and has the ability to put the dots together and figure out what is the root cause of the health problem.

    Conventional MDs miss the importance of nutrition to keep the body healthy and create health, which will prevent health issues in the future. They cannot understand how one thing in the body relates to the other and how they are interconnected. For that reason they treat every symptom as a disease with drugs. They just achieve symptoms and disease management and you will go in circles forever while your health will get even worse because the body will deteriorate even further.

    Dr. Berg digs deeper and deeper into the health issues and will identify the root cause, and as it is corrected your health will improve and you will get healthy. This can take a bit of time, you do not get diabetes, lupus or cancer overnight, it takes a lot of years of abusing your body with toxic processed foods, alcohol, stress, GMO’s, etc. So, the repairing process of your body will take a bit of time but is for sure you will recover. Ordinary MDs do not consider stress, toxins, GMO’s etc. They do not have a clue where conditions like Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune comes from or how to corrected. No wonder they are helpless in terms of guiding their patients to recover their health. In contrast, Dr. Eric Berg does know where they come from and how to help you to recover your health.

    I have seen some people calling him an scam, as well as other very good natural doctors. However, he is the truest and most reliable doctor I have ever seen. He had been teaching me how to be healthy and to understand about health. He educates lots of people and help them recover their health. So, Who is the scam here? The Pharmaceutical Industry, the Health Care System and the Food Industry. Those are the scams. Check it out.

    I am not getting any payment of profit here. I am just telling the truth. People is very brainwashed, thinking that prescription drugs are the way to cure health issues. So when a doctor does not use these drugs, and use techniques not used in conventional medicine, they think and say that this is not a real doctor, when the truth is that these are the treatments and approaches that will help you heal your health issues once and for all. He had helped a lot of people with his approach, to recover from health issues other doctors cannot. He also gives away lots of free valuable health information on the web.

    His supplements are amazing. I use them, my mother as well and they are the best of the best. They truly help you get better and no side effects of the illusion that you are getting better like prescription drugs do.

    The most amazing doctor I have ever seen so far and I will stick to him, no matter what.

    1. Thank you. I wish I would have known him before my mom passed away. His videos could have saved her. Instead stupid ignorant doctors gave up on her. She would have lived if it weren’t for “highly educated” doctors.

  21. Dr. Berg changed my lifestyle and my body forever -- Thank you Dr. Berg

    I’ve never visited the clinic because I live in Ohio, so I cannot speak for the clinic. However, I can tell you that his approach to the ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting has changed my life. I watched his youtube videos and followed his program which he made very simple to understand and enjoyable to watch. I’ve seen people “try” the program and not have success, but they ‘cheated’ frequently on the program and “took days off” and simply did not work at it hard enough. I’m down to 175 from 215 and decreased my waist from 36 to 32. The program took work and commitment, but it worked. I understand now that at 50 years old I have lower testosterone and insulin resistance. Thank you Dr. Berg for showing me a new way of living and making it fun to do vs the dread I had in the past for any diets. As the weight has come off, it has helped me get my ass off the couch and back to exercising which now has my body fat at 17% and dropping. I’ve got a long way to go, but the difference is noticeable by everyone and I tell everyone that asks to look up “Dr Berg” on youtube. The fact that he is making money by helping people lose weight and get healthy is NOT a crime in my book. I will continue to refer him out in the future and totally recommend his advice and his program and his products.

    1. The truth is that all doctors who charge $1500 or in that range on the first visit are a scam

      The truth is that all doctors who charge $1500 or in that range on the first visit are a scam, even if they could help you. Would you buy something else for that price in advance and without knowing what you are getting?

      For example, there are several “Lyme” experts and MDs in the Hudson valley and NY capital area who use holistic approaches to healing also. All of these MDs charge from $850 to $1500 for the first visit. They do not take insurance. And they have no problem with treating only wealthy people and possibly supplementing this by bankrupting a few poor people who have been chronically ill for years with nowhere else to turn.

