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Do Not Use Prosperity Bank - Heights

This coming from a guy who’s been jerked around by several banks, thinking that nobody could possibly be worse than Wells Fargo…

Do not use Prosperity Bank – Heights. I wanted a local bank with whom I could build a few businesses and possibly re-finance my mortgage.

After moving close to 7 figures through the bank to build 2 new businesses, I began to get daily overdraft fees for temporarily falling below $3k in my account…an obviously egregious offense, even though I wasn’t alerted until after the fact and until charges had begun to accumulate.

When I asked if I could immediately replenish $3k and have the charges waived, I was told no and that they would continue to charge me $3 per day until I paid them.

Seeing as I work 8-5, and their doors open promptly at 9:01 and lock at 4:59 on the dot (they define the term “banker’s hours”), it took a little time before I could take time off of work to atone for my sins.

In the end they calculated that I owed $143 for my crime…a small amount of money in the overall scheme of things, but a big indication of how I would be treated had I stayed with them.

I have 3 issues with the way this was handled:

1) “Gotcha!” Clearly Prosperity would rather charge you anything they can than build a long lasting relationship, to the point they will charge $3/day on top of late fees and penalties.

If you choose to bank with them, watch out as they’re looking to take their pound of flesh any way they can.

I’m glad I learned this early on in my experience with Prosperity…I can’t imagine all of the hidden fees and other “gotcha”‘s that would have occurred had I actually re-fi’d my mortgage with them.

2) Lack of business acumen. If you’re a bank and have a business account with large sums of money going through it, are you really so narrow minded that you’d rather collect $143 in late fees and daily charges than to continue to do business with someone who wishes to use your institution exclusively to build businesses?

That seems like a bad business model…and indicates that one is not a good business partner going forward.

3) Personal service. At some point, you would think that someone would say “let’s work together on this and figure out a solution” rather than smile and let a large account simply close and walk out of the door.

But hey, they wanted that $143, and it was clearly more important than maintaining a business relationship.

If this is how their business accounts are handled, I can’t imagine how you’d be treated as a personal account. I wouldn’t suggest finding out.

Is Prosperity Bank - Heights a legit?

Prosperity Bank - Heights is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Prosperity Bank - Heights located?

Prosperity Bank - Heights is headquarted at 2310 Yale St Houston, TX 77008. You can contact Prosperity Bank - Heights by dialing (713) 861-1125 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Prosperity Bank - Heights’s customers?

According to Prosperity Bank - Heights’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3210 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Prosperity Bank – Heights


    DO NOT BANK WITH PROSPERITY. They have been nothing but the absolute WORST. They have extremely deceptive business behaviors. Trust me or see for yourself. They use passive intimidation, they put our card on hold without telling us.

    They also are holding my wife’s card for some reason! They won’t allow her to have hers. And they are asking us to provide utility bills for them?! I’ve never heard of that! They even asked for a lease agreement! Threatening to close our account.

    They had their little security guard with a gun look at my vehicle to see what we drive and try to intimidate us! They are VERY weird. We are just regular folks. They lie and can not communicate for their life.

    And this is all of their banks! Not just one location. Even their customer service is not on the same page! And then they blame each other for their lies and miscommunication…just crazy. I would rate 0 stars if possible.

  2. Not Great bank

    Not Great bank, people and service. Have been banking there for 20+ years.

  3. Very service oriented organization.

    Very service oriented organization. Always a live person to speak to, and emails are replied to quickly. David P. is a top notch banker who got a grasp on my company’s past, present and future picture/vision and goes the extra mile to provide superior customer satisfaction.

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 3210 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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