Paul Delacarter

Romantic - money con about death of family to pay for funerals etc . Cheating.

My friend lost close family and Paul targeted her. He told her his Nan died and he needed to pay for funeral as she was paying for one. A few months later that his grandchild died and needed to pay for funeral. He explained he was waiting for redundancy money and would pay it all back.

Over time they became close romantically. She wasnt in a great place and I guess just needed support. He used that. He started to say he was working away but never had money. She paid for everything. She then found phone numbers and hotel bookings. When the redundancy was due he left her with dept. She was made homeless and has had to sleep on sofas.

Emotionally with the close loss and trusting the wrong person she tried to take her life. He contacted her and is aware of all this and asked for more money. I know….

He said he was an ex footballer (has changed surname). Worked as engineer but of course my friend has no idea what are lies.

She wouldnt go to police or say anything. I just hope that someone reads this and realises what a con artist and evil person this man is.

Good luck and thankyou for reading please be careful.

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Luton England GB
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Reported Loss :9500 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : anonymous
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