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Error on the Health Plans

Dr Sheena Kong offers her apology for not being able to see me and then states she checked her status with Brown & Toland Medical Group, etc. Any reader can check her response for him or her self.

I am a bit lost as I mentioned I was assigned by SFHP (San Francisco HealthPlan). I have done a bit of checking and SFHP and Brown & Toland are not associated as far as I can tell unless there is a contract unseen somewhere that ties them together.

Not withstanding, what is additionally puzzling is that as of the morning of 11/30/2015, I actually checked on Brown & Toland’s website and also went back to SFHP’s website and lo and behold Dr. Kong is STILL listed as an active provider, one that is accepting new patients and is a specialist in the field of Internal Medicine. Maybe by the time someone else checks on this it will have been corrected.

If Dr Sheena Kong is indeed NOT a provider for these Medical Groups and is stating so herself, then something is amiss or needs to be corrected. To be fair, this may be an error on the Health Plans themselves or their websites need to be updated or something else if going on.

I do still have the question as to the actual specialty, as mentioned in my initial review Dr. Kong is listed as a Board Certified Internal Medicine practitioner, also as a Primary Care Physician in places such as CPMC, Chinese Community Health Association, etc. Yet her website makes no mention of this, just the stuff about aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, etc.

Her website itself also states the following, “Dr. Kong is on the active staff of California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Memorial Hospital and Chinese Hospital.” This might explain her listing as a CPMC provider and other associated medical groups.

I have never been seen by Dr. Kong and neither have I met her so this is not a review about her as a person, or as a Doctor and her skills abilities and patient treatment. My issue is that I was not able to access care when I needed it and it still seems there is erroneous information out there.

Dr. Kong, I appreciate your response and all, but please as a service to you and we the community around San Francisco, please have accurate information about your services listed out there so we know what to do or NOT do. Good luck to you as well !

Is Dr Sheena Kong , MD a legit?

Dr Sheena Kong , MD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 14 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr Sheena Kong , MD located?

Dr Sheena Kong , MD is headquarted at us. You can contact Dr Sheena Kong , MD by dialing (628) 222-7606 or visit their website sheenakong.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr Sheena Kong , MD’s customers?

According to Dr Sheena Kong , MD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $124 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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14 Reviews on Dr Sheena Kong , MD

  1. Dr Kong and her staff are excellent.

    Dr Kong and her staff are excellent. Period. I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and skilled no-nonsense delivery of laser lypo to my inner knees. Dr. Kong is well-credentialed and I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and skill from the get-go! Very happy with the results I see as I continue to heal!

  2. I went to Dr. Kong after getting a recommendation from a friend.

    I went to Dr. Kong after getting a recommendation from a friend. She was even better than I expected. The office location is so chic and feels so tranquil. I originally went to get a SmartLipo consult but Dr. Kong really spent the time to give me all sorts of options and clearly explain what she would recommend.

    I did not feel rushed like I have at other places. I ended up choosing a few procedures and could not be happier with the results. I recommend anyone go to see Dr. Kong for skin care and other beauty needs.

  3. I will NEVER go back!!

    Where to begin…the front desk staff is so unprofessional and not friendly whatsoever, eating food at the front, how is that allowed? The fact they blast rap music in the wait room turned me off immediately plus I could hear everything that was being said, including bad mouthing patients.

    Kanisha was very unhelpful and unpleasant. It might be nice not to have all the charts visible as well. Dr. Kong herself was so conceited, all she could talk about was herself, if you’re looking to hear about her relationship problems that’s the place to go. I will NEVER go back!!

    October 29, 2018

  4. Dr. Sheena Kong is an absolutely exceptional physician.

    Dr. Sheena Kong is an absolutely exceptional physician. She is so skilled, meticulous, such a perfectionist in her work (which is exactly what we all want, yet so hard to truly find), so caring, very very responsive, kind, and respectful. I have been to numerous Medical Spa’s and Dermatologists and at last, this is the best by far.

    Her Botox injections are so carefully placed and so considered and precise. I have seen her for multiple Fraxel treatments, as well as Photofacial, Ultherapy, Thermage and I am so pleased! She is such a great listener and truly cares. I cannot recommend her more highly!

  5. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Kong!

