Dr. Eric Berg

His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results

I visited Dr. Eric Berg’s clinic after watching his tons of YouTube videos and reviews where he talks about health and nutrition.

I was intimidated by how he presented the entire thing in the video, so I wanted to try it.

Dr. Berg also pitched about a free consultation in his videos. So, there was no way to ignore such an opportunity.

He runs The Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria. He takes every measure that is unethical to get clients, which is why he flaunts the free consultation.

It is just baited to attract customers, and once they are inside his center, he goes beyond limits for selling his products.

He pressurizes customers to pay for overpriced products with close to no effect. His treatment programs are designed only to benefit him and not the other party.

They have even monitored their reviews online and paid for posting fake feedback.

This is all because they know that only the positive review can fight the negative comments of scammed customers.

He offers expensive treatment plans and does not offer a cancellation policy which is again a red flag.

If a company trusts its product and genuinely tries to help, it will at least provide a period to reconsider the decision.

However, in the case of Dr. Eric Berg, this provision is not available.

When I visited Dr. Eric Berg for the overweight issue, he asked me to carry the list of foods and supplements I had been taking.

I carried everything as instructed and reached the center on time.

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They took my weight and blood pressure and made me wait more than an hour.

After an hour and a half, an assistant doctor observed my case and did a few tests.

After a few minutes, he started talking about my metabolic rate and all the general pieces of stuff I already knew. He further told me that stress was also one of the reasons for my obesity.

He made me pay $1400 for six sessions and was adamant about making the rest of the payment. I was not prepared for any purchases but couldn’t help.

Unfortunately, I could not visit them on the scheduled date and wanted to reschedule the sessions. They never did that.

I wanted a refund and made several attempts to call and email them the request. They ignored me every time.

I contacted the manager, and he reminded me that my agreement clearly stated that the amount was non-refundable. I tried to negotiate. That did not help either.

I filed my complaint with Better Business Bureau and Virginia’s Attorney General’s office.

After that, I received only a partial refund because I did not use their services and was pressured to purchase the plan.

Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer.

Is Dr. Eric Berg a legit?

Dr. Eric Berg is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 111 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Eric Berg located?

Dr. Eric Berg is headquarted at Pinecrest Office Park Drive 4609B VA US. You can contact Dr. Eric Berg by dialing +1 703-354-7336 or visit their website drberg.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Eric Berg’s customers?

According to Dr. Eric Berg’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1400 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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111 Reviews on Dr. Eric Berg

  1. The Health Mentor I've Always Needed!

    Dr. Eric Berg has become the health mentor I’ve always needed. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Berg’s teachings on Healthy Keto® and intermittent fasting have transformed the way I approach nutrition. He simplifies complex health issues, making them easy to understand and implement. What sets Dr. Berg apart is his genuine passion for helping others. His dedication to empowering individuals to take control of their well-being is truly inspiring. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for being an incredible mentor and guide.

  2. Highly Recommend Eric Berg's Advice

    Dr. Eric Berg has helped me and so many others in various ways time and time again. I have never felt pressured to purchase his products. There is nothing wrong with selling your own products. That is part of his business. I have watched numerous of his videos and not once have I seen him be pushy about buying from him. I recommend Dr. Berg’s videos for everyone to watch and learn. About buying his products, use discernment when choosing what is best for you.

  3. Dr Berg has helped me so much with my health. I was devastated when I was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After researching all of Dr Berg’s videos I’m now in remission and I’m so thrilled. I believe I wouldn’t got there without his help.

  4. Saying the ketogenic diet can cure cancer and intermittent fasting. He is killing my brother

    I have watched a YouTube video from him. His thinking is very flawed. Starving the immune system does not fight cancer as he says it does. Ketogenic diets strip the body of antioxidants and minerals that would protect it from cancer. This diet is a pre-cancerous diet, in other words carcinogenic. I am in I tried to tell my brother that it was not the diet for him. He did lose about 100 pounds but now he has cancer that is killing him. I’m a dietitian and he won’t listen to me because of this quack. We should sue him! My brother probably won’t live through this and he is still fasting. This is far beyond the scope of practice of a chiropractor!

    1. Wake up, it’s most likely his only hope. Doctor are just pumping him with poison.

  5. Kray Kray Sociopathic

    Don’t Invest in his lectures and or monetary treatment services…

    This is a piece a shit No Doctor Chiro who sells false info regarding you name it: Cholesterol, Vitamin C saying Abscorbic Acid is not Vitamin C, a biggie one is trying to convince us that his wife Karen has nothing to worry about with a Fasting Cholesterol Number of 300 with thru the roof LDL and corresponding Apo B ….Their own son is trying to warn us for years

  6. Pseudoscience

    Practices such as complementary medicine, traditional medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy are pseudoscientific fields that market methods that have not been scientifically proven to be effective, to people in different pursuits. There are a lot of people in America who believe this.

Reviews: 111
Reported Loss : 1400 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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