Ripped me off for $15,000

InventureX scammed me out of my dream and $15,000.00. Don’t make the same mistake I did, do not hire these criminal VP Mark Campbell and they uses fake affiliate Kevin Harrington!

I have numerous evidence and proof of 17 promises which is not delivered at all and is completely clear that they want to scam anybody who will invest with InventureX

All victims please copy and paste links below for help.

1.) Victims first please go to and fill out the easy FBI ic3 report.
2.) Victims who have credit card or wire transfers
3.) Victims please go to if your bank refuses to help you

My overwhelming amount of evidence is completely clear! These criminals have done nothing!

The main item that is never delivered from the signed/dated InventureX contract are the thousand email list.

This item is the most costly in the contract because InventureX uses the word “backers” meaning that each backer is to purchase at least one good or service from that individual’s Kickstarter Campaign.

If the InventureX contract specifically states “2000+ email list of backers” and the cost of each good or service within that campaign is $50 then that calculates to be $100,000.

To date I have not received at least one email address of a backer to my campaign and it has been well over 5 months.

InventureX does multiple baiting and switching fraud tactics to lure their victims to sign the contract and to wire money to a Wells Fargo Account that has an account name “Crowdfund Rescue, LLC”.

InventureX have not launched my Kickstarter campaign as promised at all!!! The list goes on with experiences of other victims.

And again, I advise anyone that has been scammed by the InventureX financial terrorists to contact their local FBI office and also submit the online complaint form at describing the scam in detail and the amount of money that has been stolen by these cocky and most ruthless criminals!

They are financial terrorists and must be stopped at all costs!

More people will be robbed if people don’t take action and fight back!

Their Disclaimer Reads; is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Finnmax, LLC (Producer), One Three Television LLC, Sony Pictures Television, Inc., Mark Burnett Productions, Inc., Shark Tank, Shark Tank television show, the cast of Shark Tank, American Broadcasting Company, or The Disney Companies.

InventureX is providing a public service for any and all inventors or entrepreneurs interested in submitting for participation as to how to best get on Shark Tank. Shark Tank Logo image credit: By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Is InventureX a scam?
InventureX is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is InventureX legit?
First InventureX is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by InventureX’s consumers?
There is/are 12 review(s) posted about InventureX and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is InventureX located?
InventureX is located at 7083 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA. You can contact InventureX by dialing 1-800-207-8408 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by InventureX’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $15000 was the total loss incurred by InventureX’s customers.

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12 Reviews on InventureX

  1. InventureX is nothing but a SCAM - stole $7000

    Just filed a formal complaint with FBI. Filed with BBB last month and the company responded saying our project had been completed.
    We paid them $7000 on 2/19/2020 to do their 90 day crowdfunding campaign project. We are now nine months into this project and they have failed to provide ANY of the services they stated in their Agreement with our company.
    They ghost you, or if they do answer an email, tell you something general to make you believe they are working on it still. They are a con, a scam, and a company/people that should personally be held accountable for stealing money from people and businesses who put their faith in a business that “says’ they can help you raise money. Crowdfund Rescue LLC/InventureX needs to be shut down, fined, and its employees punished severely.

  2. Fraud!

    All, please email me at [email protected]. we have a group taking action against the company.

  3. Disgusting people and company! InventureX SUCKS!

    What the others describe is true. Those people should be in prison earning money to refund to the people they frauded. SCUM! Mark Campbell is SCUM!

  4. InventureX should have NEVER taken us on THEY USED US

    Our company invested almost $13,000 to join the arena of Crowdfunding. We submitted our project (which was more a service than anything) and they we so very confident that our project would make a great success story in their company. We were the first of a kind among anything they ever handled so we were kind of making history with this company, or were we?

    We STRONGLY believe we were used as guinea pigs to test waters they never had been in. The communication was so poor and the photoshopped pictures used in our project were horrible. They changed the wording of important points of our business and made it sound juvenile. The overall gist was the crowdfunding was a complete FAILURE, they raised NOTHING for us and there were no follow up calls or corrosponcande regarding our outcome. THIS COMPANY SHOULD HAVE NEVER TAKEN US ON. They should have had a much more diligent and real approach with us instead of using us as some kind of experiment. One of the team members seemingly sounded drunk each time we spoke and was very interruptive.

    Our company is called C.R.A.T.E. & Play LLC. We are a Canine Healing Hotel in search of investor funding. Our financials are rock solid and an investor joining us will do very well. We would give InventureX a negative star if we could.

    The worst part is that one of our main contributors to the InventureX funding we needed to enter the crowdfunding phase passed away along the way and the insensitivity regarding this very emotional loss was BAFFLING. We were taken advantage of and may possibly seek legal actions because we feel our company was severely mis-represented.


    CRATE & Play LLC


    [email protected]


    Everything said here is true!
    I got scammed $10,000 by inventurex. I lost over $395,000 additional importing over 5 metric tons of ingredients,purchasing automatic Capsule filling machines from China and many more to prepare for the launch which never happened.
    Now i will sue them!!

  6. They Stole 16K from me! We need stop them! Please email me

    Please! Anyone else who has been screwed by this company email me. It’s too expensive to go at them alone and they are counting on that! But, if we come together we can get a lawyer and stop them from scamming more people. [email protected]. I signed up with them in September of last year. As soon as I saw which way the wind was blowing I looked up InventureX aka crowdfund rescue LLC on the BBB. It confirmed that what I was going through wasn’t an anomaly. Last year (2019) When I first looked them up on the BBB there were complaints up the wazoo all saying the same thing. Not sure how but those complaints from 2019 are gone. But 2020 has a whole new set of complaints. Needless to say there are Lotts of us out there. So let’s come together and shut these people down! It’s our duty to save the next inventor/entrepreneur from loosing their money and very possibly their dream of starting a business.

