Deceived people

Advertised it was legal to import hemp oil as a Food supplement. Mislead Australian and Canadian people. Government have posted a statement letting people know hempworx WAS NOT invited to get a lisence . Its up to individual companies to get the proper paperwork in place . Yet hempworx CEO continued assuring us it was all above board…

Is Hempworx a legit?

Hempworx is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 23 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Hempworx located?

Hempworx is headquarted at 5000 Estate Enighed, Independence, KS 67301, USA. You can contact Hempworx by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Hempworx’s customers?

According to Hempworx’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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23 Reviews on Hempworx

  1. mydailychoice hempworx overinflates, underdelivers, misleads in every way!

    What a scam! They charge you, make you spend a LOT of money every month, make inflated promises for affiliates and it’s all misleading. Also, compared to other similar structured companies, the compensation is horrible! You bring in customers and they take them and don’t pay you commissions unless you keep bringing in LOTS more for them to take and make $ on – without compensating YOU!
    Their customer service is horrible.
    They don’t care about the customer.

    Even as a customer, they scam you and mislead you. The sales and deals are a a JOKE. Just recently, they had this major email ad – colorful and highlighting new gummies and their big BOGO event. colorful pictures and descriptions of these great gummies and how ALL products are BOGO, today only, etc. etc. THEN, they only send you ONE gummy package and charge you for it. No BOGO. When you complain, they tell you there was a disclaimer. NO! They tell you it wsa indicated online when you ordered ABSOLUTELY NOT. Then, they refer to this SMALL print in the ad that is contradictory to the ENTIRE ad above and makes no sense. You have to pay for shipping to get and pay full price for something you figured was only worth trying with the BOGO (because their other gummies are DISGUSTING). They will not send you a second one despite the misleading ad and order process AND will charge you shipping AGAIN to send it back for a refund of the product only.

    I’m so disgusted and shocked with what they get away with as they get rich. What a scheming company. They should be investigated and hit with fines and whatever else to STOP these practices!

  2. Great product

    I started taking Hempworx about 2years ago! I have used many other brands that are nowhere near as good! Hempworx has helped me tremendously with many health problems… but mostly with my severe back pain and arthritis in my hands. Without this product I am in almost constant pain. It is a great product…. it sure works for me.

  3. Scammers

    Liars. They lie about when bringing cbds into Canada and have for years and steal everyone’s teams after they kick you out fir calling them out!

  4. Yet Another "Hopium" Company

    I am not an affiliate but was just reading reviews of this company since I just received a spam email in my inbox about it. This email was focused on 6-7 figures being made by those who joined without having to recruit anyone because their team would somehow do it for you – LOL.
    After reading some of the other comments on here, it reminds me of another company called Equinox which was around in 1999 era, which I was a distributor for briefly, and was shutdown a couple years later after I got out. They had all the legit products and compensation plan and everything, right up until they were shutdown. Their main mistake which made it illegal was they were dangling riches and wealth in front of people to get them to join and front-load their own businesses. The CEO would talk to all the top affiliates like total crap, and they would always say they you were not working hard enough even though the average affiliate made less than $200 per month. The initial success of that company was not based off sales of the overpriced products, which don’t matter, but rather on recruitment of more and more people into the scheme. This was where the real money was made and that made it illegal. Only the people at the very top were making any real money. This eventually invited a government investigation and got the CEO sent to jail and barred from the MLM industry for life. This Hempworx is just another one of the same thing, which preys on people’s hope for a more secure financial future, but will end in poverty for the vast majority of its affiliates.

  5. Great Product & Company

    I have been using the CBD oil for over a year now. The oil helped me so much with my joint discomfort I joined the company as an affiliate. If you want to make an income with this company, you need to work it as a business/job.

