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Horrible Customer Service

Bellco Credit Union – Downtown has horrible customer service. Save yourself time and energy and go with a credit union that values its members!

We were charged hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees, and they refused to remove them.

The overdraft occurred by a purchase that came out even though I canceled it.

That caused a negative balance which snowballed into my debit card purchases of $1 here and $2 there to incur a $31 overdraft per purchase.

Even though the merchant was not supposed to make the withdrawal, it’s not their error and will not remove the fees.

I also have alerts for my account that are supposed to notify me if there is a low or negative balance.

It notified me two days later when the account was already at -$786.

Is Bellco Credit Union - Downtown a legit?

Bellco Credit Union - Downtown is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 22 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Bellco Credit Union - Downtown located?

Bellco Credit Union - Downtown is headquarted at 951 16th St Ste 101 Denver, CO 80202. You can contact Bellco Credit Union - Downtown by dialing (720) 479-5278 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Bellco Credit Union - Downtown’s customers?

According to Bellco Credit Union - Downtown’s customers, a monetary loss of US $658 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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22 Reviews on Bellco Credit Union

  1. It was not my fault someone stole my info!!!

    I had my credit card hacked from a business and Bellco reimbursed me then two months later took it back. I believed that they were federally insured so I trusted they would stand behind me and my money. NOT SO!! Don’t trust BELLCO!! The worst ever bank!! It was not my fault someone stole my info!!!

  2. Because you have never experienced unqualified and unmotivated employees like this!

    He has been all over me for a title so he can get his handicapped plates! He can’t walk more than 10 feet and can’t reg the car without the promised title that Hellco cannot or will not produce!

    I have had so many “sincere” apologizes from underlings at bellco who inform me that “the guy in charge of that department won’t answer his phone ” in all my years alive, I have yet to ever run across a suck job like bellco to save my life!

    So, yesterday I hired an attorney to file against the very core of bellco, and alert the regulatory agency that oversees sloppy and poorly ran financial institutions ! If you use bellco for anything, bend over! Because you have never experienced unqualified and unmotivated employees like this!

  3. Never been heavy handed like this!

    Then some guy said it was a mistake (really?) and they would put the overage on my loan balance ! Not a refund, not on the next payment, just at the end of the loan! SOB ! They screwed my grocery budget for that month! I’ll be damned!

    Never been heavy handed like this! I sent a compliant to Power Toyota for ramrodding me into this den of bumbling incompetent IDOITS ! Now I paid off my bellco loan and fedexed a cashiers check to get the title on the way! I did get (after I begged) a letter from Jose stating the car has been paid in full, and I would receive a title in 15 days, that was 32 days ago! Still, no title, no one will talk to me,

    I raise holy hell and get transferred to a dead end extension ! People just have no idea what even common convenience store customer service is! I sold this vehicle to a disabled army vet who needed room for his wheelchair, this guy is only 28 and was injured in Afghanistan .

  4. Never Again

    The last 6 paragraph review of bellco was removed by the PR people at Bellco because they found a way to get to capitulate. So, because I am still a member, and still am suffering greatly at the hands of Bellco, I demand the truth be exposed, so here are the facts: I live in Arizona and never heard of bellco!

    When I bought my Lincoln (740 fico) the dealer told me they had sold the note to a FCU in Denver who was out looking for business, and they offered a quarter of one percent discount to get the loan. I protested because I told the finance mgr to use chase where I have my mortgage and have been very happy with for 40 years, just across from my house in fact , “to late… All done unless you want to cancel altogether and I would have a nightmare of paperwork here! I took the liberty of grabbing that .

    25 discount for you, come on! What the hell… I signed and left, the FIRST month … I was DOUBLE billed for a payment ! I’ll be damned ! I called and waited and waited and waited.,, then some girl answered and transferred me to another wait!

  5. please DO NOT choose Bellco for your financial needs.

    Absolute worst bank I have ever had to deal with. I financed my auto loan through Bellco and tried to set up my automatic payment 3 weeks prior to my first payment being due. I had everything set up but the payment never left my account.

    I called the customer service line (which kept going dead every time it said it was transferring me to a representative) and I was informed that I would have to make my payment at a branch location which is a 200 mile round trip.

    So I made my payment and then re-set up my automatic payment. On the day the payment was supposed to leave my account nothing happened. So I called again and was told that everything was all set up, the payment would just be coming out later in the evening.

    The next day, still nothing. So I call again and this time I’m told that I need to mail in my payment but that by next month my automatic payment would go through normally.

    I mailed a check out the following morning and by that afternoon an automatic payment had been taken. I called Bellco AGAIN and I was told that my birthday is now incorrect in the system so I couldn’t be helped over the phone. So now I have to pay a $35 stop payment on the check so they don’t take my payment twice,

    AND I have to drive to the closest branch in order to get my account fixed once again, which will cost me about $65 in gas. I have never been more upset with a corporation in my entire life. If you have any other options, please DO NOT choose Bellco for your financial needs.

  6. I'm attempting a charge back as my only recourse.

    I sent up an ACH for my first payment on a car loan. I called Customer Service to make sure it was set up correctly. They told me it was set up, however it would not start until the next month. In fact the gentleman guaranteed me it would not debit me until next month and I would need to set up another form of payment.

    So upon his advice and “guarantee”, I used my debit card( +$3 fee of course) and made my car payment. The very next day, guess what came out of my account? The ACH. The next 9 days, yes 9 days I was told several things. The best one being that they had credited my account and I could go to another credit union and get my money back since they can’t credit another financial institution.

    They lied. They never credited me. They put the money in my wife’s saving account. She had no idea they opened an account in her name and the best is, I am NOT ON THE ACCOUNT. So how is that a resolution? They took my money and put into someone else’s account that I have no access to. That is fraud. I’m attempting a charge back as my only recourse.

  7. Pulling every dime out of this credit union and will NEVER do business with them again. HORRIBLE.

    If I could give Bellco a NEGATIVE STAR I WOULD. I have been with them for 18 years. 13 years ago there was an issue on a Bellco Credit Card. It was since resolved but it took a bit back then to get it all taken care of. Our line of credit, which there has never been an issue with in the 18 years we have been with them and payment is automatically paid out of our account monthly. We recently purchased a home.

    While in the middle of our financial process for our home, Bellco CLOSES MY ACCOUNT and hits my credit report negatively. I had no idea what was going on. NO ONE NOTIFIED ME. Called them and after hours of research their “new computer system” caught the 13 YEAR OLD ERROR and closed our account.

    No warning, no explanation….nothing. Called them and was basically told that they were not concerned about losing a long time customer. Did NOTHING to assist in getting this issue off of our credit report over something that happened 13 YEARS AGO. Pulling every dime out of this credit union and will NEVER do business with them again. HORRIBLE.

Reviews: 22
Reported Loss : 658 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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