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Coleman furniture is a shitty company

It all began after we selected the bedroom set and ordered it at Coleman furniture. We were told that the delivery would be made in a week. We had just shifted from a new place and had to do everything all again. The house that we purchased needed so many other furniture. But we started with the bedroom set.

I am a working mother and have two children. The house is on loan and there are other so many other responsibilities I have to take care of. When we heard that the company is decent, we wanted to make sure that the prices were reasonable too. When checking the bedroom set, we had to go a little extra from the set budget because we liked the design so much.

However, it all turned out to be very bad experience. First of all, the furniture did not arrive on time. The cupboard twice had dent and the entire order could not be sent because of that issue. The delivery center told us that the cupboard was damaged during the shipping and that was the reason the delivery was cancelled in between twice.

After a month also, when there was no delivery, I contacted the delivery center again. They said that the cupboard is still is process. But the bed and side table were okay and if Coleman approves the split delivery, those two can be processed. To this, I called these guys and checked if something like this can be done.

However, my request was denied. They did not even care to apologize for the delay. All they said that we do not prefer split delivery as it takes extra man power and cost to send the items twice to same address.

Later, after weeks of calling them, I received my order in 45 days. I thought it is all well when it ends well. But it was not the end. The bed and the cupboard were damaged. This was not because of the shipping though as there were bubbles on the furniture. The bed also started breaking from places after a week of use.

I called the customer care and they told me that they would be able to replace everything but for an extra cost. And, I was shocked to hear that amount. They said that they would charge me another $700 for doing everything. Moreover, I did not have any clue about the kind of stuff they would send the second time.

So, I asked for refund and requested them to take their stuff out of my place. I did not want to use anything from their store. But they refused.

I wanted to talk to the supervisor but he never came to the phone. I was told that they do not work that way. They had sent me something that I won’t be able to use anymore. They even told me that it was my fault that the bed broke. It isn’t true. After the bed was installed, I sent them the pictures of the bubbled furniture through email and on phone as well.

For a week, we did not even used that bed as we wanted it to be exchanged for another one. It does not have mattresses on it. It is exactly the way it was before. Broken and not at all in a condition to be used. The cracks on the bed started to occur on its own. Or, they may have been there just started looking more obvious. Whatever the reason was, it was their responsibility to get me the kind of stuff I paid for.

My budget is very limited. I am on loans and have been taking care of my kids alone. I have got no one to support me. There is nothing much I can do to get a new one for me. I cannot even sell this filth to anyone else. It won’t get me $500. If I tried to sell the entire set as well.

These all problems were too much and they even refused to help me. I even tried to place my reviews on their website but those were deleted. I believe they do not like to hear the truth. Moreover, I checked the other places to find more reviews about the company and checked that Coleman furniture has a history of cheating clients. I was no different.

I am sure they are not planning to give back my refund. I also know that they can do nothing for the bedroom set to mend it as its completely made of garbage. I cannot get it fixed because it would cost me heaven as it needs its every piece changed.

And, I do not have that time and money to get a new one for me. Repairing is out of question. So, I am stuck with this bed inside my room, waiting for someone from Coleman to come and take away this scrap. If don’t, I may have to throw it away for nothing.

But the way these guys have cheated me it seems that they already are experienced in accomplishing such fraud. There is no way I am ever going to order my furniture from them. These guys are crooks and everyone working with them has no empathy for anyone. I am sure what they show to the customer is not real. They do not deliver what they promise. These people are scumbags. Sorry for the language, but nothing decent can explain them better.

I have cried so much after realizing that I am in such a big problem. I have no bed in my house, I cannot go anywhere, my job is hectic and I am completely stressed. The money that I saved for the furniture is all gone. I may have to wait few more months to afford such furniture. But these guys won’t go spared.

I will keep calling them until they provide a resolution to me.

Is Coleman Furniture a scam?
Coleman Furniture is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Coleman Furniture legit?
First Coleman Furniture is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Coleman Furniture’s consumers?
There is/are 10 review(s) posted about Coleman Furniture and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Coleman Furniture located?
Coleman Furniture is located at 333 Washington Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516, USA. You can contact Coleman Furniture by dialing +1800-974-5255 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Coleman Furniture’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2000 was the total loss incurred by Coleman Furniture’s customers.

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10 Reviews on Coleman Furniture

  1. Terrible

    Furniture is cheap. My ottoman is shifting it looks really bad. I brought the protection and I put in a request for a replacement . i sent pictures and never heard back from anybody. I will never purchase anything else from colemans furniture store and I will never recommend that store to anyone

  2. Delivery was prompt. Appreciate the fact that i was informed about delivery.

  3. Coleman Furniture was great!

    Coleman Furniture was great! The delivery team provided white glove service and were extremely careful and they handled my furniture with respect. They also made an appointment prior to delivering so everything worked out great. My sofa is definitely a focal point in my home and not to mention it’s huge! I literally don’t stop looking at it. Thank You so much I love it

  4. I ordered 3 times from Coleman Furniture and each time I was truly impressed with their quality and service. I will always order my furniture from Coleman! Thank you!

  5. Best Price & Quick Delivery

    We were looking a a bar to purchase on another well known furniture web site. I accidentally came across the same bar at Coleman Furniture for $600.00 LESS than the other company. I was hesitant but decided to order the bar. It arrived within two weeks! The other site said 4 – 6 weeks for delivery. The bar was completely assembled (another plus) and the work quality was excellent. The delivery process was very easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Coleman Furniture in the future.