  6. This sounds like someone who has a poor work ethic

    This company is debt free and has the best compensation around . In a home based business you take risks like any other business and you take a bigger risk if you invest and don’t work your business. This review sounds like someone who ASSumed they could invest and then not work. Hmmmm sorry not sorry

    1. Don't do it.

      Don’t waste your time or money,.
      Their reps give you a whole different picture when they’re trying to get you to sign up, then what it actually is. They’ll tell you that you’ll get 50% commission. Not true! They will tell you that if you really want to make money you need to buy the Director or Executive pack(which is $599). The average monthly income at the Executive rank is ONLY $80 a month. Now, what they don’t tell you is that if you don’t sell $599 a month worth of products, you have to make up that difference every month buying product or you lose your rank. Also, selling the products isn’t really pushed that much, recruiting is. In all the groups it’s always focused on bringing people into the business by building your downline. Which I found odd. You’re pushed to front load products. It’s more of a order products and you can sell them at vendor events or to friends and family kind of thing. Then when all the new products were released we were told to buy them all and be a product or the products BS. It’s always about YOU buying. And they say you don’t have to buy product to be an affiliate and that 100% a LIE. If you want to earn a commission, you have to buy every month!!!

      There is absolutely NO support and it’s very clickish and cult like to me. We were told told to join medical illness, anxiety, depression groups etc and tell them what their CBD oil has done for us-even if it did nothing. Basically just lie if you have to.

      And when you’ve done everything’they’ve told you to do, you’re still not working hard enough. It’s always YOUR fault. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine told me these were pyramid schemes, that I realized I got duped. She pulled up their Income Disclosures online, and that’s when I seen the real truth. My own fault for not reading them prior to signing up. You’ll find they create a sense of urgency to get you in, before you can even do any research. Which again, my own fault. I got out immediately after reading those.

      And anyone who is praising them is selling for them and still drinking the Kool Aid. My advice it don’t bother reading the compensation plan first, because that’s just bullshit, instead read the two years of Income Disclosure Statements LINE BY LiNE,And look at how many affiliates make what amount at what rank. Like only 150 people in the company even averaged $1300 a month and I think only like 50 people average $2500 a month.

      You’ll never be successful at this business because like another reviewer said, the people at the tippy top are getting salaries, they started there, they didn’t work themselves from the bottom up like they make you believe.

      People still in try and make you believe that people who complain just didn’t know how to work their “biz” and thought we were just gonna come in and make money, And that’s not true. Those people just say that because they’re still holding out hope that they’ll make it, and unfortunately, they won’t. Their own numbers don’t lie…

      Just be careful and do a ton of research prior to joining. Talk to people who left and ask them why they left, ask them how much they invested, how much they lost. Don’t ask the affiliates, because they’ll just tell you everything you’d ever want to hear.

  7. This company had every excuse not to accept my payment

    I was lured into joining this product by a youtube video and a retired marine. I won’t even say the name out of respect. First of all, when I tried to sign up as a director, I put enough items in the cart in order to equal that level, which is $207, just to buy the one coffee pack and a boost nutritional oral spray, and 2 cbd oil tinctures, for $207! Then, it took me to the page to sign up as an affiliate, I gave my username password, $20 for the website, I gave two different credit card info’s it didn’t accept it even though they have been good to use everywhere because of claims of fraud protection. Then, they want you to email them your credit card info after they claim it wasn’t accepted! ID# username and email. Is this even legal for this company to get away with something like this? Now, I come to this page and read the comments. I say don’t waste your time with this company joining!

  8. It Isn’t Worth It

    I became a rep of Hempworx last year and from the get go it felt fishy. My upline is basically brain washed and lied to me saying CBD was legal in our state. It, in fact, is not. I noticed posts in support groups for reps and contacted compliance about it and that was a complete waste of time. Compliance seems to pick and choose what they care about. In the four months I repped for them I spent over a thousand dollars (because you have to buy product every month) and didn’t even get a quarter of it back from sales. I may have made two sales total and you want to know why? Everyone’s complaint was the prices! Hempworx is a lot more expensive than their competitors and they’ll tell you it’s because their competitors products are absolute crap whole their is basically made out of pure gold. A friend of mine who was also a rep for them would ask questions and was literally chewed a new butt by Kim (who is a major rep). She went completely over the line and my friend said that’s enough. I quit. It’s like a giant clique and if you don’t fall in line, you get chewed out or blocked from the groups. It’s basically like high school. We didn’t even have the money I spent on buying products every month but my upline was all “oh you’ll be rolling in the dough at no time!” Wrong. I will not make that mistake again and I won’t get tangled up in Hempworx again, either.

Reviews: 23
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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