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Thrifty Propane kept us waiting

I saw the advertisement from Thrifty Propane about the lower prices for refurbished tank and fill. So, I ordered both from Thrifty Propane in Aug 2015. I was happy about the purchase as the advertised price was low and I thought I would be able to spent entire winter with my order.

When I tried to order, they asked me to pay in advance to make the delivery fastest as there were many orders pending the ones with advance payment would be given priority. I did the payment. However, they also added that the delivery was not possible before September.

I was ready to wait by then. But, the tank and fill never came and the September was about to finish. So, I called the customer centre of Thrifty Propane. With a lot of struggle and long queues, I reached someone live. I told him about the issue and wanted an explanation.

That guy told me that they are facing problems with the shortage of drivers and the latest delivery they can schedule was for 22nd October 2015. He hung up and did not care to know what I had to say. I live with my sister and we both are senior citizens. We did not know what to do and decided to wait until then.

In the meantime, we started using electric heater. I was waiting for 22nd October and it was getting difficult to wait in that cold weather. We also were sick and had to consult doctor for antibiotics. 22nd October came and went and there was no sign of any delivery. I was very upset and felt helpless. I again started trying to contact the customer care number but this time I was not able to reach a live person. However, I was able to reach a representative from the online chat option on their website.

This person informed me that the delivery guy had some personal emergency and is not available and he did not give any date as well. I was frustrated and discussed with my sister. We decided to contact Better Business Bureau. Maybe they could pressurize Thrifty Propane into making arrangements for our tank and fill delivery. I was not so sure about that decision as well but we had no other option.

I wanted my order delivered at my door otherwise, I wanted my money. We have few savings and nothing much to get another tank and fill from somewhere else. And we wanted the money badly. It was getting difficult every other day to survive in that weather, but Thrifty Propane was not ready to make the delivery or the reimbursement.

They got us with the false advertisement and they never wanted to deliver our order. I am going to try until I get the solution for this. I have spent $1000 till date on the order and my medical expenses which seem nothing to Thrifty Propane. Thrifty Propane is the worst company I have done business with and I am never going to repeat this mistake.I wish I had googled about their bad reviews and lawsuits 🙁

Is Thrifty Propane Reviews a scam?
Thrifty Propane Reviews is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Thrifty Propane Reviews legit?
First Thrifty Propane Reviews is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Thrifty Propane Reviews’s consumers?
There is/are 20 review(s) posted about Thrifty Propane Reviews and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely Low.
Where is Thrifty Propane Reviews located?
Thrifty Propane Reviews is located at 303 N Court St, Medina, OH 44256, USA. You can contact Thrifty Propane Reviews by dialing 800-879-3152 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Thrifty Propane Reviews’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $800 was the total loss incurred by Thrifty Propane Reviews’s customers.

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  1. Review of Thrifty Propane

    I was a previous employee, The owner Bill Maloof aka (consultant) was the owner of a previous propane company called Level Propane. He was sued and in a court of law is not allowed to deliver propane to residential houses EVER! The company is in his wifes name Angela Maloof, but don’t be fooled he runs the company. He is a very devious man and will screw over his mother given the chance. I would not deal with this company ever. You should look up all the lawsuits against the Maloofs before you decide to give them your money. They will take your money but getting fuel in winter is difficult because of many delivery issues (trucks pulled from the junkyard and used for delivery or not enough money to buy propane to fill customers tanks). If you are a current customer and have a pre-buy they have 15 business days to deliver your propane or you can call the Attorney General and they will be fined. Now the way they work around that is they will deliver 100 gallons and have you call in again to come back out which gives them another 15 days to get more propane to you. If you do not have a pre buy and place an order they have 5 business days to fill your tank or you can call the Attorney General. They can get fined up to $ 1,000 per complaint. Complaints will get their attention. If you look at the BBB complaints they have dodged many complaints this year saying that drivers had covid and they could not cover the territory that is total BS no driver for the company has had covid. Just use your common sense, read the reviews and save yourself a big headache, go somewhere else.

  2. Will not answer the phone or call you back

    Ordered propane over a month ago. I have tried calling every number, extension, e mail, chat everything. No response, no idea if they are going to deliver my fuel or not.

  3. A total rip off they failed to send propane after paid in full 4 weeks

    The worst company ever. They will sign you up fast but will not come thru with the service. Its terrible. We already prepaid over $1200 and as for a refill only to wait over 4 weeks and we our so low we cant use our heat and using only the wood stove. They are terrible ripping off people that dont have the money to be playing these life threatening games with heat. They wont answer the phone, email or contact the contact web site. They are the worst.
    Disaster. I have done 100s of reviews and most are 4 and 5 dstars but this is the worst company ever.

  4. Thrifty Propane is horrible Foreign reps cant speak english

    Ordered over a month ago, while prices were low, still NO propane. 6 calls are unanswered. pay more somewhere else and be happy

  5. Thieves

    They are thieves, and should change their name to thieves propane. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY


    Spoke to someone at thrifty propane on March 16th explaining that I was down to 5% and pre bought 1,000 gallons and needed it delivered as soon as possible. I ran out of propane on the 23rd of march after keeping my thermostat set at 58 degrees.
    After multiple calls still no propane!!! They informed me they would bring it sooner if I Pay $300 for propane I already own!!! What a bunch of dirt bags!!!

  7. Horrible company. Can’t get gas that we pre-bought

    So we called on March 4th and had 280 gallons in our pre-buy left but opted to pre-buy another 1000. Told them we were at 20% and needed a fill. No problem….right…we are within the 2 week window. Went down to 5% last week started calling them up every day multiple times. No one answers. Finally Spoke to 2 individuals and they said they would call the driver and asked for return call. Never got it. Needless to say we got a partial fill from a competitor after running out of propane yesterday. At this point still no propane and We just want our money back. We will never deal with this company again. Going to contact the attorney general and BBB. My concern is we will not get our gas or propane from them before they go under.

  8. Worst company I have ever dealt with, tried calling them ,but all I get is leave a message saying there mail box is full. Tried at least5 times trying to order a by gague is at 5% , went out and bought a electric heater just in case I needed it. I am a prebuy customer so they already have my money so they probable deliver to all the pay now customer and if there is any left I might get it, So BEWARE you might get the same service that I got.

  9. Left without heat

    Placed an order for propane on feb.19th at 20% in tank. Today left without heat and a promise that it would be delivered by the end of the work day today. Guess what a no show! Several hang ups and rude customer service if you can get them to answer the phone. My husband is 73 years old with lung cancer and they have no care what so ever. I’m so afraid he is going to get sick because of the stupidity and lies. Do not order from these scam artists!

  10. Worst Ever

    I bought a tank from Thrifty & was a loyal customer for a few years despite lousy service. I placed an order for a fill on Sept 17th & after a couple of weeks without hearing anything I started calling and having online “chats” with “Christine”. Every time I communicated with them they promised to call back or e-mail back — but never did. Finally over a month had passed since I placed the order – so I cancelled & will buy propane elsewhere from now on. If I could give zero stars I would. This outfit is truly terrible.

    October 19, 2018

Reported Loss :800 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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