Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz

Professional tenant

Watch out for this individual. Professional tenant and scammer.

Current landlord took the steps to report her to the police for fraud. She used fake documents to secure a home.

A home she cannot afford as she is on welfare. Currently this landlord has not received rent in months and eviction is pending.

Beautiful brand new home that will no doubt have damages when landlord takes back.

Angela also has a warrant in Alberta for fraud. Scamming people in that province using fake ads for puppies.

This is not the person you want renting your home. HUGE liability and landlord inevitably loses money.

She is also banned from several stores for using fake ads to price match.

Link below are live videos she took of herself, arguing with various people including police, Walmart staff and her bragging about how she makes fake puppy ads and how she does it.

Please do yourself a favour and avoid this individual.

Is Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz legit?
Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 4 consumer(s) was/were given a Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz located?
Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz is headquarted at Oshawa ON CANADA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz by dialing N/A or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz’s customers, US N/A was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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4 Reviews on Angela Saraco/Lanzellotti/Saralanz

  1. Scam and fraud

    She did the same with me she didn’t pay the rent for 7 months and she came to the court with two guys as a witness then I requested investigation and I got the order frim the judge to get my money but she escaped to London Ontario Now I am looking for her if someone knows her address.

  2. She just threw a huge over the top ridiculous party for her kid who turned 6. Spent $160 on a cake. $100 on stupid lawn decorations and tons on piles of gifts for her kid. At least $200 taking her kid and friends to a SPA!!! This woman is on ODSP. If something seems off, its cause it is. Her rent never gets paid. Her landlord has not been paid in months. Yet here is this huge display she puts on to show everyone she is a good mom. Yet, I hardly see her outside with her kids any other time. She spends her time on her live stream on a dating site. Its all for show. No kid needs all that. She is setting her kids up for huge disappointment. Her daughter ( in a video Angie posted) was tearing thru gift after gift and just tossing stuff aside with no thank you or appreciation. She is teaching her kids to be greedy and selfish like her. It was a disgusting display.

  3. This woman....trash extraordinaire

    Fat, sloppy, covered in tattoos the govt paid for. Yet her rent never gets paid. 2 kids. Actualy 3. She pretty much ignores her oldest and her mom is raising her. Poor kid. Not her fault she was born to such a loser. Angie falls all over her other 2 (all for show) yet ignores her oldest. So hurtful. But she doesn’t care unless its being recorded for Facebook.

  4. She is from Oshawa

    She uses her real name. She thinks she is untouchable. Even though she is facing 6 months house arrest for using fake documents to secure current rental. She should have received 5 years as she has done it to so many landlords. Not to mention the Kijiji fraud ( postings ads for fake puppies and getting deposits. She targetted Alberta as she thought nobody would trace her to Ontario) She has god awful tattoos all over her. To cover all her warts. She has 3 kids. Oldest does not live with her and has not for years. Angie could not look after her apparently so her mother is raising her. However Angie went on to have 2 more kids which was such a great idea. She basically ignores her oldest daughter. Sad because the kid is paying the price for having a screwed up mother. Expects to be consulted on decisions concerning this kid but pays nothing or even hardly acknowledges the kid. She lives in Oshawa, ON. Rents big houses she cannot afford, gets evicted and moves onto another one. She has been talking about buying a house. 😂. I don’t think she understands what the word “foreclosure” means. She cannot dick banks or mortgage companies around like she does the Landlord Tenant Board. Her priorities are not her children. But shopping and buying stupid shit. On Facebook she is an amazing mother off FB its a different story. She sits on her live stream on Meetme and ignores her kids. Her loser boyfriend Dustin is more important than her kids. Even though she totally trashed him and his kids on a public stream making some pretty horrendous accusations when he dumped her. She is a pitiful excuse for a person. Total scam artist.

  5. Can you describe her?

    What Province is she from? Or currently residing in? Also, any tattoos or birth marks that would help identify her as I’m assuming that she won’t use her real name anymore. Also how many kids?

  6. Right on

    Very true. She is not who she claims to be. Deceives people and landlords. Psycho. Watch out for her! No money to pay rent but takes her kid to a Jojo Siwa concert with a VIP package. She just doesn’t get what being responsible is. And it always someone else’s fault.

  7. Finally someone spoke up!!

    It’s about time someone spoke up about this woman!!!!! I knew someone who was her landlord and it was a nightmare. Cops there all the time. She was yelling and screaming at people ( as her kids watched). She is most def not normal and thinks its ok to steal from people. So to whoever posted this – thank you!! My friend lost SO much money having her as a tenant cause she never paid rent!!! And lied about her income and credit to get rental. It was so stressful for my friend and their family. These scammer tenants just do not care that they are taking away someone’s income. My friend said everytime they went there, Angie had no rent money (lots of excuses) but always lots of new stuff , toys for her kids, new furniture, new stereo etc. And she gave them attitude while living in their home for FREE!! Just a warning, do not associate or consider renting to this woman. It is not worth it.

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Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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