    Dr Kong is fantastic! She is professional, knowledgable and trustworthy. I purchased a series of clear and brilliant + permea treatments to get rid of the melasma I had on my cheeks. Dr. Kong worked magic with the laser! I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Kong!

  6. Not really satisfied.

    Dr. Kong: she was my PCP for 4-5 years. I recently was diagnosed with a serious condition that she failed to even address when i complained about symptoms for many years. She instead wrote prescription after prescription without ever trying to look further.


    Going in for my FIRST visit I noticed the office is full of botox, laser surgery, and latisse posters, obviously not a family physician…The receptionist was very unprofessional talking about getting “f**k-ed up at a party” and after taking me into the room the technician pulled a pen OUT OF HER BRA and then threw it on the counter after asking me the basics.

    Once I saw Dr. Kong she was rude, in a hurry, and completely uninterested. I can not even begin to describe how much I hated my visit. To top it off, she started writing a prescription for something I didn’t even ask for and when I told her I didn’t need anything she said it must be for another patient…?!?!?! Was she really planning on prescribing me something for another patient because she was too busy to ask me what I was in for?!

  8. I was very disappointed that a fellow female professional would behave this way.

    I have seen Dr. Kong several times since she started practice in SF. She has always been rushed — and being a professional myself, I know that one can manage time so as to give each client full attention and not make them feel like the time was misspent or begrudged. The last straw was about a year ago when I went in for an exam. I didn’t even get past the waiting room –

    Dr. Kong rushed out of the exam room, pulled one of my eyelids down, turned around and raced out of the office saying “you’re fine!” She didn’t even inquire as to why I had made the appointment. She spent less than 30 seconds and dashed off. Never again!! I was very disappointed that a fellow female professional would behave this way.

  9. do not go to Dr. Kong.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Kong’s for many years but lately I find all she wants to do is find a reason to bill me. She will never just sign a referral or let me see anyone else without coming to see her first for which she charges me even if she does not look at me. When I needed an MRI for an injury and was in terrible pain,

    I had to wait for several days just to see her so she could hand me the name of a place to go for the MRI. I called the place immediately and they said it would take 2 weeks to get an appointment. I found another place on my own that took me the next day. Dr. Kong must have an investment in the first place or why would she send her patients there and make them wait?

  10. Unfortunately I didn't have a good experience with Dr. Sheena Kong

    Unfortunately I didn’t have a good experience with Dr. Sheena Kong, I went there for a Juvederm visit and she did a terrible job she apply an extreme amount of the filter in one side of my face and now my left side its very swollen and she went up all the way to my nose l had pain all nite and l can’t even touch my touch on that side it hurts so bad.

    All my left side of face its very tender and I’m still in a lot of pain. Please if you’re thinking about getting juvederm this is NOT the right place l pay hundreds of dollars and walk out of there very disappointed and with my left side of my face mess up.

  11. I went to Sheena Kong for a minor cosmetic procedure.

    I went to Sheena Kong for a minor cosmetic procedure. This was the first time I had ever inquired about such a procedure so I was very apprehensive and skeptical about achieving the desired results. Sheena Kong assured me she would never perform a procedure where the desired results would not be achieved and the last thing she wanted was an unhappy customer.

    I moved forward with procedure and did not achieve the desired results and was extremely disappointed and Sheena merely replied “I did the best I could.”

    That was quite a contrast from the assurances I received during the initial consultation. Its clear Sheena”s priority was to book the revenue and hope the desired results would be achieved.

    I have no regard for Sheena Kong on a professional level and could not in good conscience recommend her in any capacity or provide her with a complimentary review

  12. I'm moving to a different medical center.

    called today to make an emergency appointment. No one was in the office at 9:00. Nor at at 9:15. Nor at 9:30. At 9:35, I finally got through to a staff member who answered my call with a bored-sounding “Hi.” I thought I had mis-dialed, but after several questions,

    I finally confirmed that I had indeed called Dr. Kong’s office. It took several more questions — each followed by an apathetic monosyllabic response — to find out that Dr. Kong was gone for three weeks.

  13. Dont use this

    its so funny to see all these reviews because a lot of these reviews are Dr Kong friends…..lol pathetic…..

  14. Bad Service.

    this place is horrible no change after wasting your money

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