The Business Of Making Itself Is Lrrelevant

Equifax should be trusted with credit information to prove creditworthiness (trustworthiness).

The company still gives away 143000000 Americans’ social security numbers and other private information.

They give it away because they don’t take security seriously.

Anyone can now apply for credit using the information of those people.

Other people may apply for credit from those individuals.

What’s the point in a credit bureau that doesn’t have accurate information.

This company seems to be in the business of being irrelevant.

Thank you for sharing my information.

It would help if you offered more than your company’s BS credit monitoring.

As if I could trust that this is the subsequent breach.

Is Equifax a legit?

Equifax is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 35 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Equifax located?

Equifax is headquarted at 1100 Abernathy Rd NE Ste 300 Atlanta, GA 30328. You can contact Equifax by dialing (678) 795-7000 or visit their website equifax.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Equifax’s customers?

According to Equifax’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2325 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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35 Reviews on Equifax

  1. Not what I was looking for in a "fraud alert" service.

    I’m not the type to write or submit reviews about products or services. It is not something I do very often. My life is very hectic, and I work under high pressure. After the terrible experience with Equifax Fraud Protection Services, I wrote a review.
    In April of, we joined Equifax Fraud Protection Services. This is due to the fact they are a central credit reporting agency. My wife and I joined the Equifax Fraud Protection Services “Family Plan.” We joined the “Family Plan” despite reading negative reviews. That was what we felt would be the best.

    We soon realized their service was slow and behind schedule. I created certain levels on my website to receive alerts based on the information provided. I want to be notified if credit card charges exceed $100.

    Equifax alerts took, on average, 3-5 days to show up. A criminal could have charged thousands of dollars to my cards. I would then charge different cards more than $100 during this period.

    Whenever there’s a charge on my Amex card, I get an email and a text message. Equifax took 3-5 days to send me an alert. This was not what I expected from a fraud alert service.

  2. I have contacted all companies that I deal with not to do business with them.

    I just requested an Equifax report. The report’s purpose was to secure a lease agreement for my son. I am the guarantor, which means I will pay for the lease. I also have a good investment portfolio. Because of their mistake, I had to decline to insure my Hudson Bay MasterCard. I have never received any other non-payments.
    They don’t consider assets and do not verify information provided by third parties. They also disclose personal information. I have been negatively affected by interest rates, despite the $1174 error in my credit report. It is beyond my comprehension why businesses would use their services. I have tried to contact all the companies I deal with, and they refused to do business.

  3. Bad Service Provide

    Wow. You should not sign up with them for any services! It’s hard to get hold of them to cancel the contract. Awful.

  4. This company is a JOKE.

    These are the people who manage my credit report, seriously? I spoke to 10 people and could not understand their broken English. It took 16 calls (no exaggeration) before I could finally get my request processed… I think. The same request was made last year. I was informed that it was being taken care of.
    One year later, I still have the same problem. Who decides which companies can be used for credit reporting? They should be called by these geniuses to help us all sort through the mountains of BS. This company is a joke.

  5. They are holding up my loan process. they shoud be sued.

    The worst customer service possible. No access to a human being. I want the freeze removed from my name. Equifax wanted to see the ten-digit number they gave me ten years ago! I tried to retrieve it using their computer system but was unsuccessful.
    The system didn’t recognize my name, ssn, and birthday. They put a credit freeze on me because they don’t have/or remember my name, ssn, and b/d. I sent a letter to them over a week back for special mailing. It was promised that the letter would arrive on Friday, June 10, 2010.

    I have not heard from you. Today is June 16, and I still haven’t heard from them. They are stalling my loan process. They should be sued.

  6. Basically they make it impossible to cancel during the first week and said there policy is NO REFUNDS!

    Terrible. Tried a weekly $1 trial. To cancel the trial, I tried twice a week. I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes each time and then had to return to work. My account was charged 19.95 on the seventh day. There is no way to cancel. You can cancel your account online at any time.
    Finally, I told my boss that I had to call. I finally reached a representative after 40 minutes on hold. They could not cancel my account, but they could not refund any or part of my 19.95. They were rude and unhelpful.

    They refused to cancel my account, and I was allowed to accept a prorated one. They made it impossible for me to cancel my account within the first week.

