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Stay far away from BMW Financial Services. They have sloths that work in their financial department.

They are very condescending and unprofessional, with very poor communication skills.

I leased a 2018 BMW through BMW Financial Services.

I pay on the due date, every month like clockwork. In some cases I will pay ahead of time.

I had left to go overseas, and I figured I would pay two payments at once.

This way, I would not have any issues when I returned to the states.

Then I came back to the States I was informed by BMW financial services that I was a payment behind.

Reviewing my records I recalled that I had paid two payments to cover my June and July payment., he indicated that this was an error on their part and he would adjust it and all the late fees would be removed.

He also assured me that there would not be a negative reporting of anything on my credit.

He kept assuring me that everything was fine and that the payment would post correctly and that I had nothing to worry about.

A month later, the negative posted to my account. Called and tried to dispute it, they could care less!

Currently filing complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Is BMW Financial Services legit?
BMW Financial Services is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 38 consumer(s) was/were given a BMW Financial Services as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is BMW Financial Services located?
BMW Financial Services is headquarted at 5550 Britton Pkwy Hilliard, OH 43026. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact BMW Financial Services by dialing (800) 578-5000 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by BMW Financial Services’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by BMW Financial Services’s customers, US $3625 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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38 Reviews on BMW Financial Services

  1. BMW - Fraud, Scams and dirty tricks

    Please read below and verify. (Never deal with BMW)
    BMW Group declared War on the Environment

    * Bavarian prosecutors have raided carmaker BMW in a fraud probe relating to more than 11,400 vehicles that were rigged to appear less polluting in regulators’ tests*

    BMW Group declared War on Bond Investors

    *Securities and Exchange Commission Charges BMW for Disclosing Inaccurate and Misleading Retail Sales information to Bond Investors (BMW AG, BMW NA, and BMW US Capital violated antifraud provisions) .
    They were fined $18 Million Dollars*

    BMW Group Endangering people’s lives.

    A team of 30 Police officers raided BMW Headquarters in Seoul South Korea as more than 40 BMWs have caught fire in South Korea.
    BMW is charged with covering up defects that led to dozens of car fires.

    In China

    Chinese regulators have launched an investigation into violations of disclosure laws by the BMW
    While BMW’s partner in China, Huachen Automotive Group Holdings, entered bankruptcy restructuring owing $987 Million to Creditors

    In the United Kingdom

    The Secretary of State for Transport is Investigating BMW Tampering with the Odometers of Thousands of Ex Leased and Rental cars.

    On top of Financial Fraud, Tampering with Odometers
    will overrides its computers/sensors which will

    in turn affect its warning systems regarding Brakes/ABS needing
    replacement, Tyres and scheduled maintenance and other services
    are essential to the correct and safety of the car’s function.

    In other words, BMW cars that had its Odometer tampered with are “Time Bombs”.

    Above, are only few recent examples from a long list of Fraud (30 Pages) by BMW.

  2. BMW Financial Services Lost my lost my $55,506.83 payoff Cashiers check

    BMW Financial has lost my $55,506.83 payoff certified funds check for a week now! The representatives and supervisors don’t seem to care or aren’t doing anything about it. I am getting the run around from representatives and supervisors. They are not willing to escalate this severe problem or make this any kind of priority. I have been on the phone with them for 15 hours over the last 3 business days. Mostly on hold. Not at all what I would expect out of BMW.

    This is a really big deal for my life because that was all the money I had, and this is causing me extreme mental distress. I am a combat action disabled Marine Corps veteran. I cant have this kind of life consuming stress and anxiety. I need this title ASAP because I need to sell my X7 because of what COVID did to my business. I have a buyer ready and I can’t have them back out because I don’t have the clean title in my hands.

    I have USPS proof my payoff cashiers check (with all the money I had in the bank) was delivered over a week ago on Saturday 10:15am to someone with the initials or name JP. I have copies of the certified funds check. My check needs to be physically located and processed. This should not be so hard!

  3. Complaint

    I’m writing to complain about how BMW Financial Services demonstrated disrespect and completely disregard for a potential client time and money.

