Axel Eiser Detained in Pula for Diesel Emission Scandal

Axel Eiser, the ex-engineering manager for Audi has been arrested Croatia. The man was wanted by the USA and has ....

Axel Eiser, the ex-engineering manager for Audi has been arrested Croatia. The man was wanted by the USA and has been charged over the diesel emissions cheating scandal.

A German citizen and the former boss at Audi, Axel has been detained on an international warrant. The arrest took place while Axel was trying to cross into the country from Slovenia. This is reportedly happened on June 9 as per the statement by the ministry.

The guy is kept in the detainment center in Pula. According to the further update from the ministry, the German embassy has already been informed of the same. And, the further course of action is due.

According to the German constitution, the extradition of its citizens isn’t allowed. The extradition is only possible to either to the EU member states or to an international court.

The charges against Axel along with three others surfaced the last year itself. The charges were imposed by the federal grand jury in Detroit, Michigan. The charges include 12-count indictment alleging conspiracy along with violations of the Clean Air Act. These felons were also charged under wire fraud.

In an elaborative explanation, the court pinned that the alleged, a team of four were conspiring the fraud for nearly 10 years. Axel Eiser was the head of Audi’s diesel engine development department. He was appointed at Ingolstadt, Germany.

Axel Eiser was able to turn down the allegations initially for the emissions cheating. And, he was later promoted to head of engine development as well. The promotion took place in early 2016. This was after several months of him being accused of clean air violations. However, the U.S. authorities, in January 2019, has been able to indict Axel along with his partners in crime with serious allegations.

In this fraud, these men tried to deceive the US Environmental Protection Agency. These guys involved in deceitful ways to emissions tests for three-liter diesel engines.

Volkswagen, the German carmaker is the owner of Audi. And, the company has been already pinned against the criminal charges in 2016. And, ended paying over 30 billion US dollars together for lawsuit settlement costs and in penalties.