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Strada Capital is a scam company

I was starting a company for dance training and I had already confirmed with Strada about the procedure for all the documentations and paper work. I was in a haste for the loan and was looking forward to starting the work asap. I only agreed to go with this company on one condition that they would not make it a never ending process as it happens in most of the loan processing.

But they were very unprofessional in meeting the deadlines and making a swift communication with me. Things were pretty okay till the time they arranged the credit check and got me the paperwork for my lease. However, after that, nothing was in sync. It was all downhill and by the time I realized that they were unnecessarily increasing the time required to get the matter sorted, I was already late on schedule.

The business was just starting. Everything depended on the time the lease would have taken. But, these guys made my experience horrible. Not ready to process things on time, employees on leave for most of the week days, not able to connect with the right department were only among the few of the problems I had to go through.

They would miss papers and made me go through unnecessary papers many times. When I would ask the reason, they would simply say, its formality and we need to complete it. Nothing was stated earlier. They told that with few signs I would be good to go. But, these paper work with no timelines were a reason for delays.

I believe they are armature in getting the lease done. They were not sure about which paperwork was required and which were not. Whenever, I asked questions or wanted related information, they took more time and never returned with an answer.

I was the one following them many times in a day to find what was going on. They were too busy to answer their client. They are irresponsible in responding or making their clients feel satisfied. All I understood was they were either too ignorant to their client’s need or they were not competent enough to make things right.

Whatever promise that they made was fake and nothing happened as per the scheduled time. When they said that they were taking things to next level every time, they were lying. Nothing was done, and I had to call them several times to remind them of the deadlines. I was not in the state of mind to divert my attention anywhere else than my business. But, they made me go crazy in few weeks itself.

I lost all the money I spent in attesting the papers and submitting them their fees. At last, I had to look for another option. I knew they would never say that they did not know how to do it, but I realized it sooner. My lease was made in not more than a week’s time with all the paperwork intact and right.

Just stay away from Strada, it is not the company you would like.

Is STRADA Capital Corporation a legit?

STRADA Capital Corporation is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is STRADA Capital Corporation located?

STRADA Capital Corporation is headquarted at Avenida Valverde 23046 CA US. You can contact STRADA Capital Corporation by dialing +1 949-789-8850 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by STRADA Capital Corporation’s customers?

According to STRADA Capital Corporation’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5411 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on STRADA Capital Corporation

  1. I recommend Katie, as a valuable business partner.

    Katie, is a go-getter and a pleasure to work with. She makes sure every client has everything necessary to succeed. Being a people person and consistent with follow-up, puts her at the top of the list when it comes to selecting a solid business partner. I recommend Katie, as a valuable business partner.

  2. Strada's team is great! My rep Cliff was very knowledgeable and helped me through the entire process.

    Strada’s team is great! My rep Cliff was very knowledgeable and helped me through the entire process. Initially I was intimidated by the thought of approaching a loan, but they made everything really simple. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but after having each step spelled out for me, I was confident to sign the dotted line and I quickly got the capital my business needed.

  3. Looking forward to working with them again

    Strada Capital, especially Ben Osman, were very helpful in finding me an affordable plan and in spending time with me explaining every little detail with me. There were no surprises, I got exactly what I signed up for. Looking forward to working with them again

  4. This was the most DISTURBING experience I've ever had with any company.

    Wow! Hmmm… where do I start? This was the most DISTURBING experience I’ve ever had with any company. The sales rep who qualified us for a loan LIED just to get us to “sign on the dotted line” and rushed us to return the paperwork with a signed check.

    Once they took our money they finally began to fess up that they were unable to provide what they promised us. After getting the run around we finally spoke to a manager who was very RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, BELITTLING, DEROGATORY, INSENSITIVE and must have been diagnosed with “Little Man Syndrome.” He acted like I was scum beneath his toes and he was God himself on a pedestal!

  5. Terrible customer service.

    This company stated we had a loan with them for our purchase of a trailer and then a week later told us we didn’t and then held on to our money which was very significant dollar amount for over a month then they sent the check to the wrong address and then put a stop payment fee of $50 in which they charged us for and then overnighted it to us and charged us another $30 so there’s $70 there plus also them cutting us a check and we’re talking this was over a significant amount over $3,000+ and they held on to our money for almost over a month I’ve never dealt with such unprofessional people in my life this happened back in May of this year 2016. You don’t tell someone they are approved for a loan take their money and then wait a week or two until the so no we didn’t get you the loan and hold on to your money for over a month very very unprofessional.

  6. I responded to an email from them to finance some equipment for my business.

    I responded to an email from them to finance some equipment for my business. Worked back and forth with Vu Nguyen in getting them the equipment details and my credit and banking information.

    After they received all of my information, Strada then sent me a “Lease Commitment Agreement” to sign and return, along with a $2500 deposit.
    After Strada received the agreement and the deposit, the terms of the agreement suddenly changed dramatically.

    The amount financed was reduced by 2/3rds and the cost of the money increased dramatically to over 50% annually.

  7. Strada Capital Corporation Review

    This is what happened with me too. The only difference was, I did not realize it until it was too late. They made it sound as if I was the one responsible for my own loss.

    They never made any attempt to help me with the clearance. I am highly disappointed and after reading this report, I know I was not at fault.

    May 26, 2018

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 5411 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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