Scott Moore, Barbara Whenal

My elderly mom fell in love with a scammer.

My 71 year old mother was scammed by a man she met on Facebook as Scott J. Moore. He swept her off her feet with romantic promises and convinced her to send money for various reasons. He said he could not get paid, broke his phone, and had medical bills. We tried to discourage this but my mom was completely convinced that he was genuine. Then, he made a promise to come and visit her and she sent him money for a flight from an oil rig he said he was on. After sending money she was contacted by Barbara Whenal and told this person would handle the transfer of money. In the end, he denied knowing Barbara Whenal but a text message from her revealed they do know each other. My mom is devastated and this man is very good at convincing women who believe him.

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3 reviews on Scott Moore, Barbara Whenal

  1. My name is Barbara Whenal and I want everyone to know I am just someone he has scammed and because he didn’t get what he wanted
    he’s making everyone think I am also a scammer. That is so wrong I am a Christian with a strong belief in my God.

  2. My Name is BARBARA WHENAL and I can guarantee I am not a scammer, In fact I was scammed and because they did not get what they wanted from me a woman in their group, and yes they are a group, started posting my picture along with Scott Moreau’s as a scammer. I am a Christian, and I would never do the things these scammers do to people. I have been trying to get my picture and name off these sites but its difficult and kind of expensive. So if you see my name and picture please believe I am not one of them.

  3. Barbara Whenal

    I want to say something about Barbara Whenal. She is a real person and that’s her real name. As for Scott Moreau he is using a fake name and is a scammer. He contacted me on Facebook about a year ago and he is very charming. He tried to get me to send money to Barbara Whenal and gave me her address. He said she handled his money. I do believe she is involved and trying to pretend to be an innocent victim. She had strong romantic feelings for the man and she is now trying to lie out of it. I stopped talking to him and blocked him but since he was using a fake name he is still out there somewhere. Do not believe a word Barbara says and do not get involved with her in any way.

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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