The Wealth Network By Jesse Singh

These days one could make a great fortune venturing into e-commerce. With the load of opportunities here and there and ....

These days one could make a great fortune venturing into e-commerce. With the load of opportunities here and there and the reports of incidents almost matching the vast market; one wonders if this could be the magic formula raking in the bucks.

Among the many opportunities for e-commerce are the platforms created on Amazon and eBay. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you do not mind), many individuals have taken to these sites on part time and, more recently, full-time working basis.

This increasing workforce has warranted a further increase in training programmes of various forms and textures online.

One such provider of training is The Wealth Network.

The Wealth Network – An Overview

Now you must be wondering, why the prologue? Well, you need be guided over and against the whirlpool of internet business. Endless opportunities! Quite endless.

That’s to say you meet the good, the bad and the ugly. You need not fear as you will be offered the best reviews that address your specific areas of interest.

Meet The Trainers

The Wealth Network (TWN) is an online educational platform where subscribers are taught mostly how to sell products on Amazon and some blogging and SEO as well.

It was launched on 12 July, 2017 by Jesse Singh. He has been able to put together a set of professionals who teach subscribers on the platform. Among the trainers are Josh Jacobs, Aaron Andrews, Brian Cinnamon, David Arnett, Sean Agnew and David Cook.

The wealth network trainer

Jesse Singh is a millionaire who is proficient in Search Engine Optimization, networking and the eBay/Amazon drop-shipping arbitrage.

He has topped the charts of DS Domination and Digital Attitude. The other trainers are big earners in various internet platforms.

You must be wondering then, what would have been the motivation behind rich guys as these in the development of a training platform?

Well, with an ever increasing market, who wouldn’t budge? But that notwithstanding, we could take a good look at what they offer and the chances in prospects therewith.

The Wealth Network uses an automated system to help teach you how to make more money online.

To begin, you would have to sign up for an account via its official website.

Though registration is free, using the site’s provisions is not as you would have to register for their various products (below).

Obviously, just like any other profiteering venture: the greater your subscription, the higher your class and, definitely, the higher you can make for yourself.

As a promotional tool, members are allowed to introduce the courses to their friends for a 40% commission.

This would make it seem like a multilevel marketing scheme though. But, have you wondered if it’s worth it?


The Wealth network basically offers its products according to its membership plans. They include:

  1. TWN Gold

This package costs $49.99/month. It offers members access to training for eBay, Amazon, blogging, SEO and marketing. Members also have access to their customized

  • Gold Training Webinars LIVE
  • Facebook Mastermind Group for support, and
  • Customer Support and Knowledge
  1. TWN Platinum

This package costs $149.99/month. This package offers all the advanced versions of all the products listed in TWN Gold.

  1. Smart Commerce

This package costs $997(One-time payment). This package is most comprehensive and advanced of the listed packages.

Put summarily, the courses provided on the platform are the e-Commerce course and the blogging course split into the different packages.

The e-Commerce course comprises of

  1. The Amazon Training Module which consists of 10 lessons for the Gold Membership (approximately 75 minutes worth of video training) and an additional of 10 lessons for the Platinum Membership (approximately 69 minutes worth of video training).

The Amazon Training teaches about retail arbitrage.

  1. The EBAY training which consists of 7 lessons for the Gold Membership (approximately 55 minutes worth of video training) and additional 5 lessons for the Platinum Membership (approximately 39 minutes worth of video training).

The eBay training teaches drop shipping.

The blogging training consists of 8 lessons for the Gold Membership (approximately 61 minutes worth of video training) and additional 3 lessons for the Platinum Membership (approximately 61 minutes worth of video training).

The Wealth network by Jesse Singh – could it be a scam?

Having assessed their portfolio, it would be only appropriate to consider what has become of them using these packages. What users think and all.

It’s not strange for internet users to be conscious of scams as it has been a very viable tool for defrauding unsuspecting users at different stages of its development.

The trading routes are most affected as money is often involved. This article will, thus, offer reliable information on what to look out for while considering an e-Commerce platform like TWN.

A quick search on would make you wonder if there was a simultaneous attack on the Wealth Network or, if you would rather say, a simultaneous defence. This article offers neither but a critical evaluation of The Wealth Network.

A scam is a dishonest scheme. So, has TWN shown itself to be dishonest?

….. Not so much. But, if we would have to hold them by their words we may have a point of contention somewhere.

TWN has a refund package for its subscribers who may want to withdraw from their packages.

Using this feature has been difficult for many users as the procedure does not turn out to be as easy as it may seem.

Well, since we do not have a court of arbitration to report internet scam to, we need only highlight any such questionable practices to make them take proper measures or put off unsuspecting customers.