  7. Got scammed of $15,000

    I got scammed out of $15k as well. Similar situation from everyone else that posted here. They didn’t do any work and kept the money. I even asked for a partial refund just to be fair since the launch didn’t happen and all they did was attended 1 online meeting with me.

    I’m wondering if we can start a class action lawsuit with everyone that got scammed from them? Please email me if you got scammed from them would like to start a class action lawsuit.

    [email protected]



    My name is Paul Roberts and I’m a leader in the space of healthcare reform. This is a factual account of my experience with InventureX, a crowdfunding company. I signed with InventureX on December 13, 2019, after being lured in by the prospect of “partnering“ with Kevin Harrington, from TVs Shark Tank. That same day, I received a personalized video from Kevin Harrington himself (which I still have) saying how excited he was to work with me using InventureX as the crowdfunding platform to raise needed funds for my project, a healthcare reform documentary. In the video Kevin actually mentions InventureX by name and as well as Mark’s name (supposedly the vice president of InventureX, Mark Campbell). Of course, I was excited initially to sign with them and the kick-off discussion was the same day. The kick-off call was with Mark Campbell and Joe Parker, among others. As with many other testimonials I’ve heard, the initial conversation seemed professional and enthusiastic and they effectively promised the moon with a slew of “goodies“ I would be getting including: pre-launch marketing, audience research and development, a Kickstarter page build-out, press release, influencer engagement, social media hype and email marketing. The date I am writing this is March 13, 2020. Since the date of signing there has been zero initiative, updates or otherwise from InventureX! The Kickstarter page they promised has not been developed or even touched. I would periodically call asking for a status update but would instead get the runaround from what seemed to be some kind of a remote call center about how so-and-so wasn’t available and they would pass along the message, which of course they didn’t or it was simply ignored… Often, the reception staff was very rude and quick tempered. I would also periodically send emails asking for updates, which weren’t responded to. Upon learning about all of the other testimonials out there on the internet and hearing the same stories as mine about how they were scammed, I was finally able to arrange a call with Joe Parker (though I didn’t tell him I was aware of the scam when setting up the call). Then on the call I proceeded to mention everything to Joe I was aware of and how they are obviously running a scam operation. Joe had clearly heard this many times before and was completely unshaken, simply returning the conversation back to how he could help me with my crowdfunding campaign-which I obviously was no longer interested in! During the conversation with Joe I told him that I would be informing Kevin Harrington that they are running a scam operation and providing other testimonials to him as well (I do actually have connections to him). Interestingly, Joe was completely unraveled by the notion of me notifying Kevin Harrington (makes you think). After this call on the same day, I sent an email to the entire team at InventureX letting them know about my call earlier with Joe and that I am clearly not playing games and demanded my money (12.k) back. Mark Cmapbell replied to this email with a diversion tactic similar to that used by Joe in my conversation with him, simply turning the focus back to how they can help me with my crowdfunding campaign (really!?). After this, I proceeded with my plan to inform Kevin Harrington that I was aware of the InventureX scam. My contact (a close colleague of his) said the information was forwarded to Kevin. Though I asked that Kevin clear his name, I never heard back from one Kevin Harrington…

    -Paul Roberts, [email protected]
    *Contact Del at [email protected] (he is collecting testimonials from victims of InventureX in order to organize action against them).

  9. is a complete SCAM

    I decided to do business with Inventurex last year because they associate themselves with Shark Tank and Kevin Harrington. So I didn’t worry about the companies credibility and check here first or for negative reviews. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! What a shame Shark Tank is associated with them and I will be filing a complaint with them also. I gave a 28k to start my project which they said was perfect candidate for their service. They said we need to get moving because this will be for the first quarter campaign. They show urgency to get moving and make sure we could get this thing campaign running in March. When they were trying to get my money I received 14 emails staying contact and then when they received my money it got real quite. Then three weeks later I didn’t hear anything so I emailed asking how things were going and they said they were waiting on my info which I sent. I send it again and again they said they didn’t receive. Three days this goes on and then they finally receive it saying sorry sent the “didn’t receive it to the wrong person”. From January to now I have sent 20 emails with many ignored, I only received 7 emails and most of those were redirects or broken promises. So that tells you how many of my emails were ignored and not answered. I kept asking for an update and to see where we are in the process and they were basically ignored. Never received anything showing me were they were in the process. No Video, Press releases, or anything. Just two lists of organizations and Facebook groups that would be a good fit. I could have created this list within hours. The last email they responded to was me saying I better hear something, or I am getting an attorney. They respond within the same day saying they understand my frustration and the team will get back to me with an itinerary of the progress by Friday. No surprise NOTHING!!!! When they associated themselves with Shark Tank and Kevin Harrington and saying they will talk to Kevin about getting me on Shark Tank because I have such a great campaign. I never thought I would have to check the credibility of this company. I cannot wait to see what Shark Tank thinks about them using their name as a reference.

  10. They stole $14,000 from us

    These criminals stole $14,000 from us and NEVER launched a crowdfunding campaign for us. They should be locked up! Kevin Harrington is a accomplice. He is a partner and we did it because he endorses this scam. Without his endorsement we would have never done it. It’s all true they are liers and pro scammers. Mark Campbell is the head criminal.

Reported Loss :15000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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