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Just got off the phone with their customer service

Just got off the phone with their customer service, I called to schedule a time for them to give us a quote to replace our entire HVAC… apparently anything after 5pm is an emergency visit (more $$$) and they charge to come out even for a QUOTE!!!!!! Not to mention the woman was beyond less than happy to be assisting me. There is no shortage for HVAC companies in NOVA, on to the next!

Is Connor Air Repair Express Services a legit?

Connor Air Repair Express Services is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Connor Air Repair Express Services located?

Connor Air Repair Express Services is headquarted at us. You can contact Connor Air Repair Express Services by dialing (703) 649-4550 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Connor Air Repair Express Services’s customers?

According to Connor Air Repair Express Services’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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7 Reviews on Connor Air Repair Express Services

  1. They charged $100 for an estimate!

    Didn’t bother getting an estimate from them, when inquired they charge $100 to provide an estimate. They were the only company doing so… what a shame. Hopefully they change their price gouging mentality.

  2. With a family full of teenagers and unbearable heat

    With a family full of teenagers and unbearable heat in the high 90s our AC decided to give up earlier last week. After reading many of the positive reviews I decided to give Connor Air Repair Express Services “CARES” a call, it was almost like I called a completely different company. Luckily I called another local company who was able to provide me service.

  3. Had a technician come out to perform a diagnostic on my heater.

    Had a technician come out to perform a diagnostic on my heater. They replaced one part and it subsequently stopped working again several days later. They immediately sent out the technician to continue troubleshooting.

    An additional replacement part was suggested which I opted to do myself. The manager personally reached out to provide a full refund and perform his own diagnostic at no charge. Gave a 5 star rating based on the customer service between the technician and manager.

  4. Unfortunately I remember only Loc's name.

    After using Connor Air twice, I was very pleased with their puntuality, professionalism, and attention to their old customers, I am a senior, so I appreciated their patience explaining me the problem I was having and they replaced the faulty part the same day, Unfortunately I remember only Loc’s name.

  5. Completely dissatisfied with their service!

    Completely dissatisfied with their service! They fixed my AC a few weeks ago, the gentleman who came to service my home was in and out in out my home in matter no time.

    I was content with their service but this morning I realize they left screws everywhere and the panel cover to the system was off! I wish they at least spend additional time to double check their work,Luckily my husband was home to place things back together.

  6. Rude owner and careless services.Consumers beware!

    I had these guys serviced my AC system during the summer. They were professional and arrive on time, and provided quick service- so I thought maybe I should call them for my heating check. I called to make an appointment however they were booked up.Luckily Another highly rated company in the area was available.

    The at the newer company arrived on time and was polite and professional as well. He then proceeded to ask me where the air handler and heat pump was located. I have not been outside to the HVAC unit since the summer visit and had no one else serviced it since Connor air repair was out.

    Come to the technician and my surprise! the compartment cover and all the screws were just laying on the ground! They are careless and could’ve damage my entire hvac system, they are quick but quick came with a price!

    I would never recommend Connor air repair for their carelessness.

    To the owner response-

    The rudely response given “Go away” truly shows your true character as an owner and the reflection of your company. Also John T is my name and Kyle R is my boyfriends name for your information which is who made the appointment for our home.So go solve your mystery puzzle. This is not a coincidence as there’s a C.A.R.ES sticker placed on my hvac system. Consumers beware! The 3 reviews written on the same day are accurate and true. I only starting writing reviews because of their carelessness and decided to share my thought and reflect of the night and day experience I had with them an another service provider. So I will not simply “GO AWAY”. Also please train your technian how to park between the parking spaces! Please feel free to respond, no refund need an apology would’ve been better!

    Response from the owner
    5 days ago
    Dear Mr. John Tut after reviewing our database we don’t have any customer by the name “John Tut” if you indeed used us before please feel free to give us a call at 703-649-4550 for assistance if we did made the mistake we have no problem issuing a FULL REFUND of your service call.
    I also reviewed your google account profile, it seem like you wrote only 3 reviews and all 3 reviews are on same day which was 3 days ago, to me it seems like a bit of a coincidence.
    Also according to your statement above, you used us before and we did good work for you at the time, but how come we did not see a review based on that visit? Again if you are one of our customers please feel free to contact us at 703-649-4550 we will gladly issue a FULL REFUND if we were at fault. But if you are not our customer and all you want to do is bad mouth our company. You have been heard, NOW PLEASE GO AWAY

  7. I wouldn't waste my time

    As a busy single mother, juggle with work, and on top of everything else to maintain within the house time has never been more valuable. Base on their reviews I am sure they are good with performing the actual service, however as the other one star stated they either don’t show up or forget about your appointment.

    Long story short I scheduled a preseason service for our furnace, no one showed up or bothered to to call to even reschedule. I called in and the women states she don’t remember scheduling the appointment! Unfortunately my first review is a 1 star, I called another local company and they showed up on time, and even gave me a reminder call in advance. I wouldn’t waste my time

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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