Jem Jamison and Morti Kai

Imposters in Montreal 3301

Jem Jamison (a former spy…) was rejected from becoming a Cicada 3301 along with her friends (Morti Kai.) both who hang out on Boulevard St Laurent and because of this they do what they can to intercept any of the real players from succeeding in making contact by any means necessary but the Cicada 3301 do not like Cheaters.

If they were involved then how come they do not know about the USB that was found in the Urinal (or what was on the poster in that bathroom were it was found and all started…) They do not know about the party at the end or who was at any of them (as in the real ones…) They simply prey on others who have managed to make progress with the Cicada 3301 Puzzle.

Before we can talk about the Big Blue Brain we must first discuss the texture, the smell, the color as well as frequencies. They simply are not able to do any of the following and only resort to keyword mentalist tricks and other methods such as hacking your accounts in order to cheat.

The Cicada has a lot of references in mainstream Music in the M & M universe of ghost/pigspen writer’s. From Eminem to Dubioza Kolektive (which has current cyphers in the yellow background), Die Antwoord (ZEF Tea), 8 Mile tracks were Em explicitly expresses writting the next cypher ect ect ect. The point is their is a lot of Cicada references in popular music none of which are mentioned.

If you ever heard a Cicada Frequency it would sound something like this;

Joywave – Destruction performed on musical Tesla coils!

The sound produced at the beginning is like a Cicada Frequency… it goes way beyond a bunch of complex puzzles that have not all be solved.

Its common for Agencies to intercept and imposter when it comes to secret societies like the Cicada 3301 which has not been infiltrated by them and they do not know were the origins are from.


Is Jem Jamison and Morti Kai a legit?

Jem Jamison and Morti Kai is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Jem Jamison and Morti Kai located?

Jem Jamison and Morti Kai is headquarted at Montreal. You can contact Jem Jamison and Morti Kai by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Jem Jamison and Morti Kai’s customers?

According to Jem Jamison and Morti Kai’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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3 Reviews on Jem Jamison and Morti Kai

  1. Watch out for the fat brown lady with a turban at McDonalds that hangs with them

    I remember these two like during covid-19 they had friends who are ex-military to steal drugs from the CHUM Hospital as clearly they are noty able to manufacture from scratch their own drugs and that the military causes mental illness like addiction in their circles.
    At the McDonalds were the Rolex Hotel is downtown Montreal their is a curry/black skinned woman who you should avoid too. Like she would say things like “Oh Lord” like some Christian do-gooder all while talking about being extremely privileged and friends with Conservative former leader Brian Mulroney. In one conversation she even confused me for a Police Officer (like she said I was one.. when I am not but my sister is an RCMP-GCR Officer sure…) and went on to threaten me that this girl named Sheila is going to sue me for everything I have. Like I only know one Sheila and have no issues with her, second I am not sure what she would sue me for as I am broke at that moment. Its as if they do not understand that you have to have money in order for their to be money to take so she clearly is not very smart. Is this how privileged friends of the Government act? Regardless if you run into a fat lady that wears a turban type of hair piece and has curry/light-black skin woman at this Downtown McDonalds I would just avoid talking to her.
    Eric Rocher is another one that hangs out with them and should be avoided too as they all have similar issues in common.

  2. Morti-Kai goes by the name KYle and is Jewish

    Yeah I know Morti-Kai he hangs our with that Juge Maitre Gratton with the black car who picked up Roch Hashanah meals before covid. He goes by the name Kyle and hangs out near the just for laughs building in Montreal but also near were their is the Alex Nihon building (were the Xerox is…) ect. Because he has Green eyes he tried to steal my ID simply because of that and the same Hair Cut in the photo. His friend Eric Rocher (not the IBM DNA company..) likes to steal peoples mail and commit fraud especially during covid-19 its a common theme with these people. Other times they tend to get Fake Passports though Simone over at Ville St-Laurent were they print passports… during covid-19 their was other people on my ID and then later all of my ID’s had the photos removed which created a nightmare.

  3. Seen them make prayer symbols and stalk cicada prospects

    The latest methods that Gem and her friends (spy’s) communicate is by distributing prayer fliers as in their symbol that they use to communicate with each other when preying on the cicadas. If they do not use the prayer symbol they will look to the roof as if they are praying and anything similar to religion. They all of a sudden talk about god and jesus when they dont even go to church sticks out. If you see people doing a prayer symbol to one and other then you have spies that are trying to get in.

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Severity : Extremely High
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