Glen Goddard

Andrew Glen Goddard, a romance scam artist

Glen Goddard says he’s in the army, his wife was killed in an accident, and his daughter is in college. I’m still stringing him along, and I wanted to see how far I can make it sweat and regret he ever ‘found’ me.

Did he ever go as far as to tell anyone that his portfolio is worth over 323 million dollars and it holds his retirement papers, and his diplomat, David Mark, is being held up in customs until $50,000 is delivered to him, to be released and enable Andrew to get out of Syria safely?

This Andrew Glen Goddard monster got so angry when I mentioned I would contact an American embassy to help get him out safely because he trusted this sorry-ass David, who kept lying to him.

Oh, believe me, ladies, I’m having way too much fun playing with him and playing the sympathetic woman in love with him. But all joking around, does anyone know if he can be stopped, should I contact my local newspaper, can I do anything to help trap him, to get him?

Someone, please let me know.


Is Glen Goddard a legit?

Glen Goddard is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 68 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Glen Goddard located?

Glen Goddard is headquarted at Virginia. You can contact Glen Goddard by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Glen Goddard’s customers?

According to Glen Goddard’s customers, a monetary loss of US $78659 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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68 Reviews on Glen Goddard

  1. Nearly fell for it

    I started talking to him the last three days. He told me that there was a fake profile going around of him.

    They asked me questions about my fav color and what I like doing. And if I was married. I told him I live with my boyfriend…He didn’t ask anything about my relationship with my man.

    He told me about his daughter, who is in boarding school in America, And that he is in Syria.

    He asked me for $5000 to pay for the delivery of his portfolio and told me he would come to Australia to plc it up, and it was worth millions. He would give me double the money back.

    After I told him I didn’t have $5000, he said to name a price. I said No.

    I think he tried to ring me but got a miss call on google chat. Red flags went straight up after that, so I blocked him.

  2. Says his daughter is 13 in private school in CA

    Was friend request by Glen Goddord today. Said he is stationed in Syria for peace talks. Told me his daughter is 13 in private school in CA. That he is widowed , that she died 7 years ago from leukemia. Was blowing up my dm all day. How is he in peace talks if messaging me???

  3. Dirty rotten scum!

    This guy Glenn Goddard did the same thing to a really good friend of mine just recently. When she realized what he was doing and she called him out, he also became angry and extremely ignorant of her. This scum then had the balls to friend request me and several other women from my friends, friend list.

    Since then, she has made her friend list private, and only she can see it. After I read the texts this vile rat sent to my friend, I unleashed hell on him. Don’t mess with my friends.

    I hope something is done about this monster who prays on, especially lonely women. My friend lost her husband last year, and “Glenn Goddard” saw that and tried to take advantage of a lonely, sad woman.

  4. It sucks to get scammed!

    Like so many others , Glenn A. Goddard requested me to friend him. The uniform caught my eye. Knew from the start he was trolling for women to scam. He can’t spell and his phraseology is bad! Being a veteran, I was appalled he would impersonate a decorated war hero. No Brigadier General I worked under in the military would would be caught dead on FB messenger! Within 2 days he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. I’m 5yrs older, a widow on a limited budget. He told 1 lie right after, often repeating himself because he forgot what he said. Men like him need to be shut down. For every lie he told me I told a bigger one! He can be very romantic but I just kept string him along! Finally after a little over a week, he told me he needs $5,000 to pay a diplomat to mail to me his portfolio. He said the US government gave it to them for their hard work! Supposedly, it had all of his important documents, gold & silver bars, cash and diamonds. He said if I helped him he’d pay off all of my bills. When I liedand said I needed time to get that kind cash together, he bought it! When I told him I couldn’t get it, among other things, he wanted me to get a loan. I just kept playing along. He would tell me his portfolio had been stored in a warehouse but it was no longer safe and he didn’t want to die there. He was quite insistive! He had also told his wife died in a car accident. First it was years ago, then 5 yrs ago even 2yrs ago. His daughter was 14 and in the Marine Corp College in Alexandria VA, which was where he claimed to live. There’s no such school in Alexandria VA. So today I was to try again and had again mentioned something about dying. When I woke up today, I went onto Google Chat (he couldn’t be on FB because of his job! I typed in “Glen” you have been scammed! I immediately uninstalled Google Chat and blocked him on FB and messenger. He also could not call. When you go to messenger and search Glenn or Andrew Goddard, at least 2 dozen of him pop up with 98% of them with the same pic! In 24 hrs he went from Glenn A. Goddard to Glenn B. Goddard! This man is a piece of work. There are so many of them out there. FB needs to shut him down. He’s breaking all kinds of laws! If he really needs money, he should write a romance novel because he knows all the right things to say.

  5. Andrew glen goddard is a scam.

    He told me the same things that he’s in the army his wife died his daughters in boarding school he was adopted to a family who died he has nobody and no family and he’s wanting me to marry him right now I just met him like 3 days ago and all he wants to do is keep proposing to me he’s a big scam artist

  6. Gobsmacked

    Glenn GODDARD CONTACTED Me a week ago and has sworn his undying love and devotion to me. I am recently widowed, 75 years of age, and he is 62. To him age is only number and he quotes such wonderful heartfelt passages, for me to trust him, give my heart to him and he will love me and take care of me forever. I was almost taken in but bells were ringing for me and I spoke to a friend who looked him up on Google. I cannot believe he is a scammer!!

  7. He just tried to friend my on FB tonight!

    I wouldn’t accept his friend request. Had a feeling and read it’s a scammer. He only had 2 followers and started 14 hrs ago so easily knew, sad. Losers!!!

  8. Glenn goddard

    Glenn has retired

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Reported Loss : 78659 $
Severity : High
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