      These doctors are leeches off the suffering. Charging around $300 bucks, or even $500 bucks, for a consultation is not enough money to make? No, they are worth $850 or more — at least one of them charges $200 as a “down payment” just to schedule an appointment.

      Now, a doctor can live very well charging around $300 for a visit. At this rate, they can live much better than most of us making 50-65 K per year.

      An ethical doctor is willing to help those who are sick and poor as well as the wealthy, such as celebrities and politicians. It is ethical to treat most income levels. Doctors should accept insurance plans, since people work hard to afford insurance.

      These “boutique” doctors may be knowledgeable, sure. But shouldn’t ALL doctors be experts on current health conditions? This type of doc is in love with status and money…


    Dr Berg is a prolific teacher and generous individual who is dedicated to ppl’s wellness. I understand that there will always be ppl who have differing opinions and experiences no matter the topic. That said, IMO, your’s are unfounded and baseless. You are overweight and miserable, angry & bitter. I get it, but don’t blame others for your physical or mental conditions. No one but yourself is responsible, like it or not. I believe you are drinking your own poison. The good Doctor isn’t. In fact, Dr Berg has nearly 1500 free videos, free live chats and free information sessions, and approx one MILLION subscribers! His dime and his time, freely given, with a boat load of excellent materials and teaching! What have you done freely for so many in need?…

    You stated “I was intimidated by the way he presented the entire thing… and that was the reason I wanted to give it a try.” What the what? You wanted to try it BECAUSE you were intimidated?? You’re bogus and ridiculous. You also stated “He MADE ME pay $1400 for 6 sessions”. Exactly what was his preferred enforcement technique?… a gun to your head?… a box of rattle snakes?… or a guillotine perhaps?

    Sad. You’re complaint is at least baseless, and feckless at best.

  23. Scammers

    Also agree that Dr. Berg and his office run scams on people. His responses to “real reviews” make him seem so guilty. Why has there not been a class action call against him yet???

  24. Thank You Eric Berg

    I made life style and eating habit changes base on Dr. Bergs Videos.
    I’m in my 6th week now I lost 14lbs my blood sugars improved from 200 fasting to 102 fasting. Anyone with Type 2 diabetics knows that this is a huge improvement. I was 210lbs now I’m 196 working my way down to 175.
    I sleep better, I wake up refreshed, and my main nutrition focus is getting enough Potassium every day.
    I work out 5 days a week. When I’m satisfied with the way I look I will send Dr. Berg my before and after photos and a thank you card. I find his videos straight forward all that is required is for a person to pay attention and listen. It took me a week of mental preparation and another week of Nutritional preparation before my official start date. I turn 50 this year I wish I knew back in my 20’s what I know now. Half of the high Potassium vegetables you can grow in your own back yard. In conclusion Dr. Berg’s videos educated me and motivated me to get off my ass and make lifestyle changes. Nobody likes being a Type II diabetic trust me.

  25. I enjoy Dr Berg

    I greatly enjoy Dr Berg’s online information. For those who are complaining, no one made you pay anything. You chose to pay. No person can force your hand to fork over thousands of dollars.

  26. Pathetic.

    From what I can read here it sounds like a bunch of fat losers complaining because they didn’t see immediate results and went right back to sitting on the curb eating corn chips and blaming Dr. Berg for their failure at life.

  27. Going low-carb is free

    Everyone is out to make a buck, BUT I enjoy the way he presents his advice and I have succeeded without giving him or anyone else a dime. His free advice online is similar to many others out there. People should do extra research and stop looking for the quick-fix cause that’s what’ll cost you.

  28. Thank You Dr. Berg for helping my family.

    Thank you Dr. Berg for helping my entire family out of obesity. You are the best.

