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Being new to the facility lacks knowledge

Well in 2yrs my opinion of this center has changed. The first couple of visits were great and I did at that time recommend … now , not so much. After being lied to on my last appointment about fee’s and being able to get my contact & eyeglass prescription and vowing not to go back , I decided I would give a second chance thinking maybe I overreacted ,

but yet again , came in to be disappointed. Got there 15mins early to fill out paperwork I had already done online to find out none of the information I provided had been transferred, receptionist was friendly but with being new to the facility lacks knowledge.

The assistant to the Dr insisted they had left a message confirming additional pricing that I would have to pay for Contact exam which I explained was not the case, in return was called a liar and advised the message was left, lucky for me

I had the message and was able to play back for the DR. I honestly thought at that point they would attempt to make things better and offer to take care of the exams I was asking for since the prior visit and this one were not going well ,

but instead just told me with new staff its hard and they would send an email out to everyone explaining how they needed to explain additional pricing, which I agree needed to be done. I was really disappointed that this was the best they could do, I have insurance to cover all the regular fee’s ,

but was told because this Dr does additional work to make sure your contacts are perfect for you, this is why there were more fee’s. I was told on the phone my appointment would be about an hour, but was there for 1hr and 45mins. All in all found out my last prescription may have been an over correction and that my current one would not change,

great.. I can just order with the same strength as before, welll surprise found out today I cant place an order for the same contacts at the same strength as before because I didn’t pay the additional money and have a new exam done to tell me it would be the same.

Unfortunately this is the only eye center I have had this many issues with , Im disappointed that I can not continue to go here , the location is great for me and in the beginning the staff was really great.

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8 reviews on Bright Eyes Optometry C

  1. Bright Eyes Optometry Is Scammer.

    There is a reason why I keep coming back here. Dr. Wong and her team has been so friendly and accommodating to my needs. I’ve been their patient for the past **or more i think** and I have been pleased every time. Yes, I’ll be honest, there has been couple of down falls yet Dr. Wong’s team has been great with service recovery and finds the best options that will suit me.

    From finding the proper contacts for my eyes that took us tens of tens of brands and contact types to unfortunately non, but that didn’t stop me of coming back to this place. It’s the consistent effort to find the best of the best that will meet my “optical expectations”.

  2. I just hope I don't have to file a grievance with my insurance company.

    Dr. Wong was wonderful; my son and & I felt very comfortable during our visit. However, it’s the wait time for the return of your glasses that’s ridiculous. 5 weeks later and still nothing; finally I had to request that they reverse my claim so that I could go elsewhere.

    No follow up from them at all I had to call for updates; to only find out that the glasses arrived damaged/scratched and had to be returned 2x’s. I just hope I don’t have to file a grievance with my insurance company.

  3. We will NEVER go back not recommended to anyone!

    my husband and I made an appointment and it is the 1st time in 12 years that someone decides to to an stigmatism evaluation with out letting us know that they will be doing it nor that there is an extra charge, my husband and I have gone to other eye Dr and it is not the first time we get one there has never ever been an extra charge!

  4. I came in for an eye exam, and some contact lenses

    I came in for an eye exam, and some contact lenses, (I have insurance) and was told that I was covered for the exam and two boxes of lenses. I had a great exam, GREAT eye doctor. But then the money issue came up. It would be $600 + for me to get contact lenses.

    (I felt like I was negotiating to buy a car) The sales clerk then told me that my insurance only covered my exam (cost of eye exam $150.00). I finally talked them down to $170 for 2 boxes of contact lenses.

  5. I will be going back to my Sahara office that I have went to for the years.

    I found this center because I thought it was affiliated with the Clear Vision on west Sahara but it is not. Everyone was very friendly, although the office is very small. I went there because I couldn’t get into my Sahara Clear Vision before school started. I will be going back to my Sahara office that I have went to for the last 10 years.

  6. Dr Wong and staff made this as smooth as possible.

    Dr Wong and staff made this as smooth as possible. Everyone was extremely nice, helpful, and knowledgable. Water and coffee is available while you wait which was great. the optometrist technician, Dr Wong, and Rhonda were all top notch.

  7. she is so happy she visited Dr. Wong.

    Dr. Wong’s staff is wonderful! They treated my mother with the utmost patience and gave her lots of encouragement throughtout the diagnostic process, especially when she took the peripheral vision exam, a first experience for her, that proved a bit challenging for us both.

    My mother was so pleased when Rhonda helped adust her frames, which were drastically misaligned and causing my mother eye strain, headaches and a stiff neck. Luckily, they addressed that technical problem and my mother immediately felt her eye tension relax, and she likes how the frame rests solidly on her ears; she is so happy she visited Dr. Wong.

  8. Now I am AGAIN WAITING for my glasses as my initial pair broke

    Now I am AGAIN WAITING for my glasses as my initial pair broke… One of the temples fell off and it’s not even the hinge nor the screw, the whole entire temple came off apart.

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