Saint Agnes Medical Center

The Nursing Staff Is Beyond Horrible.

My mom is in the Saint Agnes Medical Center. The follow through and care from the nursing staff is beyond horrible.

There was a high need for pain management and when it was time for Medicine there was no staff around, no one answering the phone, and no follow through from anyone you asked for help!

The most frustrating and inexcusable situation! Mom had to wait for 2.5 past her time for pain medication due to no follow though from nursing staff.

The worst experience ever. BELOW ARE THE ISSUES this this hospital have.

No tissue was provide. What hospital has no tissue???

Food came late, they left outside for 45 minutes, it was cold.

NO water was giving after asked. Really? They can bring water??

Machine making noises for 5 hours no one shut it off. Called nurses came by, but no one come back to fix the noises, until and hour later.

The nurse by the name Amy “India people” throw stuff on my mom head.she talks very mean to my mom.

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11 reviews on Saint Agnes Medical Center

  1. Terrible experience

    Terrible experience. They hate Catholics.

  2. won't go there ever again.

    When to ER in October, waited 6 hrs then told, I wasn’t a priority so I left never saw a Doctor , only had blood drawn, sent a $500 bill , insurance paid $300 , There accounting dept says they charge $315 dollars fee to go to ER, I’m refusing to pay $200 for nothing, Im being turned over to collections, won’t go there ever again.

  3. Scammer

    I’ve been here for 4 hours and paid a $100 for something I could’ve done myself. Thanks guys.

  4. Bad Service.

    Worst service ever !

  5. Horrible experience

    Horrible experience! I was admitted into the hospital for three days. Upon my release I asked my attending physician, Dr. Gurcharan Sidhu, for a work excuse. He refused to give me an excuse for work.

    He was very arrogant and rude! I will never, ever seek treatment at Saint Agnes Medical Center again.

  6. Please consider going somewhere else when you have a urgent medical problem.

    I took my 82 year old aunt who was visiting from Canada. She fell and broke her arm. We went to the Urgent Care and she was x-rayed and sent home. We were told to expect a call from a surgeon to set the arm.

    No call ever came and she was forced to fly back home were her broken arm. Oh, the surgeons office did call 14 days later. She was seen the day she landed in Toronto. Please consider going somewhere else when you have a urgent medical problem.

  7. Bad Service Provide

    One blonde RN who I didn’t catch the name, spoke extremely loud, was not even trying to be careful when she repositioned my dad who intubated, she did a horrible job changing the sheets, and did not wipe him down when he had a bowel movement.

    Jay -has tattoos on his arm, would not explain anything he was doing, and left my dad in the room, hours at a time with no care, except to come back to medicate him. May was rude and not helpful with concerns.

  8. St Agnes is horrible!

    My review is based on my OB triage experience. The doctor had terrible bed side manner. She made me feel as if it was all in my head.

    On top of that the doctor was talking with the nurses about another doctor. It was completely unprofessional. No wonder why people always recommend Clovis Community. St Agnes is horrible!

  9. I'm baffled that they couldn't read the x-rays properly.

    This is the most incompetent hospital I’ve been forced to visit. I broke my ankle and was taken to their emergency room. After an initial x-ray they diagnosed me with a broken fibula and needed to reduce the fracture (force the bone back into place). It took them 5 tries and along the way they realized my tibia was also broken.

    It only succeeded the final time because a different doctor arrived and knew to apply a local nerve block. After being discharged and seeing my new orthopedist, he pointed out that there were actually 2 breaks in the tibia. I’m baffled that they couldn’t read the x-rays properly.

  10. the process repeated itself until I filed an appeal on their behalf.

    However, what’s even more frustrating than this is their billing dept. I’ve been forced to deal with them and my insurance company over this one night for 8 months now. Obviously, some of the blame lies with the insurance company and their hesitance to pay what they owe,

    but the hospital has repeatedly submitted the claims incorrectly. After each denial, I have had to call the hospital because rather than resubmit the claim, they simply billed me for everything. And each time they did very little to correct their submission, so the process repeated itself until I filed an appeal on their behalf.

  11. Terrible business!

    Came in with food poisoning. Waited in the triage waiting room for at least 1.5 hours before I finally got in. Then when I got in I had to wait another 1.5 hours. Patience ran thin and left. Wasn’t going to pay for just sitting around. Terrible business!

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