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I’ve been financing my car with Rightsize Funding thank the lord i’m almost but if you can avoid financing with them, run!

In the beginning I used to pay my car note online but then they “changed” their online website and didn’t allow any online payments.

Now, since they made it an inconvenience to pay the bill you’d think they would be a little more considerate but nope.

The only way to pay your bill is in person , over the phone or 7/11.

If you pay at the business you can’t pay cash or card can only pay by check or money order.

If you pay over the phone, they charge you $20, and if you pay at a 7/11 there is a small fee.

You’d think that because they still haven’t fixed their website to allow people to pay online there wouldn’t be a charge to pay over the phone but I guess that’s asking for too much.

In addition, there used to be a a 10 day grace period before you were charged a late fee but now if you’re a couple days late you get a $15 and even if you’re one day late you get harassed by email and phone.

It’s annoying because a lot of people work full time and can’t drive all the way to the office to pay and who wants to pay an extra fee to pay over the phone.

Overall, very happy i’m almost done paying my car off and won’t have to deal with this company anymore.

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