  6. Do NOT order from this company. Please. If I can stop just one person from going through what I went through with this ridiculous company, it will be well worth it. I ordered my entertainment center in June of 2020 and it it now March of 2021 and I still do not have it. It was supposed to be delivered last week and has been rescheduled four times now.
    When the delivery driver called the third time to reschedule, I asked for his managers information and he told me “I don’t have a manager, I’m my own driver” okay.
    Well they showed up the next day to deliver our furniture and told my husband they only had 15 minutes to put it together. My husband asked them to remove their shoes in our home because we have white carpets and they didn’t have the shoe covers that the company promised us they would have. This was so inconvenient to them that they asked my husband to help them move boxes so “they wouldn’t have to keep removing their shoes” ARE YOU KIDDING? THIS IS THEIR JOB!
    Well, they began removing the pieces from the boxes and proceeded to tell us that it was going to take 3-4 hours and they didn’t know how to do it because there was so many pieces and that they didn’t have the time to do it. So they began repackaging it and proceeded to leave trash in my house and blowing all around my yard and my husband had to request that they pick up or they were just going to leave it. I sent the video to Coleman furniture of the trash blowing around my yard to demonstrate how oblivious there drivers were and they couldn’t care less.
    The drivers said they were going to return the furniture to the manufacturer and it would be delivered the following week. Well it’s the following week and I still don’t have my furniture. I’ve spoken with numerous people including a manager and have been just given the run around.
    Oh wait, I was offered a “50$ gift card to enjoy on future purchases.” Really? I will never be shopping with them again.
    I was also told I would have to pay a cancellation fee and restocking fee if I wanted to cancel at this point. This must be how they make all their money. I am disgusted and appalled with this company. They have thus far blamed everything on the “delivery company” and it seems as the delivery company is blaming everything on the furniture company. No one wants to take responsibility for the negligence that occurred surrounding my order and everyone keeps placing blame on others.

    If you took the time to read this review, please do not order from this company. Spend a little bit more with a REPUTABLE company that cares about their customers and their business.


    **BUYER’S BEWARE. *Horrible customer service, *horrible return policy (15% restocking fee), *non existent exchange and or replacement options on items delivered damaged and they have a *VERY high volume of complaints filed through the BBB. I bought a 3,300 dollar bedroom set online from Coleman’s a few weeks ago. They called us the day after Thanksgiving and told us it was going to be delivered a 5pm that Sunday. Of course we were out of town for the Holiday weekend and weren’t expecting them to deliver for a couple more weeks. We made it a point to be back home by 3pm on Sunday so we were able to clean out a few item from our bedroom and make room for the new furniture. 2.5 hrs before our scheduled delivery time we got a call that they were at our house (which we were still 20 mins away from home). They waited for us to arrive home but were in a big hurry to leave and we had no time to get the rest of the items out of the bedroom so we just told them to leave the bedroom set in the garage and we would haul it in and put it together ourselves. The dressers and night stands were already but together but the headboard, footboard, ect. were in boxes so we visually couldn’t tell if they were damaged at the time of delivery. For some stupid reason the delivery personnel put the headboard on its side instead of upright (so the weight was on the legs of the headboard). When we open up the headboard box we were of course disappointed to find the headboard was damaged. We contacted Coleman’s to make them aware of the issue and they *said that they will not replace damage headboard, *will charge us a 15% restocking fee if we return, *and told us to find furniture repair person on our own (which is hard because we live in a very rural area and we sent photo’s to a couple and they said damage can not be repaired) and on top of that we have *5 days to return item which gives us no time to try to hunt down someone to see if they can repair. So I just spent 3,300 dollars to receive damaged furniture that I am stuck with, that is CRAZY and a horrible disservice to paying customers. **Recommend purchasing furniture from a store that has better policy’s, ethical and moral values and doesn’t repeatedly screw over customers (VERY high volume of complaints through the Better Business)

  8. BEWARE!!

    I ordered furniture. They claimed they would deliver in three weeks. They did not. I followed up. They said they would deliver in six to eight weeks. They did not. I followed up. They said it was stuck somewhere in California and they had no estimate as to how long it would take for it to arrive. I asked to cancel my order and they refused to cancel without charging a restocking fee. I think they are running a scam to take people’s restocking fees. BEWARE!!! Don’t make my mistakes or you will be out HUNDREDS of dollars for nothing.

  9. Do not buy anything

    It’s the worst experience ever. Don’t buy from them i would like to give -5 stars if posible. When the deliver take place don’t let de driver go away until you check the item wit him, once he drive away, if the item it’s damage you are on your own. I called the driver after opened the Item 15 minutes after and he told me to call customer service and was the worse costumer service ever, they ignore your calls, your emails and then they lied and said you never call, I got prove of all this calls from my tel company, emails and record audios of my messages, its been months and they don’t replace the item, not a refund, they said if I ever get resolved I owe them 15% and shipping dues, They don’t care that I paid for a new furniture, and if I call them as soon as I opened to say it’s in a bad condition why they want me to keep or pay for a damaged Item, or assumed the cost for their lost. Terrible I’m losing almost $1,500

  10. Worst Bait and switch Company ever

    Watch out for the bait and switch…
    Watch out for the bait and switch routine with their advertising. I purchase a dinning set with four chairs as it is advertised on their website( ID: ASL-D736-32-ROOM). I also ordered two additional chairs. Upon delivery only four chairs showed up. I was informed by Coleman that I was “confused as the table only come with two chairs” and I bought two more. I informed Coleman of why does it say you get four chairs? They said it’s a billing error on the finance company. I said what does the finance company have to do with the way you advertise? They claim the price is in error and now want more money for the two extra chairs. I told them to come pick the merchandise up, and now they are strong arming me into paying return charges and a restocking fee.

Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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