Donald Trump – Charity or Deception

A philanthropist with all the stars in his sky but we have already discovered the catch. It’s no more a secret.

Politics is not my cup of tea but Donald Trump actually grabbed my attention.

Donald Trump has excelled in every field wherever he has tried his luck either television, business, real state, charity or politics.

A man so successful and perfect, with all the stars in his sky but we have already discovered the catch. It’s no more a secret.

Calling himself a philanthropist, he has always said that he will pay your bills but unlikely it has never been his wallet.

Charity has an entirely different definition which we were never aware of. He has made giving a way to prove his humanity without even quarrying his pocket.

He always gets it from others and give it in the name of charity as if it’s his generosity. The persona he has built around in these many years by claiming about his donations and funds, now seems skeptical.

Instead paying himself, he has often used his Trump Foundation to pay for his promises. At the charity art auction, Melania Trump (is the wife of American businessman and 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, and a former model) didn’t back up in investing $20,000 of foundation funds to buy a six-foot painting of Mr. Trump.

That was not enough, Mr. Trump bid $12,000 in foundation money to win a football helmet signed by quarterback Tim Tebow.

These citations infringe IRS rules against charity officials involved in “self-dealing.” According to law, charity cannot donate for any political campaign but Trump Foundation to a committee supported Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R).

According to him, if it makes him do what he likes. His nomination has opened many hidden doors and has given people of America the right to know more about the person who if elected, will be taking important decisions about their country. My facts about him suggest that he is great at creating illusions.

He has never missed any opportunity to insult women.

In 2012, in his tweet he mentioned Arianna Huffington (co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post ) saying “she is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man—he made a good decision.

His book, How To Get Rich, is again an example of his audacity for insulting women where he quoted: “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me—consciously or unconsciously.

His controversies do not stop here, he has also been in limelight because of his university that has been reported a lot of times for creating deception in the shadow of training and education.

Many former students have continuously reported about the false promises and the quality of courses that has always been under suspicion.

What about the elections? Yes, I know you must be waiting for me to jump into that part of the story as well and believe me, I am much more curious to talk about the presidential elections than you guys are. After all, he has his name everywhere.

Some call it fame, others scam.

There is a news flashing around the corner these days and to make it sound more real, Trump’s Campaign manager, Kellyaane Conway and his son has tweeted the story from their accounts.

Deplorable ! Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out .
Deplorable ! Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out . “I was paid $3,500 to protest Trump’s Rally ” – Kellyanne Conway

Yes, its fake and obvious but Trump never misses a chance to show his competitors the back door.

Finally the truth comes out ! - Eric Trump
Finally the truth comes out ! – Eric Trump

Anyone with even an eye can understand the difference between ABC news and I mean come on! Who pays a protestor $3500.

Doesn’t he remember the amount he pays to his supporter and anyone with an open vision will die to be his protestor for free.

The silliest part of the story is the reason that confirms its Hillary Clinton who paid to that protestor because the conversation was done using AOL. Who thinks that people of America can be deceived by these hoaxes.

The article even created an invisible supporter who claimed saying that

“I knew those weren’t real protesters, they were too organized and smart,” said 59-year-old Tom Downey, a Trump supporter who attended the rally in Fountain Hills. “I knew there was something up when they started shouting all these facts and nonsense like that. The best we could do was just yell and punch em’ and stuff.” Downey continued.

Trump really tried hard to give this story a notch but we are here in the 21st century and we understand how technology can be used in both the ways: GOOD and BAD. But I would really like to give him a thumps up for trying so hard but we know the answers.

Donald Trump is one of the characters who never fails to establish his authority even if he has to go against law and that speaks a lot about his personality.

A philanthropist or a deception expert.

What you think ?

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