Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus

The framework is more beneficial to the proprietors of the platform than the platform users themselves.
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If you follow my works closely, you would have known by now how very interested I am in programs that teach and promote affiliate marketing.

You should know by now how very lucrative this job is – raking some six-figure sums for internet business owners.

How about I introduced you to someone who would teach you how to be the best at this job.

More often than not, eCommerce business managers look out for opportunities that will let them make the most profit with less efforts from their own side. You inclusive. I share your sentiments pal.

Well, please join me examine this affiliate marketing teaching platform that has got some success up its sleeves.

Meet the Group


Vick Strizheus has some experience in eCommerce and would like to share with you. He started the Four Percent Group to teach individuals how to find affiliate marketing opportunities and effectively promote them to viable markets.

Marketing has never been any better. It sounds quite exciting.

If you were interested in making money off this business practice, you would have literally seen your money counting for you.

There’s also no doubt this business practice is not as simple as it sounds but with the right training, you are sure to make a strong impression on the market.

You should be thinking if Vick could deliver you with the right kind of information for this kind of business.

Let us investigate then.

Inside the Group

There are seven training steps in Vick’s Four Percent Group. They are listed below:

  • Step 1: New Member Orientation (Details, Strategy, Plan)
  • Step 2: Quick Setup and Activating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Step 3: Funnel Setup
  • Step 3: Power Base Activation
  • Step 4: Plant Your Flag
  • Step 5: The Miracles of Live Events
  • Step 7: Operation $100,000

According to Vick, you will be trained on how to channel the right products to the right market. You will also be able to attract the right clients requesting for your services.

Personally, this is interesting. Its just the most important part of marketing. Don’t you agree?

Vick offers his students three training packages namely:

  • LITE: This package is made available for $7 each month. It has limited options and is basically for people who want to be on small scale. It is recommended for people who want to check it out before deciding on whether to dive in fully.
  • PRO: This package is made available for $49 each month. It offers almost everything you need to succeed with The Four Percent Group. It is also the most commonly used package. Try this if you are convinced about joining the program.
  • PRO ELITE: This package is available for $5,000 per year. It is for experienced marketers. You should try this if you have tried the earlier two packages. It also includes a private coaching program.

The training content is impressive. You may check out the content here. Just that you need to commit plenty of time and resources to promoting your marketing channel. Vick’s program employs paid ads for promoting contents. Has this worked? Read further.

Is it a Scam?

This question would be running through your mind if you know Vick.

Well, the program in itself is a scam.

But, I would like to show you something.

Check this out,

Vick was in prison some time ago for being involved in a fraud of about $30,000. That could be a red flag for me. Anyone could be scared of that.

He has actually come to say clearly that that is in the past. Therefore, maybe we could overlook that.

How about checking out the program. I don’t feel comfortable moving around the environment. Sometimes it feels I would be defrauded.

It is just full of exaggerations and packages most of which were not mentioned at the beginning of the program.

It is just so full of persuasion to buy more and more upsells.

Though I would love you to be fully aware of the program’s packages; I would also tell you to be very vigilant too.

A look at both sides

Affiliate marketing is exciting. I agree. It is also very time consuming and risky. Maybe the Four Percent Group has a way around it. Join me as I critically examine both sides to the Four Percent Group Challenge.


  • There is so much focus on motivating you to grow in your knowledge and skills in affiliate marketing. Loads of materials are targeted towards improving the individuals signing up for the program. Proper focus on the individual and his business is a right approach for any business owner. With time, it could have a stronger client base with such approach.
  • With the $1 trial package for the first week, you are offered adequate time to check out the content of the program at almost no cost. You can check out some packages and decide if the program is ideal for your kind of business, training or development. You just have to commit time to check out the details of each accessible package. Happy surfing!
  • The course content attempts to cover every aspect of affiliate marketing. This approach is very viable and capable of raising participants trust in the system. When you have adequate knowledge of every facet of the affiliate marketing business, you are sure to make a headway. Besides, Vick has been involved with this kind of business for some time and has a lot to share. Wouldn’t you rather learn from him?


  • The Four Percent Group is also trying to make itself a profit promoting other online businesses and training platforms. Since this is what they teach, it is not very unusual. However, since these programs are not spoken of initially or their cost communicated effectively, it appears to be a subtle way of exploiting participants. The program soon turns out to look like a platform that is constantly redirecting you to other programs in order to benefit completely from it.
  • The promotion of the program is somewhat descriptive of its nature. Subscribers are encouraged to be affiliates. This is in itself not much of an issue. However, the continual emphasis on selling the program to new persons rather than delivering adequate content makes its mission questionable. Besides, the program has the outlook of a multilevel marketing program. Though not pronounced, it is very implied and such a structure could be addictive on participants.
  • Vick is just so good at making you think this program starts paying off in no time. Friend, that is not true! As I would always say, do not be deceived by trainers or program promoters telling you that you would get rich overnight. eCommerce takes a while to pay off. Besides, the increased interest and participation of persons in these lines of businesses makes it all the more competitive. Anyone telling you that you could beat the competition overnight is just trying to deceive you. Furthermore, using Facebook ads requires consistent updating and monitoring, and these are time-consuming activities in themselves besides requiring consistency and basic training – which the Four Percent Group does not adequately offer. YouTube has a similar system – uploading video content and all. It would be deceitful to think one can do otherwise.
  • The price is misleading. The initial stated fee for the Four Percent Group Challenge for example is $197. However, as you progress you will be presented with Internet Traffic Mastery costing $1997 without which you will have limited access to the provisions of the course. Who does that? This is besides the many other upsells with which your money will be taken off you. These attempts at trying to mislead people into buying a program and later restricting their access to some packages for the purpose of making them buy more is fraudulent to say the least. That is exactly what Vick’s Four Percent Group is doing. That, to me, is purely deceptive.
  • Poor advertising strategy. With the competition and cost involved with paid adverts, it is surprising that it is the same strategy that Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent Group employs. Sadly, these adverts have poor conversion rates and have led to participants spending so much money and not making as much profit.


It would not be fair if I don’t tell you the truth. But, before that, allow me look over Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent Group.

It has a great framework – one that is capable of reaching many customers in the quickest possible time.

However, the framework is more beneficial to the proprietors of the platform than the platform users themselves.

Practically speaking, you practice affiliate marketing using the very product through which you learnt it.

But, it makes the profit you are supposed to make. This is questionable by me.

Well, I can tell you for sure that affiliate marketing is good business. I know that for sure too.

How about making a profit for your trainer with little or no benefit to you.

The Four Percent Group is one such platform that is promising but for its self-profiteering. I would not want to recommend this program to anyone contemplating involvement in affiliate marketing.