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Dr Kassir left my nose looking crooked

It was not a day decision. I researched a lot before finalizing Dr. Kassir Ramtin for my nose surgery. He is a popular doctor on Instagram and his posts are beyond excellent. He knows how to lure people into believing his shit. He isn’t a perfectionist. I really did not like what he did to my nose. Not just the crooked looks, but the pain and agony I went through after the surgery was unbearable. He is called surgeon to the reality stars. What else one could have asked for when finding a doctor with live results.

However, this did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. I talked to dr Kassir before the surgery and informed him that I was only looking for some changes. I wanted a smaller nose with tip revision. All I wanted a delicate nose. He said that it was completely possible.

I was such a fool to believe everything he said. There were so many indications that the guy was a fraud, but I couldn’t make out. When I asked for a date for surgery few days later, he said that the dates aren’t available before 7 months. That was a long period. I needed to make it fast as I really wanted it.

So, I asked if there would anything, he could do to expedite the surgery process. He told me that he would inform me if there would be any cancellation. I was not even out of the clinic that I got a call from his office. The lady told me that there was a cancellation few seconds back and I was the first one getting the call. If I did not take the date for tomorrow itself, I will have to wait for 7 months.

She said that there are other patients ready to confirm. So, I right away paid some advance amount and booked the date for the next day. I arrived for the surgery at the right time. I had to wait for 45 minutes but that was okay. I got my blood reports and everything as he asked me to.

After the surgery, I found that the area around the nose and nose itself was bruised and swollen. I was even unable to breathe with my right nostril. So, I checked with the doctor when still in the clinic. Doctor told me that the healing will take some time and breathing will be back to normal after the swelling is gone.

There was something I felt inside my nose. It felt like a cartilage or something inside my nose around the stiches. He did not bother to give it a look even. So, I returned home. After few months when nothing got better and after the swelling was gone my nose started looking crooked, I called him. I had to see him to know what was happening.

It started becoming difficult to get his appointment. Even on the lucky days when he agreed to meet, I had to wait for nothing less than 2 hours to talk to him for 10 minutes. Every time I said I was not able to breathe, he said it would take some time.

After a year, I decided to talk to him rigidly. I met him and told him how I looked. I showed him the changes to my nose and it looked ridiculous. I said that I was not able to breathe and showed him the cartilage inside the nose. He told me that I would require in-office procedure to clear the nose. I booked the appointment for the next day.

It happened as planned. I did start to breathe a little but not entirely. However, the nose kept looking crooked. So, I asked for a reconstructive surgery. To this, he said that I had two options. Either I used makeup to hide the problem or he would inject filler in my nose for a charge.

I was shocked at his will to cheat others. I had already paid him $10,000. And, all he did was ruined my appearance. I looked nice. Even with that wide nose, there was no problem with my appearance which he took away from me. I am not even the same person.

This has been ongoing since one and a half year and I am consistently meeting this guy for some resolution that suited both of us. But, he is an adamant guy. I have never seen such a person in my entire life. I found Dr. Kassir after looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon nyc and this is what I got.

Dr. Kassir is a scammer and a con artist. His entire clinic is a set up to entice people into getting good looks which is impossible with his hands. This guy has the nerve to stab you and ask for money to treat you.

My insurance also did not cover the surgery and I had to pay on my own. I am a mother and I work full time. I cannot take off from my office every week to meet this doctor for nothing. He is not at all concerned about anything that is happening to his patients. I consider him a nuisance in this city.

I am not sure how he has earned such a great online reputation. For me, he is a naïve doctor. I would not even like to call him a doctor. He is a fraud.

Is Dr. Kassir Ramtin legit?
Dr. Kassir Ramtin is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 4 consumer(s) was/were given a Dr. Kassir Ramtin as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Dr. Kassir Ramtin located?
Dr. Kassir Ramtin is headquarted at 799 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021, USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Dr. Kassir Ramtin by dialing +1 212-288-3000 or visit their website parkavesurgeon.com/.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Kassir Ramtin’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Dr. Kassir Ramtin’s customers, US $10000 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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4 Reviews on Dr. Kassir Ramtin

  1. Heaven forbid, DO NOT HAVE AN UNEXPECTED DEATH, EMERGENCY or ACCIDENT in your family!


    This so-called “medical practice” needs to be reported to the BBB!

    Unethical and illegal practices. STOLE MY MONEY and I NEVER SIGNED one document nor office policy with them. They REFUSE TO RETURN MY MONEY TO ME and have NO human decency whatsoever.