    I’ve been a client of AUDI and Mercedes without any issues whatsoever and my recent experience with BMW is the complete opposite. I applied for a lease assumption REF number 4003434188 my first email being on July 10th. I sent an individual application mentioning I wanted to do it under my business instead which I mentioned to your current client. After not receiving any answer from BMW your client made contact by phone asking them to send him the business form, which he forwarded me. I promptly filled the form and sent it back to the assumptions team, no answer again. I called every other day to check and the customer service had nothing to say but to ask me to call again on a later date. I resent the form by email and fax and called again since I had no answer from the assumptions team again. This time I was informed that they received and were reviewing it, but there was an issue with my SSN issuance date. The solution proposed was for me to send a copy of my social security card by email (very secure by the way) which I ended up doing. This cycle (SSN issue) repeated 3 times, with many hours of phone calls to the customer service because the assumptions team was not able to answer a single email (0 of 8) that I sent, not even to acknowledge receipt the first time. After the 3rd time I’ve got the same answer from customer service (SSN issuance date issue) I asked to escalate to a supervisor since clearly the assumptions team was not doing their job even after I complied with their request (SS card by email), but to my surprise, or perhaps I shouldn’t be surprise with anything anymore the customer service told me there was no supervisor to escalate the issue to.

    While I was still trying to solve this I told your current client to search for another person to take over his lease since I didn’t know how long it would take to get it done. The conclusion to this is that I received 2 letters denying my application (individual and business), ended up with hard inquiry in my credit report and $500 in fees which I was told there was a refund if the application was denied. What intrigues me the most is the world is going through a terrible situation, there’s a lot of people unemployed and the ones that are employed at BMW Financial Services probably shouldn’t be there. What is the kind of client BMW seeks? I wonder since I have a 770 credit score (it’s in your letter REF 52823716).


    They are the worst. I cant get anyone to call be back to discuss about payments that are not late, but are indicated as past due! I keep asking if it will hurt my credit and noone gets back. Even my dealership in laval, are NO help. I reached out to them for guidance and keeps telling me to call or contact BMW financial who when I do, disconnects their line when you hold for over 10 mins, or does not respond to emails. TERRIBLE SERVICE. I will not renew my lease for sure with them.

  5. even after they required an interest payment at the time of the deferment.

    Loan sharks! They are great until you defer payments during the loan telling you, no problem, just extend the loan term and make more payments. They will hit you with a lump sum interest payment at the end of the loan, even after they required an interest payment at the time of the deferment.

  6. Bad Service

    Loan sharks! They are great until you defer payments during the loan telling you, no problem, just extend the loan term and make more payments. They will hit you with a lump sum interest payment at the end of the loan, even after they required an interest payment at the time of the deferment.

  7. My neighbor had his car repossessed even though he paid all of his payments to BMWFS.

    My neighbor had his car repossessed even though he paid all of his payments to BMWFS. He has the receipts of the payments by money order. He took each payment to the Post Office to make sure they got to BMWFS. At least two of the money orders were never cashed.

    They were from consecutive months, so it is quite unlikely that the PO lost both of the money orders. BMWFS claims that they never received them. In order to regain his car, he had to pay nearly $2,000 dollars ($1,200+ that BMWFS claims he owes, $322 in late fees, $350 in repo fees).

    This does not include the fees from the lot where the car is being kept.
    This man makes about $1,500 a month and has a wife and daughter to support. He has always done his best to meet his financial obligations. BMWFS did not seem to have any procedures in place to investigate what happened to the payments.

    They informed him that he had to FAX a Declaration of Insurance and send the $1999.30 through Western Union. The payment through Western Union required a stop at four places before finding an office that could do it. Before he can reclaim the car, he will need to call BMWFS again to make sure all the requirements have been met. Then, he will need to call a different company which will hopefully release the car.

    The runaround has been unbelievable! My neighbors English is limited so I was helping him with this problem. The BMWFS representatives on the telephone were polite and sympathetic, and probably as unable to make any headway with the company policies as I was. BMWFS desperately needs to revamp their customer service, find ways to be more helpful when a client is not at fault, and streamline the process for reinstating a contract for a client.

  8. Poor Service!!!

    Poor Service!!! Recently I was notified BMW Financail Service has not received my payment. I immediately scrambled to my check register and notified the representative of my payment, the date I mailed it and confirmed it was cashed.

    Unfortunately, a third party cashed the check and altered the payee. I’ve submitted a police report, an affidavit of forgery from the bank, bank statement, copy of the check and even paid off the balance on my lease. These guys are a joke; they refuse to allow you to talk with anyone that has some type of authority. Refuse to escalate the matter and down right rude.

    In most cases I would be patient and allow this to work it self out. But, currently I’m buying a new property and I’m suppose to take delivery of two new BMW that I had ordered. I’ve cancelled my order and promised myself never to do business with BMW again. They need to retrain there staff.

Reported Loss :3625 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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