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I paid for some lab work done back in November of last year, based on the assumption that would be all it would cost me. Next thing I know, I’m getting a bill from the lab in addition for over $100. I contacted them in December to resolve, and they assured me it would be taken care of. After a few weeks, I emailed, then sent another email a week later, then another, with no response.

I filed a BBB complaint in January, which they finally responded to. I was assured that I would be refunded the original fee, and that they would contact the lab and sort it out so I didn’t have to pay that. I took them at their word, and allowed them to close the BBB complaint.

It’s a month later, and I’m receiving my third and final notice from the lab, and to avoid going to collections, I just paid it. I opened another BBB complaint because again they wouldn’t respond to my multiple emails, which they lied to the BBB in order to close out as duplicate and resolved.

Obviously, their support team is just there to ensure you spend just enough effort to give up at some point. Avoid this scam, you’ll end up paying more than what they tell you, then spend countless hours trying to make things right.

Is PlushCare Urgent Care a legit?

PlushCare Urgent Care is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 18 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is PlushCare Urgent Care located?

PlushCare Urgent Care is headquarted at N/A. You can contact PlushCare Urgent Care by dialing (415) 231-5333 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by PlushCare Urgent Care’s customers?

According to PlushCare Urgent Care’s customers, a monetary loss of US $100 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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18 Reviews on PlushCare Urgent Care

  1. Dr. Sanders a true B**ch!!!!

    Dr Sanders drilled me as if she was paying me to see her!!!! I only needed a prescription for gabapentin!!! She acted like I was asking for something addictive, I should have known she was a Black Ass B**ch! Run from this but hole now Doctor on that skank!

  2. Scam

    Never used the service, no idea how to cancel the membership I didn’t sign up for, can’t reach customer service, and I Never even used it

  3. Scam service

    I visited the Banner Urgent Care website to book an appointment. This did not work so I physically visited the Banner Urgent Care facility. I was instructed to go to an Emergency Room. I will not pay for services I did not utilize.

  4. Awesome

    Did my telahealth appointment on time. Diagnosed perfectly. meds were called in quickly . Insurance paid. I highly recommend this!!

  5. They Lie About What They Can and Will Treat!

    One of the tops used medicines to help people with IBS! I made an appointment because on their website, and they state they can and do treat patients with IBS using the medicine, primarily rifaximin! One of the tops used medicines to help people with IBS! I have screenshots showing that they have on their website how they prescribe this medicine. But guess what happened when my doctor hopped on this video call, he took 2 in a half whole minutes out of “busy life,” to see me.

    After explaining my entire situation, which took the majority of that 2 in half minutes, he literally says to me, “you need to see a gastroenterologist.” I responded with, and I have one, but she has gone out of the country for a year. “Oh, that sucks, sorry.”

    Seriously!?!? Where the flying flux capacitor is you finding these stupid doctors!?!?! I have researched and weighed the pros and cons of the medicine that I was inquiring about. It isn’t like I just pulled a random name out of a fucking hat. It has great reviews, it has had numerous tests on it with medicine vs. placebo, and the medicine people reported not having any IBS symptoms for 6 months.


    The doctor didn’t even bother to look up at the camera and acknowledge me, the patient! The one who just shelled out money to see him. He was too busy playing on his phone too, and God forbid, look up!!! The one who just shelled out money to see him.

    I called and got my money back, though! So I would suggest EVERYONE AND ANYONE to do the same!!!

  6. I used PlushCare in January of 2021. I received treatment, and now there is a reoccurring charge monthly for” membership “ that I didn’t pay for. I called today to have it removed. We will see if they actually remove it.

  7. Be Prepared to Waste Your Time/Money

    The good reviews led me to try this service. Honestly, my Doctor was great and acted promptly. However, once my needs were left to the PlushCare support team…TERRIBLE. It took them 13 business days just to give me one of the two referrals I needed. I followed up every week and got the runaround. By the time I got a referral, I had already had to seek immediate medical attention. I literally risked my health waiting for them, and they wouldn’t even extend a $50 refund. Basically paid just to speak to a doctor for 10 minutes, get diagnosed, so that they could do nothing about the diagnosis.