    I scheduled a revision surgery with Dr. Kassir for this upcoming December 2021. I do not live in New York or New Jersey so I would have been flying there for the surgery. I made one transaction (through ZELLE) with his office for $525 in exchange for a 15-minute to 20-minute virtual consultation with Dr. Kassir. On this virtual call, Dr. Kassir only discussed my nose for 5 minutes and then talked about unrelated topics for the remainder of my consultation (complete waste of $525). I paid another $2,500 (per Natasha) in exchange for the reservation of the date of December 7, 2021 but only 4 days later I called Natasha to tell her the horrific news that my mother died unexpectedly and to please release the date and return my money so I could plan her funeral.

    THIS IS WHEN THE TABLES TURNED DRASTICALLY and please, remember, I have NEVER SIGNED ONE DOCUMENT (or “office policy” as they call it).

    Both Natasha and Jay keep telling me that “per their office policy” that unless I provide them with my mother’s death certificate (extremely PRIVATE/SENSITIVE information that should only be given out to those who can legally request it), Dr. Kassir will NOT return my money! :-0

    They have NO LEGAL RIGHT in asking for my mother’s private information. Yes, I understand many reading this may be thinking to themselves, “Why not just provide Dr. Kassir’s office with your mother’s death certificate to get your money back?”


    What many people may not know is that under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), Dr. Kassir’s office actually has no right in pressuring me for (or making me falsely believe that they should have access to) my mother’s death certificate. Yes, credit bureaus can request a copy of THE DECEASED (“DEBTOR’S”) death certificate WHEN THAT DECEASED PERSON STILL OWES THEM MONEY but my mother has no debts owed to Dr. Kassir’s office. MY MOTHER IS NOT EVEN THEIR PATIENT. The only time a doctor’s office can legally request a death certificate is if one of THEIR PATIENTS passed away and that patient still has an outstanding debt with them. THEREFORE, MY MOTHER AND HER DEATH CERTIFICATE SHOULD NOT EVEN BE PART OF THIS CONVERSATION.

    As for me, I was Dr. Kassir’s patient (for a millisecond) but I NEVER signed any documents (nor an “office policy”). I NEVER received any medical procedures from Dr. Kassir. Lastly, I owe NO DEBTS to them because, again, I only made/paid (in full) for the below two (2) transactions:

    1) I made one transaction with their office for $525 in exchange for a 15-minute to 20-minute VIRTUAL CONSULTATION with Dr. Kassir (and mind you, Dr. Kassir only spent about 5 minutes even discussing my nose).

    2) The second transaction took place when I paid another $2,500 (per Natasha) in exchange for THE RESERVATION OF THE DATE of December 7, 2021 but, only 4 days later, I called Natasha to tell her my mother unexpectedly passed away and to please release the date. I have given their office AMPLE time to re-book the date of December 7, 2021.

    So, again, Dr. Kassir’s office has lost out on NOTHING. I signed NO office policy (nor any other documents for that matter), I received NO medical procedures. I have NO debts owed to their office. Therefore, it is a MOOT point and UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES for Dr. Kassir’s office to be asking for my mother’s personal documents.

    Just be GOOD HUMANS and give me money back so I can pay off my mother’s funeral expenses!

    Like MANY, the way I discovered Dr. Kassir was through his Instagram account. Unfortunately, though, AFTER I had already made the above two transactions with Dr. Kassir is when I decided to take a look at Dr. Kassir’s Google and Yelp Reviews to see if any others had similar complaints …


    There are literally PAGES and PAGES of God-awful reviews on Yelp and Google about not only Dr. Kassir’s long list of botched surgery complaints and a lawsuit but also the below descriptions on Dr. Kassir and his staff:

    – Patients not getting what they paid for (botched surgeries);
    – Patients receiving no money back for a botched surgery but, instead, Dr. Kassir asking them to pay MORE money for him to fix their botched surgery;
    – Patients not getting their money back for a service they asked for and never even received;
    – Patients coming across these horrible reviews prior to their surgery, cancelling their surgery out of total fear and asking for their money back only to be told “it is too late and you just assume go ahead and go through with the surgery.”
    – Fluctuating prices (ie, in 2020 Dr. Kassir’s virtual consult was $250 and now in 2021 it has more than doubled to $525!);
    – Unfair business practices;
    – Limited (or no) communication after patients have asked (begged) for their money back;
    – The ‘shady and unprofessional’ use of ZELLE or wire transfers (to make it virtually impossible for the patient to get reimbursed);
    – Patients being made to wait for hours for their pre-scheduled procedure with Dr. Kassir;
    – Unprofessional/rude office staff who are nice to you before you pay and then dismiss you (or are annoyed by you) after you pay;
    – Unsanitary and loud office facilities;
    – Dr. Kassir stepping out of the middle of a surgery to do a consult with a new patient;
    – Horrible bedside manner and very little (to no) communication pre or post surgery;
    – Exorbitantly overpriced procedures;
    – Warning after warning saying “Buyer Beware! “Scam!” “Do not let their Instagram fool you!” “He is a con artist!” “Do not be fooled by his fake charm!” “Liar!” “Do not trust this doctor!” “Fraud!” “He dupes you!” “Nightmare experience!” “THIS DOCTOR IS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$” “His entire team is incompetent” “The list goes on and on with disorganization and unprofessionalism”
    – Etc. etc. etc. etc.

