Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull

VEER LEASE, Torque lease

Veer Lease – Geoff Eldridge (also goes by Geoff Hull). BEWARE. If you have a luxury high end car and trying to get out of a lease, he will find you on

He has multiple companies and multiple names. He claims he will rent your car until he finds a credit qualified buyer who wants to take over the lease. He claims most cars are swapped within 4-6 weeks.

Geoff Eldridge claims he will pay all payments on time. He paid payments 3 weeks late, and would sparsely reply to texts or emails once the car was in his possession.

He acquired $365 in late payments and didn’t pay them. Turns out my car was in Vegas for 2 months with a very “questionable” renter. There was never any advertising (which we asked for multiple times), or from what we can tell, any indication of finding a “credit qualified buyer”.

He gets his hands on very expensive cars and I’ve read multiple other reports of cars gone missing. My car was found in a Vegas tow yard, and after uncovering all of this over the weekend, we decided to cancel our contract with him and get the car ourselves and bring it home.

He also has not mailed back 2 $600 keys. I’m so grateful I was able to get my car back, as you can find other reports online of others that were not so fortunate.

Veer Lease’s Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull is a Scammer! Do not lease your car to this screw ball!!! He preys on people trying to swap out their lease that have high end luxury cars on DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! He will wine and dine you and he rents your cars to prostitutes, strippers and drug dealers.

Mine was found in a tow yard in Las Vegas and I had to fly there to pick it up!!! And now am stuck with 2 car payments! When he did choose to make a payment it was 3 weeks late and he never paid the late payment fees! And he destroyed my credit!

He’s under 3 fake names and runs this under 10 different business names. HE’S BEEN TO JAIL FOR THIS SCAM, IS OUT AND IS STILL DOING IT. I’M OUT $20,000

Thank god I found my car – he STEALS CARS!

Is Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull a legit?

Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull located?

Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull is headquarted at 106 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. You can contact Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull by dialing 310-906-0979 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull’s customers?

According to Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3266 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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1 Reviews on Geoff Eldridge & Geoff Hull

  1. There is someone that can help you stop the scamming of Geoff Eldridge Hull!!

    I was a recent victim of this scum bag Geoff Eldridge Hull… He has a rap sheet a mile long that not only has SEVERAL arrests and convictions, but also over 10 judgments and liens along with stacks of internet complaints… If you have fallen victim to this SCUMBAG, contact LA Intelligence Private Investigators and talk to Brian… He recently was able to get my car back from this scamming piece of trash and certainly can help anyone out there…

    1. Open lease transfer scam

      He did the same thing to me. Any advice in how to get my car back?

Reviews: 1
Reported Loss : 3266 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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