Summit Oil Profts

Investment Scam.

Summit Oil Profits,is a a high yielding scam program.That claims,to trade in oil,lithium and other commodities.

I first came across Summit Oil Profits,back in 2016 and sadly lost a lot of money in this SCAM,along with a lot of other Australians,one lady lost over 200,000 dollars.But this is just not an Australian SCAM,it is world wide.

The first is knew that this company was doggy,was when other investors and myself could not get in contacted,with there Head Office in the London the UK.NO one ever answered the phone.So a couple of UK investors,went around there supposed London Head Office and as I expected,an empty office,with a phone on floor and nothing else.It was just a shelf company,the penny dropped with me,that SOP could be a SCAM.

So I did some more research into a company, that,Summit Oil Profits,claimed they used as an insurances company, to insure investors capital.This company was supposedly been in Switzerland.I could not find any trace of this insurance company, on the internet.So I rang the business register in Switzerland.No such company and never was.

No one ever got paid out,when investors put in for withdrawals.A few hundred here or there,but NO big payout,that they promised.

Summit Oil Profits,I see now have started there SCAM up in Tokyo Japan.

PLEASE BE WARMED….Summit Oil Profits,Is Totally Fraudulent.

DO NOT SEND THEN ANY MONEY.They use a beneficiary bank account in China or ask you, to send then money via Western Union.

Beware of a Micheal Nathan,who claims he is of Turkish decent,but his accent is clearly,from the Caribbean’s,Jamaica is think….

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  1. Summit oil profit is a scam

    Hi, Summit oil profit is a high yielding scam, they never paid any single investor for last three years, they talked about the foreign exchange trading, but they actually running a ponzy scheme, there customer representative Michael Nathan always asked for money to put into this programme, he also threatens the investors for suing them, if they do not compliant with his request, and also one more kingpin named Rajesh Mohal, from new York, asked investors to transfer the money via bankwire or western union , once investors transfer the money, he blocked them straight away and stopped answering there calls either , there are hundreds of fake profiles on facebook who are promoting summit oil profits, few of them under the name of Ronny Tuduva, Evelyn Williams aka marion j parker, Ashley Briggs, Janet Morgan, Sandy Dufferin, Alvin Parsons, all of them are fake profiles and also company mentions Ralph Rogers the owner of Summit oil Profits actually he works for Isis…. Please guys do not invest money in Summit Oil Profits, as it is a fake company with the fake address in Japan….

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