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Romantic - money con about death of family to pay for funerals e

My friend lost close family and Paul targeted her. He told her his Nan died and he needed to pay for funeral as she was paying for one. A few months later that his grandchild died and needed to pay for funeral. He explained he was waiting for redundancy money and would pay it all back.

Over time they became close romantically. She wasnt in a great place and I guess just needed support. He used that. He started to say he was working away but never had money. She paid for everything. She then found phone numbers and hotel bookings. When the redundancy was due he left her with dept. She was made homeless and has had to sleep on sofas.

Emotionally with the close loss and trusting the wrong person she tried to take her life. He contacted her and is aware of all this and asked for more money. I know….

He said he was an ex footballer (has changed surname). Worked as engineer but of course my friend has no idea what are lies.

She wouldnt go to police or say anything. I just hope that someone reads this and realises what a con artist and evil person this man is.

Good luck and thankyou for reading please be careful.

Is Paul Delacarter a legit?

Paul Delacarter is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 16 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Paul Delacarter located?

Paul Delacarter is headquarted at England GB. You can contact Paul Delacarter by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Paul Delacarter’s customers?

According to Paul Delacarter’s customers, a monetary loss of US $9500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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16 Reviews on Paul Delacarter

  1. Leopard doesn't change his spots

    I work for a metal company in Caxton Rosd Bedford. Paul started working here at the end of 2022 but wasn’t there long before he had extended leave citing his mother in law had died. Spoke to someone he used to work with elsewhere and they said he used that excuse there aswell. It seems he’s a habitual liar,con man and downright wrong un. As of Feb 2023 he still hasn’t come back. Steer clear

  2. Very bad.

    Paul Delacarter, is a big liar, who loves to use women, never stays long at work, likes to take advantage of everyone, he is a big thief who walks well dressed in grief clothes, but he doesn’t even have the right place to live ,Paul is aggressive when he doesn’t get what he wants from his woman (money and more money.

  3. Paul.

    I’m his step son. And it’s my mother who died. I understand your upset with his actions. But do you think it’s fair to take it out on my sisters with messages and links being sent to them. Your stooping just as low as Paul. Also if your friend never learned from the first time that’s her own fault. I don’t personally care for Paul but he’s also lost his wife of 21 years or so and is probably going through stuff.! Sharing someone’s personal information online is a criminal offence, so what makes you any better. Maybe get on with your own life instead of causing problems for others. Think about the repercussions this could have on peoples mental health.

  4. d

    is this not illegal to write stuff about people online without there permission

  5. sad sad people

    Hi i know paul and have met him a few times and okay some of the things on here may be true but tbh why would you hand someone over your hard earned money like if you wouldn’t have handed it over to someone like you’re a fool for giving money to someone you barely know and also none of you in here are any better than him like this is slander of a mans name and with all the recent things going on in the news with being kind you think you’d think twice about what’s posted online but here you all are.. you should all be ashamed of yourself.. this is harrassment and you all need to leave him alone take your loss and keep it moving and think twice before giving people money… i’ll pray that you all can go and get a life and not sit online writing stuff about people you sados…& next time you get a new boyfriend don’t give them money 😌😌😌😌😌 have a nice fuxking day

  6. Please read

    Wow this is really disturbing. We live in a day and age where online trolling is serious and has, as you all should know, resulted in people taking their own lives.
    I understand the frustration and severity of Paul’s actions, however, as grown women you should know better than to stoop to a level of online bullying. I do not condone Paul’s behaviour, however if it has been as serious as you all make out then surely the mature thing to do would be to contact the police and let them do their job. Knowing Paul’s children personally, who have just recently lost their mother, it would be a real shame for a page like this to destroy more lives. Just the same as Paul wasn’t thinking about the affect his actions have had, you all aren’t thinking about the repercussions of yours.
    Let’s all try to learn from our mistakes, and be kind to one another as mature adults should.

  7. So sad

    I really find this so sad that you are all so unhappy about his actions when you are all on here doing this! Have you ever considered how his children may be feeling reading these comments after loosing their mother !?


    Hi again as you have deleted my comment I will comment again. I know Paul and most of these comments are true as one of you have clearly stated he has two young children who lost their mother not long ago. They do not need you harassing them sending them links to websites and screenshots as this has nothing to do with them! Please do not delete my comments again as I have screenshots of this anyway so it would be silly now. It’s unfortunate if you have been lied to over some money situations but none of you have been held against you will to hand this over. More fool you 🙂 as I stated before maybe have some more consideration for what you post online as many people do commit suicide over online abuse.


    I know Paul personally most of comments made are true and is in a very bad place and as you are all helping cyber bullying him if for any reason anything happens you are now all on here to blame.