  29. Beautiful Dr.

    Wonderful and outstanding Dr. Please don’t give up on yourself and then blame. Keep trying. Dr. Bergs advice and videos has helped my entire family. Thank you Dr. Berg

  30. not sure

    I have been following Dr Berg and Thomas Delauer in hopes of feeling my best. I do feel better and I will having some blood test to get some more direction. However I saw this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU2ByJ-zxfg , and was shocked. Now I am somewhat on the fence. please send me feedback, David Rafes

  31. Answer to PRAYER

    I am a real person in Baltimore Maryland. Not a fake and not a paid customer. Dr. Eric Berg has helped me and my family tremendously. I have not visited him personally he has never laid eyes on me… But I bless the day I found his videos and the information in them. I would go so far as to say that he is an answer to prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I truly believe that without his guidance and the information he has shared freely I might add… Not only what I feel as great as I do now but I know for a fact I wouldn’t live as long of a life with my husband. If you had a bad experience with this doctor it’s most likely because you’re stuck in a paradigm of thinking that is counterproductive to your recovery. Think outside the box… Trust what he tells you to do even if it sounds crazy. Give it at least 8 to 10 weeks… Then only after that… make your final decision on whether this doctor is a quack or not.

  32. Stop moaning

    If you put as much effort into getting healthy as blaming others for your procrastination maybe you would be more positive. No is to blame but youself.

  33. Not a scam

    I have been following the Ketogenic / Intermittent fasting diet as explained in Dr Eric Bergs Youtube videos for over 2 months now. The only thing I have bought from Dr Berg (via Amazon) is his book on different body types and other than that all the information I have needed has been available from Dr Berg via Youtube or his access free webcasts. I am pleased to say I have lost 2 stone in just over 2 months and the weight is still coming off. I feel generally fitter, more alert and in better health than I have in many years and given the many different diets I have tried over the years ( Atkins, 5/2 diet etc) that haven’t worked nearly so well I can only say that Dr Berg is no scammer. Whilst I am aware that there are a range of goods available from Dr Berg I have managed to achieve my weight loss simply following the online guides he provides free of charge on the correct foods to eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle and in the process losing weight. I know that many thousands of people are doing exactly the same as me. Hardly the result of a scam !

  34. This entire page is devoid of citations

    Shouldn’t you cite sources and prove your stance to post on an inflammatory website like this? If not, I guess this 5-star review won’t hurt anyone, since you’re probably all full of shit anyway.

  35. Dr. Berg is very knowledgeable

    I have not bought anything from Dr. Berg. But I find him to be very knowledgeable and he has excellent delivery of information. I would stay away from any MD on any advice related to nutrition. Most of MDs do not even know how body works. If you don’t believe me ask your primary care about the vitamins and how they absorb. Most of them are legal pill pushers with little knowledge. They go into this field because it is about 1. prestige, 2. money making, 3. steady large income
    Before you buy anything educate yourself. You also have to stick with a plan because if all of the sudden you go an urge to start eating burgers again, paying money to him will seem like a waste of time. Additionally, he needs to be able to make money somehow.
    I have never gone to any chiropractor and never will. But Dr. Berg provides wealth of information and it is up to you to take the next step.
    Two thumbs up for Dr. Berg.

  36. I SEE A QUIET PIONEER IN Dr. Berg, give a man a fishing pole and teach him to fish!

    Geez, people who give always, always have critics!!! He’s giving it by spoonfuls to help educate the common patient. Chiropractors by nature of study, have more background in nutrition and root causes than MD’s and big pharma. I have poured myself into his educational videos with great results since Feb 2018. The Ketogenic Diet has been around since 1924 and effectively aided not only in weight loss but in acute seizure prevention in epilepsy patients. Check out the history of the epilepsyfoundation.org or CharlieFoundation.org, and his on line chat support is excellent too. More D.C. like Dr.Berg would help turn around all that’s wrong with America today. I have directed all my personal friends to his website. And I wouldn’t think twice about donating, let alone, buying more of his products. Bariatric clinic at my university hospital is montioring my progress too, because of my existing issues. I am grateful to Dt. Berg and his sense of humor too. I often fall asleep listening late night to a seminar. Keep up the great work.

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