A Critical Perspective to The Wealth Network

Having looked the programmes of TWN at a glance, let us look closer and assess for ourselves how much of a benefit or menace it has been to its teeming market.

The Pros

  • The support system for The Wealth Network is good. There are a series of live ‘webinars’ scheduled for subscribers and the ‘Facebook Mastermind Group’ offers a platform where you can mix with like-minded people and get advice on issues that you may be facing. This is practically the most attractive tip for me as it provides access to a great pool of knowledge from experienced minds when you need not go through the experience yourself. The thought that people have gone through it and succeeded is good motivation.
  • I thought there were some good lessons here when it came to using Amazon and also the marketing training conducted by Jessie Singh when he teaches about SEO and blogging techniques. I found the section on setting up smart funnels to be very informative also.
  • The wide range of presenters at TWN means one can have a wide range of resources to benefit from. Each of them an expert in his own right. Aside from Jessie Singh, the other experts also presented different aspects of the program. This offers a varied content. Who won’t love that?

The Cons

  • Their Profit Spy tool is supposed to give you products that may be successful on Amazon so you don’t have to do the product research yourself. However, when listed products do not really reflect the best choices, it raises doubts on the quality of the mechanism employed. It’s as good as doing the research yourself. People will be better off using software like Jungle Scout and ASINspector. Product research is more or less the most important step in the Amazon business and there would be little wisdom leaving it in the hands of some expert whose technique you do not know and whose outcome is below par. The internet marketing training offered at TWN has been is not for people who want to be professionals. Except you do not want to be.

Honestly, better be advised to spend your money studying better product research methods and stronger SEO techniques than do it at TWN.

There are some weaknesses with the dropshipping and Amazon FBA business model used. The bulk of the training in the platform is focused on building your own Amazon FBA business.

FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon, which means Amazon will handle warehousing, packaging, shipping & handling returns for you at one of their many warehouse locations.

You can start a physical product business without worrying about the actual order fulfilment; you can just focus on picking out products to sell, find suppliers, order bulk to an Amazon warehouse, create the product listing & do the marketing for your product.

Many people are trying out this business model because the trust in this company is really high and their revenues are growing quite rapidly in recent years.

There can be issues with taking orders when your suppliers let you down and through no fault of your own you can’t supply, so what do you do?

Also, how do you deal with having too much stock stored at Amazon which you are having a problem selling? Practically, you have little or no control over customer satisfaction.

You cannot just impress them enough. As more people join Amazon FBA, it’s becoming more difficult to get your product to the top of the chart. It also takes a while before you can create a product listing.

You will need to vet out suppliers by ordering samples, check for quality & then have some inventory ordered in bulk. It is just too competitive.

Furthermore, too much competition overtime can lead to lower prices for your listed products and, ultimately, losses.

The emphasis on the affiliate marketing opportunity and 40% commission raises doubts on the reliability of the platform.

This is like playing a game with it instead of using the platform for what it claims to represent. In the long run, users would emphasize more on the benefits from promoting the platform than the use of the platform itself.

Such an abuse! It would eventually become a virtual space for creating unreal products for users to play with and make a fortune.

Being an affiliate can be a great thing if you have an experience in a product, but in this case, it would only promote a brand without a product.

There are limited free trials. This could imply that the authors are seeking to make much gain from its user base.

This is a potential red flag. They may as well know that they want visitors to make a commitment before knowing the full extent of the package.

The realities in dropshipping are not properly communicated in the system. The presenters would often appear to deliver the best system available. They claim to have the best tools.

Mind you, no man’s own system has given the best outcome. It requires a lot of study and diligence to succeed in this line of business. Besides, any scheme that promises instant riches and results is suspicious.

Such claims undermine the credibility of the presenters and the skills they flaunt, no matter the expertise they claim because there are many out there who could make similar claims. A realistic approach to this trend will create the difference.


The Wealth Network is a splendid ingenious environment to be acquainted with the trends in e-Commerce, sincerely. However, they seem to create a false impression of simplicity and expertise which is far from the reality. Watch out!

The internet is no playground. With different businesses trending here and there, we cannot but be careful how we jump – one foot at a time. Fortunately, you have reliable reviews to guide you. There was too much emphasis on using affiliates. I did feel that this was the real reason for this course existing and it comes dangerously close to multi-level marketing (MLM).

It was a relief to have a wide range of people presenting the course and not just Jesse Singh. However, some of the material seemed to be hastily put together and disorganized. You can make some money using Jessie Singh’s affiliate program but you cannot rely on its quality.

It would be wise for TWN to review its operations if it wants to make a difference in the market or remain in it in the coming decade. They cannot be recommended for Amazon FBA training or for eBay and SEO. If you need an effective training in any of these courses, you may as well look elsewhere.