  7. Nothing is hidden forever. They will go under.

    Scammers. Rigged system. They are in the same boat as the U.S. Government and evil corporations. They have disabled reviews on Facebook and Google because they don’t want you to see all their dirt. They may leave negative credit information that should be deleted.
    They claim they investigate but do not do anything. You can’t claim that you have an account with a company, but they say so. There is no proof. No signature. No signature.

    They won’t let you dispute the same issue twice. But God isn’t mocked, and they will pay for your dirt. One day you will know. There is no such thing as a perfect answer. They will all go under.

  8. Don't dare explain it to me, so maybe I could be sympathetic and understand, you worthless, lazy parasites.

    Because all of my complaints have been posted here, I won’t be able to recite them. One exception: When I attempt to access my free credit report online, these useless cashsuckers send me error messages telling me that something in my data won’t allow them to put it online.
    Why can’t these guys aim their guns, car bombs, and hijacked aircraft at the oversexed crotches of Trans-Union, Experian, and Equifax toilet-bowl scum?

    They are terrorists who profit from the destruction they cause every day by compromising the lives of millions of Americans… and then laugh with their overstuffed paychecks.

    If the evil, sociopathic, and the naive president we just elected had any sanity, he would create legislation to supervise those Americans who deliberately and inadvertently destroy their fellow Americans’ lives by creating faulty credit histories rather than sending 800,000. Kids, somewhere they don’t have homes or families.


    This is not a deserving 1 star. EQUIFAX is the worst credit bureau and has some losers at its top. They let 150 million people’s personal information be hacked/stolen and then waited six weeks before reporting while their executives dumped stocks. Can you spell CRIMINAL? The CEO should be in prison! They will then offer credit monitoring for one year, which is mandatory by law after hacking.
    Experian is not trustworthy with critical data. Unfortunately, Americans aren’t allowed to choose which bureaus they can manage. Their reckless mismanagement and criminal leadership make them a danger to the entire company. They should have their doors shut down …. what good is this company?


    They allow themselves to be hacked and wait until they have sold their stock before notifying anyone (insider trading — a crime that can land them in jail). Then, they make excuses and pretend it’s nothing.

    I wish the people responsible for this mess would go to prison for the rest of their lives and get together with 300 lb. Bubba, who would like to make them all his women 365/24/7 as that would be the best Karma for the damage they did to the American people!!

  11. How is it that Equifax can steal/sell or lose my information an then offer zero assistance?

    How can Equifax steal, sell or lose my information and then offer no assistance? Their website crashes constantly and cannot support the traffic; their employees are untrained and uninterested. The CEO described it as a “humbling experience”! Their offer of Credit Monitoring is an example of their unethical business.
    My opinion? My view? They only had one job and failed. We are now subject to the long-lasting consequences of their stupidity. Bravo Equifax. Bravo!

  12. Never Again

    Of course, I have free id security through my CU. I had to authenticate and verify my id. Equifax supports it, so hold ….. forever.

  13. How is it that Equifax can steal/sell or lose my information an then offer zero assistance?

    How can Equifax steal/sell/lose my information and then offer no assistance? Their website crashes constantly and cannot support the traffic; their employees are untrained and uninterested. The CEO described it as a “humbling experience”! Their offer of Credit Monitoring is an example of their unethical business.
    My opinion? My view? They only had one job and failed. We are now subject to the long-lasting consequences of their stupidity. Bravo Equifax. Bravo!

  14. I hope this forces them out of business.

    They allowed hackers to access our data. I wanted to prevent myself from any damage caused by their error, so I went in and froze my credit report. I have tried several times but only received an error message. Equifax is a sham and doesn’t allow its victims to take any steps to protect themselves. Equifax is the worst. I hope they are forced out of business.

  15. Bad Service Provide

    They failed to secure their accounts and had poor management oversight, resulting in a massive data breach that affected millions of accounts. It is still not clear how severe this breach was. They did not apply a patch to a vulnerability in their software.
    Criminals have access to driver’s licenses, social security numbers, account numbers, addresses, and other information. This will have a massive impact on businesses and individuals across the country, potentially costing billions of dollars.

    Insider trading by executives before the announcement demonstrates how little they care. I look forward to joining a class action suit to end this company’s liquidation.

Reviews: 35
Reported Loss : 2325 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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