Diego Ramos Avila

Not a professional company

Dating scammer on numerous sites user name is mychoiceisyou

Also very active on facebook, whats app, telegram, Instagram, hangouts to lure you in.

This man is not person he pretends to be.  All photos are fake, he is using another mans photos and no doubt other names. Ladies please beware

Is Diego Ramos Avila a scam?
Diego Ramos Avila is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Diego Ramos Avila legit?
First Diego Ramos Avila is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Diego Ramos Avila’s consumers?
There is/are 3 review(s) posted about Diego Ramos Avila and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Diego Ramos Avila located?
Diego Ramos Avila is located at 9051 Tamiami Trail N #202, Naples, FL 34108, USA. You can contact Diego Ramos Avila by dialing +61474494445 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Diego Ramos Avila’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Diego Ramos Avila’s customers.

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3 Reviews on Diego Ramos Avila


    How you will truly know this man is a scammer is he will never video chat with you, uses the famous excuse his camera is broken. All lies of course as his info and all his pictures would not match if you actually saw him for yourself. The game would be over for him !!

    I build a online relationship with this man whom i met on a online dating site, once things were comfortable the requests for money slowly started . I gave him money to help him but that was not the end of it, he continued to harass me with more requests for money always some made up story as to why he needed it. When i ignored it he just became more insistent put more pressure on and would get nasty and angry, tried to make me feel guilty for not helping him.

    To all the women who have been taken in by this man or currently in contact with him, your not the first and you won’t be his last victim but lets stand united, come forward and post on here to help warn and save many more women from the likes of this scumbag !! Stop giving this man your time & money, keep it for yourself. Find someone who is real and honest.


    I too know this dating romance online scammer as DIEGO SANTOS AVILA. My situation and experience with this con artist is exactly the same. He played me good with sympathy of covid situation claims online and in phone conversations to live in Bendigo, Australia and now currently a contractor working in Indonesia / Malaysia. I foolishly believed him, he continously pressurized me, was constantly asking for help with money, i have given this scammer quite alot of money and only recently discovered the true identity of the recycled pictures he uses over many dating and chat sites and apps that he passes off as himself. The true identity of these photos belongs to an Argentinean actor and model Alan Nogare who can also be found on youtube. I only discovered this after using multiple reverse image searches until i finally found a match and the information.

    Unfortunately my kindness was abused and i have lost alot of money to this man. He does need to be caught and stopped so he doesnt prey on more innocent vulnerable women. He does this for a living, definitely a professional who has been active for years conning and stealing your money under false pretenses.

    He claims to be a Catholic, a widower with a teenage daughter, this is just lies to gain your sympathy. Many times i asked questions about his daughter, family but he was very vague when answering any question i put to him, even where he comes from. He says he was born in Mexico but grew up in California before moving to Australia. In 2020 he claims he went to Indonesia / Malaysia for work and is still stuck there now due to covid. His accent is differently not American, his english is very broken at times and also for a man who says he has a masters degree even when he writes messages his english is not always that good. Its hard to say what his real age is, on some sites hes saying hes in his 30s other sites in his 50s. From way he writes messages hes definitely not in his 30s as he never abbreviates any words like someone younger. I actually think this man is alot older than his 50s.

  3. Suspicions verified!

    DIEGO SANTOS AVILA was the name this scammer claimed to me. Ouch, that’s exactly what I have been experiencing since the end of last year. He owned me us$5,500, and kept asking for more money due to this and that bad situations in Malaysia, where he said he stayed and worked as a contractor…

    Ooh, the Covid pandemic has provided a BIG stage for online scammers.
    I did have some doubts when he first time asked for money, but unfortunately I went with my empathy to help with a little.
    After all of this meticulous fabrications, I do not think this man is a lone perpetrator.


    Total Scammer only wants your money!! Quickly forms an online relationship with you, very attentive to build up your trust in him, he declares his love for you fast, makes you feel like your his world but he will always have an excuse as to why you can not skype or video chat to actually see who he really is, usually its the camera is broken, or the screen or the phone is playing up. He is very manipulative has endless hard luck stories he needs money for this and for that, hes very charismatic, headstrong. Hes obviously been doing this for quite some time can be found on male-scammers.com dating back to 2014.

    Claims to be a Widower with 1 adult child, 53 years old but i think he is alot older than that.
    Claims to be located in many countries – Australia, San Francisco, California, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Asia, Mexico
    Claims to be educated with a Masters Degree
    Claims his occupation is a Auxiliary Engineer, A Horizontal & Directional Driller. All fabricated lies to win you over. Check his photos, do a search online, theses photos do not belong to him, he IS NOT the man in these photos!! You will also notice on majority of dating sites they are the same photos posted 8 years ago, never any new or updated photos.

    His main profile name on ALL platforms and dating sites is MYCHOICEISYOU or MY CHOICE IS YOU or MY_CHOICEISYOU

    HIS PROFILE DESCRIPTION (Uses this on all sites): Well honesty, sincerity, trustworthy and loyal are a few words that most people would describe me. I live in mining town of Bendigo in Victoria Australia. I like new adventures and am not afraid to step outside the box. I enjoy reading talking walking, being creative, movies, theater, animals, nature in general, gardening and flowers just to name a few. Live life and enjoy it , it’s a gift . I love to smile and laughter is a must, as it is very healing to every part of your being. Compassion is one of my strong points and has served me well in the jobs that I’ve worked I tend to be a nurturing spirit , that likes to touch and be touched, hugs are great.

    Diego’s Profile (mychoiceisyou) and photos are on many dating sites –
    studentsoftheworld.com – Diego
    mymfb.com – mychoiceisyou
    Instagram – my_choiceisyou
    Facebook – Diego Ramos Avila (mychoiceisyou), Diego Avila
    Linkedin.com – Diego Avila
    Contacts you via Whatsapp, Signal, Messenger, Telegram. He stays in contact with you by messages, texts or voice calls but never ever video chats you

    While he is forming a relationship with you he still continues searching online dating sites for another women to scam money from at the same time as you. Please ladies do not be fooled or taken in by this mans charm. He is 100% FAKE just after your money.

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Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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