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Lyon Marketing is naïve and stupid company with immature staffs

I used to model when I was in school. However, I left modelling when I completed my college and started working for a real estate company. I was working as the site representative. One day, I got an offer while I was showing the property to a client who happened to be the owner of a product company. We talked and after realizing about my interests in modelling, he offered me to model for him.

He asked me for a portfolio which I did not have as I had left modelling two years back. So, I started looking for companies that do portfolio shoots. My budgets were limited, and I needed someone who could offer me cheap rates. After checking a lot of options, I got to know about the Lyon Marketing Group. I talked to someone from the company and they asked me to come for the discussion.

So, I approached them the very next day. They told me about all their experiences which was a lot to start with. And, their rates were cheaper too. So, I paid them in full and they provided me the shoot date. The entire set up was okay. There was nothing very great about the set up as they flaunted about. However, I was not ready to let the chance get away from my hands and did not sensed the problem.

I did feel something fishy but overlooked it. The entire shoot was tiring. The photographer, at many occasions did not understand what I was asking for. He did not have any proper suggestions. The entire crew was unprofessional, and no one cared about the shoot. The shoot was completed in not more than an hour. And, they asked me to come after a week to collect the portfolio.

I did not hear from them after a week’s time and went to their office without a prior notice. They had not even started the work on my portfolio and everyone was busy attending other clients. I heard them repeating the same lies that they told me.

Anyway, I left. After three days, I got a call to collect the portfolio. I visited them and was very shocked to see the results. The pictures did not look at all amazing. It seemed as if someone had taken them randomly. The story was missing, and it was completely destroyed.

I asked them for a reshoot and they said that they would charge me for the same. I asked them to return my money and they were not ready to do so. Hence, I had to leave without a real portfolio after spending my hard earned money.

I did the portfolio with other company and the photographer was great. I got the modelling project. However, I still repent the day I chose LMG company to do my portfolio. These guys are scammers and great con artists. They have hired some great marketing professionals to excel at telling lies. Beware of this company.

Is Lyon Marketing Group a legit?

Lyon Marketing Group is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Lyon Marketing Group located?

Lyon Marketing Group is headquarted at Woolridge Rd, Dillwyn, VA 23936, USA. You can contact Lyon Marketing Group by dialing +1 757-223-5159 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Lyon Marketing Group’s customers?

According to Lyon Marketing Group’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Lyon Marketing Group

  1. Lyons marketing group scam

    I was on Instagram and was told to come to Virginia open house model and talent scout. I was shown actors and models they claim went through their company. Several new talents were there all paying 1600 dollars. We all were also responsible for paying for a casting site password. They never contact you unless they want you to pay them more money for classes that you don’t even need. I feel all the scam people should come together and do a civil suit. Lyons Marketing Group is a scam no one has made it to the top from there services. Run if they reach out to you.

  2. Just found out (facepalm) Lmg LLC

    Well I don’t have a clue that this place was actually a scam. Until I decided to do research of my own about this place and discovered this. Wow! I feel like a silly idiot LOL but if what I’m reading is correct all I will need to do is pay them $500 and cut them off. You see, I’m going through personal financial issues right now and last week I was at negative $600 and this week I am back at negative $600 and it’s due to them constantly taking a dollar every day out of my account plus an overdraft fee. I just tried contacting the office and emailing people and nobody wants to respond to me now. But when I told them I had auditions lined up and ready they were quick to send me an agency link and tell me their congrats and all that b******* and tell me to keep them posted. Well I feel stupid and disappointed reading all these reviews and learning now that they are really nothing but scammers. I think I just need to pay them off and say my goodbye. I just can’t afford to be f***** over right now I can barely afford bills. Soon as I get a hold of somebody I’m going to see about that 500 cancellation thing. Thank you and the others for sharing their experience of this company.

  3. Gross. Scam for sure!

    I wish more people knew this story. I’m working to get the message out there. A friend/client of mine had an Abel Rodriguez from this company reach out and ask her to come in for an interview. Of course, they pitched glitz and glamour. Abel attempted to explain why she should use their photographers for headshots and he proceeded to front as a creative directory looking out for her best interests.

    She signed a contract, excited, and added the date of the shoot (and apparent wardrobe/design consultation) to her calandar. Abel took her social security number and her credit card information. He told her she could make payments. The first payment swiftly exited her bank account.

    There was no follow-up, no further information and apparently no intent to follow through with the proclaimed services. She called the day before her apparent shoot and her call was declined. Suddenly she was called back by someone – a female voice – who was “confirming her appointment.”

    Seeing that things seemed a little fishy, she politely declined their services and just asked for them not to contact her. They have been harassing with threats to sue based on the breach contract and she must show to the shoot or she will be fined. They also want to collect the rest of her initial fee. Isn’t stealing almost a $1,000 enough already?

    First the money and now the emotional turmoil…

    1. Absolute Trickery

      This is the EXACT situation I went through about 4 years ago. Tell me, are they still harassing her? If so please tell your friend to keep her lips sealed and if I remember correctly, she should be able to break the contract by paying $500. Thats what I had to do. They kept asking me why I wanted to get out the contract and I wouldnt tell them I found out they were scammers.. I just said “its personal.” Theres something in that contract that should help you maneuver your way out of that contract but I forgot where I found it. Whatever I found stopped them in their tracks and they said if I paid $500 by the end of the month then the contract was over. Originally, I was supposed to pay them about $3,600!!!! Man I wish you two luck. If you can, give them a poor review on Google. You’ll find my review there and Ive listed some better ways to find jobs in film/modeling. God bless!

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Reported Loss : 5000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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