  10. All of this is true

    Hi all so sorry to read all of this but it’s all 100% true
    I was never sure of him from the start. My mum and Paul met in 2012 and married in 2014. He was a huge part of our lives. Was practically a grandfather to my 2 children. There was always conflict and crazy stories as to why he was away, or skint and always waiting on money.
    Luckily he targeted they wrong type of woman with my mum, she was not as vulnerable as she may have seemed and had lots of strong family members.
    Police were involved a lot due to his drinking and aggression towards my mum but slightly different with my mum as he did pay for stuff and was less lecherous. He paid for holidays. They split 2 years ago.
    And it seems since then he has reverted back to his old ways, lying, scheming and using women.
    He contacts us every so often to see how we are but denies this to his new targets.
    I’ve heard so many stories about Paul since and I’m worried it’s just going to escalate. I’ve heard he’s made a woman homeless through debt and she had tried to take her own life. He’s just moved onto the next one.
    If anyone wants to know more or feel like he’s doing this to them or a family member I’m happy to talk. He is really awful lying about the death of a granddaughter and reusing the fact other family members have died to take money from loving vulnerable ladies.

  11. Please contact me

    This person is currently in a relationship with my mother…
    Can someone please contact me and see if we are talking about the same person?
    Mail: info.ferrazphotography @ gmail .com

    1. I don’t think it’s acceptable for people to be contacting his family or sharing personal information about Paul. Having read his step sons comment he is obviously grieving at this time and should be left alone. This is not the way to seek justice as it has as some of you have mentioned turned into a witch hunt. I don’t condone what he has done but contacting his family is out of order. There are legal ways to deal with these situations. No further interest………..

  12. Dead certain I know who this guy is. Would love to see photos to make it concrete and help bring him to justice before he gets someone else

    1. Reply

      Hi Chris, i would like to know if we are talking about the same person, as i think my mother is getting involved with him

    2. Thank you

      Thank you to everyone for coming forward. Chris he told my friend he was a weldor so you are probably correct. She wont talk about it much due to how she ended up. He told her he did time in prison so she was to scared to goto the police as he threatened her family.

      I do hope someone has evidence that can put him away. He nearly distroyed my friend. Keep strong everyone at least I hope people read this and the more people that do the less people he can hurt.

    3. Chris

      Chris & everybody who wrote on here, I think we have the same guy is it possible you can email me your number please [email protected], so I can send pictures etc. Many thanks

  13. Reply

    Trisa and Chloe I am the friend who posted here at the start. I am so sorry that you both have suffered by Paul. I am sorry I havent been back on here I didnt expect anyone to respond, I hoped that it was only my friend…So sad to see hes done it to more people.

    The only other details I have of him are here. Now you have to remember that we dont know whats actually true but this is what my friend was told me….things he said to her….

    Based in Luton Bedfordshire and has been for years. Was involved in welding. Previously married with children 2 girls and a boy, that he lost as a baby. Nan died…wife died 2nd of 3. No social media. Dad is Italian but he hasnt seen him since being a baby.

    Hes about 5ft 10″, no hair, stocky build. Likes designer things. Wears a watch that doesnt work. Buys gifts at the start to win the woman over, asks you to transfer to his daughters account as his always has problems (natwest) Phone number ends in 930. The name is correct as she saw his passport. He lost his driving licence for speeding. Stole card numbers from friends purse and paid for hotels in Luton.

    Hes trying to still contact my friend and so I am not going to give my details. She is scared of him. But I hope the information here helps you both to work out if its the same person… I also hope people read this and it stops them from making the same mistakes.

    Please anyone else share your experiences so that more people can see what this man is like. My friend is still suffering with depression and is still financially in a bad way. How any person can treat anyome like this is beyond belief.

    Good luck everyone and keep positive. Mistakes make you stronger…xxx

    1. Hi there. I am 99 per cent sure Paul delacarter is currently working with me at an engineering company based in Bedfordshire. Having been conned myself when younger albeit only about 200 pounds I am willing to seek justice and make sure this vile man doesn’t strike again. I’m not sure how to go about this as there is nowhere saying if police have ever been involved. I look forward to your reply any ideas and suggestions will be welcomed. Thank you

    2. Urgent


      I’m sure it’s illegal to share someone’s personal information online ?

  14. PLEASE HELP ME , was I Scammed by this person too?

    my friend meet this gentleman who told her he was a royal marine who had just retired and they started a relationship with him, he said he had lots of money but asked her to borrow money which he was unable to pay back and she started having doubts about him and looked him up on the net and found this site. if the you was the friend of the lady in this article could you please reply to this so we get in contact with each other please as I have photos of him.

    1. Dead certain I know who this guy is. Would love to see photos to make it concrete and help bring him to justice before he gets someone else

  15. Urgent please reply to me

    Dear whom this may concern,

    I would really like it if you could contact me ASAP as I believe he has scammed me too and would love to speak to you and see if it is the same person.

    many thanks


    1. Paul Delacarter

      I working with Paul Delacarter in Great Bartford close to Bedford. Do you have any pic of this guy then I can tell you if is the same person. Sorry for my English im not British. Thank you

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