The Business Of Making Itself Is Lrrelevant

Equifax should be trusted with credit information to prove creditworthiness (trustworthiness).

The company still gives away 143000000 Americans’ social security numbers and other private information.

They give it away because they don’t take security seriously.

Anyone can now apply for credit using the information of those people.

Other people may apply for credit from those individuals.

What’s the point in a credit bureau that doesn’t have accurate information.

This company seems to be in the business of being irrelevant.

Thank you for sharing my information.

It would help if you offered more than your company’s BS credit monitoring.

As if I could trust that this is the subsequent breach.

Is Equifax a legit?

Equifax is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 35 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Equifax located?

Equifax is headquarted at 1100 Abernathy Rd NE Ste 300 Atlanta, GA 30328. You can contact Equifax by dialing (678) 795-7000 or visit their website equifax.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Equifax’s customers?

According to Equifax’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2325 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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35 Reviews on Equifax

  1. i hope most of you at the top go to jail or never work again.. shame on you..

    The creditworthiness assessment model in the US has been trashed. They have sold your information to credit card companies to get you to sign up for more credit and to make a commission for the ads that they show.
    This is nothing but a greed-driven money grab. If you are a music major and your corp security chief, I have to ask you what you talk about at your corp meetings. How to scam people, line the pockets of the uninformed, and keep the scam alive? You have lost my data that you did not consent to.

    I am here to help you through litigation. I am available for small claims, class action, and any other court or the legal avenue. I hope that most people at the top end go to prison or never work again.

  2. I look forward to joining a class action suit that will result in the liquidation of this company.

    They failed to secure their accounts and had poor management oversight, resulting in a massive data breach that affected millions of accounts. It is still not clear how severe this breach was. They did not apply a patch to a vulnerability in their software.
    Criminals have access to driver’s licenses, social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, and other information. This will have a massive impact on businesses and individuals across the country, potentially costing billions of dollars.

    Insider trading by executives before the announcement demonstrates how little they care. I look forward to joining a class action suit to end this company’s liquidation.

  3. Hope they close up shop after all this.

    They were slow to inform me about a data breach. They tried to make me pay for credit monitoring and freeze my data. Then when I tried to set up a pin freeze to stop the system from hanging up again, it did not repeat, so there was no way to record it. I hope they shut down their business after this.

  4. I'll try one of the other services, either Experian or Transunion.

    Despite my phone number being given, I did not receive a response. Transunion and Experian are options I’ll consider. They won’t let you sign up for the program free of charge as they are starting a new program after January 31.

  5. horrible to talk to.

    These people can have a conversation with you. These people can be full of lies and ruin someone’s life through mismanagement of information. My wife attempted to verify her employer’s date and time of employment to obtain credit references for the property she was trying to rent. This is not a good idea.

  6. Scammer

    My CU provides free id security. I had to authenticate my ID and verify it. Equifax supports it, so hold ….. forever.

  7. I hope this forces them out of business.

    They allowed hackers to access our data. I wanted to prevent myself from any damage caused by their error, so I went in and froze my credit report. I have tried several times but only received an error message.
    Equifax is the worst. Equifax is a fraudster and doesn’t allow victims to take precautions. I hope they are forced out of business.

  8. NOT Recommended.

    Equifax should face severe sanctions for allowing all of our data to be hacked. They should be tried and convicted, not allowed to do business at Our Expense! But here’s the kicker. Your data is only accessible by the government social security office using Equifax.
    If Equifax made you cancel your account due to their negligence, it’s best to avoid dealing with government agencies. This is where someone is receiving kickbacks. (I would have given them negative stars if I could. They don’t even deserve 1 star.) p.s.

  9. Never Again

    They leaked all of my personal information, and they stole my identity.

  10. Scammer

    After I had completed all of the above and signed the dispute form, I received an email stating that they couldn’t make any changes to my file. They also asked me for my social insurance number (which I did), to sign my dispute (which I did), and proof of my birth date because my fax was not legible.
    My documents were sent twice on two different days. There is no way that both of them aren’t legible. They entered my birth year incorrectly and not mine. It shouldn’t be challenging to change it, especially if they have the correct date.

  11. Its is despicable.

    The manager will then get the call. This is a company policy since all of the above didn’t happen to you once, but two times when I called. They were identical word for word. It is abominable.

  12. This has to be the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

    This company is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. My bank switched credit card companies to allow me to roll the balance over to my new card. Well, Equifax did not update my credit information for the old card. Now I’m going to start an investigation with them about the information on my credit report.
    The Philippines is the call center, so it can sometimes be challenging to understand the representative on the phone. I spoke with the credit card company. They sent me the information showing how the cards were paid. However, Equifax said that they could not verify the information. I asked to speak with a manager. All you get is around conversation and excuses for why you cannot talk to a supervisor or manager.

  13. Therefore, I am unable to work.

    Although it is disappointing to see so many negative comments, it is comforting to know that not everyone has had/is experiencing a horrible experience with this company.
    Recently, I moved to a new province and was hired by an insurer. To sell insurance, I had to pass two certification exams followed by a government exam. Equifax is why I have not been able to obtain my license despite giving all of the exams.

    The company I work for must do a credit check to get my license. This is impossible because Equifax has my incorrect year of birth. So, I cannot work.

  14. Bad Services.

    1. It is practically impossible to talk to someone honestly since you are forced to go through inefficient and outdated automated systems. Since I was 10, I haven’t owned a landline. Customer service agents are poor-trained morons. I am 19 years old and have a better understanding of credit than the girl on either side. For instance, I understand that having no credit history and not having a credit report are two distinct things. Therefore, banks have dealt with people with no credit histories before.

  15. They have been manipulating the masses.

    Dismantle this entity! People have awaken to the injustice of these credit bureaus. They have been manipulating the masses.

Reviews: 35
Reported Loss : 2325 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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