  8. Stole Money from Second Account

    I used PlushCare on a Saturday, cost me $99 for 5 minutes on the phone. Then they charged me an addition $15 a month later for a “membership fee” (I quickly cancelled account) but that’s not all. They took $30 from a different account I have when I didn’t even give them that card number!! That’s thief! It’s says their from California but I bet their from China.

  9. great service.

    Great service. Excellent doctor. I was called by plushcare customer service, making sure I signed upright. I set an appointment for 15 min later with the doctor. I just spoke with the doctor, and she was excellent. I will go pick up my prescription in an hour. Impressed. I didn’t have to go sit in urgent care to see a doc about a simple my ear, nose, and throat infection.

  10. Other than that, awesome!

    I had a great experience using Plush Care. I had been sick for a couple of weeks with a cough and congestion and did not feel like getting out with a bunch of people to expose them or get exposed to something else in Urgent Care. They looked up my insurance, let me know which doc’s they had took my insurance and viola!

    appointment set, video appointment kept, antibiotics prescribed, end scene, cut and done! I would definitely use again for minor issues that need professional care. The only suggestion I have is to keep video appointments to the office instead of an automobile! Other than that, awesome!

  11. Conceptually, a cool idea, but I was in the Bay Area at a two week event and suffered respiratory distress.

    Conceptually, it was a cool idea, but I was in the Bay Area at a two-week event and suffered respiratory distress. I was told I had bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic that did absolutely nothing. When I returned home, I was immediately sent to the hospital for X-rays, and it turned out I had pneumonia.

    So while the convenience factor is certainly understandable, a simple listen through a stethoscope probably could have saved me a lot of discomforts and a better prescription. Sometimes the real thing, where you can get your vitals checked, is what’s needed. I still like the idea, but it has serious limitations.

  12. Set up an appointment and felt I was taken.

    Set up an appointment and felt I was taken. I had a severe sinus infection, and because I had to watch for all infections because of a mechanical heart valve, I was told I didn’t have my infection long enough. I will never call them again or refer anyone. I feel my money was stolen from me. What doctor makes you wait until the infection is worse to treat??

  13. I will not be choosing Dr. Duque ever again!!!

    I have used PlushCare on several occasions and LOVED it!
    This last time, for my 16 yr olds strep throat, the ball was DROPPED by Dr. Duque. He only prescribed 7 days of antibiotics for my son, on the 9th day my son says his throat is hurting again.

    I call up PlushCare to see if I can get at least 3 more days worth of antibiotics to equal 10 days, and I was told NO. Your son needs to be seen. so he has now missed more school because I couldn’t get him into see his doctor on Sunday, and I’m down $450.00 dealing with strep.

  14. Charging me even though I have the insurance!

    They charged me 99 dollars even though I had my insurance. Now they wouldn’t respond to my emails! It’s a total scam and the doctor cannot help you remotely. Told me to go see a doctor. Seriously??! Worst platform ever! Don’t waste your money and time with these losers. Google is better and free.

  15. What happens if the doctor cannot solve my issue?

    I did love speaking to the doctor, he was more concerned about my health than making money. He recommended I go to the ER for my blood pressure and wasn’t comfortable filling my prescription.

    Since he couldn’t help me he assured me I wouldn’t be charged. So the doctor gets an A+++. However, on their website (which I thoroughly looked through) they state they do NOT charge your credit card the fee until 30 minutes AFTER the appointment.

    They lie! I was charged as soon as I made the appointment, which was hours later. And sure, I get a refund that can now take up to TEN days, when I shouldn’t have been charged at all. It’s their own site that says this.

Reviews: 18
Reported Loss : 100 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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