    After reading all of these sickening reviews, the terrifying thought popped into my head: Is Dr. Kassir and his office staff (unrightfully) pressuring me for my mother’s death certificate so they can possibly commit further fraud?? … For example, steal my mother’s identity, social security number, or open a line of credit (credit card) in her name, etc.? … This may not be the case but READERS, DO NOT BE FOOLED, THIS HAPPENS ALL OF THE TIME (especially in today’s world)!

    Learning about these PAGES of horrific bad reviews on Dr. Kassir and his staff, ON TOP of me already giving thousands of dollars to Dr. Kassir … My question to those of you reading this right now is this:

    In one of my most recent emails with Jay (Dr. Kassir’s “Senior Cosmetic Consultant”), I shared with Jay that now I, too, have unfortunately become another victim of Dr. Kassir’s greed. I feel it is my duty to post a review to protect others from this happening to them to make sure innocent people out there KNOW THEIR RIGHTS, especially if they should have a death in their family.

    Do you know what Jay’s response back to me was? … he said, “We welcome you to leave a review per your discretion. In addition to that we will also leave a response of the perplexing conversations, emails and request you made within our office.”

    I was appalled. I replied back to Jay and told him I was very offended by his insensitive reply and to please forgive me if parts of my communication to him (his office) were overshadowed and consumed with my mother’s death, planning of a funeral and a flooded-out home! In addition, I reminded Jay that “the request” I made within their office was to seek the return of my money to pay for my mother’s funeral — I am not sure how that is “perplexing” or such an odd request??

    What IS perplexing, though, is that to this day Dr. Kassir and his staff still REFUSE to admit any wrong-doing; they REFUSE to acknowledge nor address the dozens of bad reviews on Yelp and Google; and WHEN I tell them to please return my money back to me, they CONTINUE to tell me I still owe them my mother’s death certificate “per their office policy” (that I never signed). When I reply back to them with all of the above explanations/justifications as to why they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT ask this of me (my mother), Dr. Kassir’s staff (like ROBOTS) pretends they do not see my justifications and instead write back this: “You know the policy and what is required. I will no longer communicate explaining what has already been told to you numerous times, thank you.”

    If I just lost $3,025 dollars to protect my poor dead mother’s identity, to protect my own face from potentially being botched, AND to protect readers like you from making a very costly (permanent) mistake in choosing Dr. Kassir to be your doctor, then I guess it was money well spent.

  2. Stolen Deposit

    When I scheduled a consultation they required a very expensive non refundable deposit (all other drs I encountered do refundable and much less) which I was told could be used towards any procedure and would not expire, even if you decide not to move forward with the one you were considering. I clarified to make sure I could use it towards a facial or something non-invasive and they confirmed saying of course! Once I didn’t move forward with the procedure (because of a bunch of bad reviews I came across, horrible imaging and lack of detail in explaining his process as other drs had provided much better) and tried to book a facial they barely returned my calls but finally I went in for one, which covered maybe half of the deposit. I was told I could come back again for another facial at a later date. When I tried to make the appt they never returned my calls, months went by, then when I texted I was told I could no longer use the ~$300 at all and that it was used towards the imaging (which they never said before). This issue has not been resolved. Clearly this place is a scam like all the bad reviews indicate.

  3. Stay away from this place.

    I recently went to Dr Kassir’s office for a “Free” consultation. I met with Dr M. I’m disabled and suffer from facial wasting resulting from HIV. The Doctor told me that a new procedure might be good for me. Called PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma facial. He said it was my blood mixed with a filler.

    I left a $500.00 deposit and then researched it on their own website and it didn’t say anything about filler being used. I felt very mislead and when I cancelled my appointment and told them I wanted my money back, I was told by Jennifer it shouldn’t be a problem.

    They didn’t return my money to my credit card. I out $500.00 dollars and I didn’t get anything done and am depressed because I now can’t afford the treatment I need. Stay away from this place. Sincerely Scott Gramatikas

  4. If you love throwing your money down the drain then go and see him .

    Dr Kassir Is a CROOK and should be arrested and sent to Jail !!!!! He made me pay 2000 USD in advance for fillers that never lasted more than one week ! He never shows people what he is injecting in them no proof nothing and to make people pay money before he does something is ABUSIVE ! If you love throwing your money down the drain then go and see him .

Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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