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Both the doctor’s judgement and assistant’s practice in administering Botox. I went to this practice several years ago for botox in between my eyebrows. I have congenital ptosis and explained this to the nurse who would be administering. The doctor came in for two seconds and said this shouldn’t be an issue – just “be careful” (said to assistant, I believe her name was Annie). The end result – so much botox that the one side of my face drooped for almost a week (looked like bells palsy, but it wasn’t ), constant twitching and lid droop so bad that I had to get another eye surgery. When I called the office, it was dismissed and I was told it wasn’t the botox but that I could come in if I wanted. I ran, not walked, to another doctor who said it was definitely from the botox. She may be great for standard procedures, I would not go to this practice if you have any underlying medical issues. I suffered from severe depression as a result of this experience and it took me years to feel good about myself again.

While many practices allow nurses to administer Botox, in my opinion, the doctor should be administering, especially for patients with a history that could negatively impact the outcome.

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  1. Also, horrible bedside manner.

    Just walk away! Half of these are probably fake reviews. This woman is unethical and has been disciplined by the medical board. Also, horrible bedside manner.

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